Title: Little Lord of the Home

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. They belong to J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien, respectively.


A week later…
Lothlorien, 13
th of March, T.A. 2528

Harry frowned at the target in front of him. His aim was improving, but he still had a long way to go…

"Greetings, Marcaunon," a voice interrupted his thoughts.

Harry jumped in surprise and turned to face the newcomer.

"Tegalad," he acknowledged softly. "Good afternoon."

The Elf smiled at him and offered him a cup of water.

"That…is very kind of you," Harry acknowledged, reaching for the cup.

The older Elf was constantly bringing him little things - cups of water and small snacks. Harry knew it was driving Haldir mad, but he felt it would be impolite to refuse...

Harry took a small sip and turned back to the target.

"You are improving," Tegalad praised.

The smaller Elf nodded, then stumbled as his vision swayed and blurred.

"Are you well?" the blonde asked.

"I…need…Haldir…" Harry mumbled, before falling into unconsciousness.

Tegalad smiled and caught the prince before he fell.

"So beautiful," he murmured softly, brushing silky black hair away from those delicate features. "Much too beautiful for the likes of that guard. Do not worry, my prince, all will be well."

Then the blonde Elf swept Harry into his arms, leaving the cup of water and the bow and arrows where they lie in the grass…


"Harry?" Haldir called for his betrothed. "Harry?"

The blonde stopped at the bow and arrows scattered on the grass. Harry would never have just left them there like that…

Then he spotted an overturned cup. Picking it up, Haldir saw an unusual residue on the bottom.

"Poison?" he questioned worriedly to himself. "Guards! Guards!"

Three Elves arrived at his call.

"Have any of you seen Marcaunon?" Haldir questioned.

One of the Elve nodded weakly.

"Lord Tegalad said that he was not feeling well and fainted during practice. He was bringing him back to his rooms," the guard answered.

Haldir hissed.

Fainted, indeed.

"When was this?" the blonde questioned the guard.

"Not very long ago," the guard answered.

"Bring this cup to the healer. There is residue of a drug, most probably a sedative," Haldir ordered.

Then he turned to run to Harry's talan. Haldir was not sure where Tegalad would have brought his betrothed, but maybe the noble actually spoke the truth about his destination to the guard…


Tegalad lay Harry gently upon the soft bedding.

"So beautiful," he murmured once again, hands going to the bottom of the smaller Elf's tunic. "Let me see you…"

"Haldir..?" Harry moaned confusedly, struggling to open his heavy eyes.

"Shh…" came the soft response. "Just relax…"

Hands brought his tunic up over his head, and Harry frowned.

Haldir did not like to remove his clothes. He said it was too tempting…

"Haldir?" he questioned again, trying to bat the hands away as they went to the top of his leggings. "Stop…"

"No, my prince," came the soft response. "Not until you are mine…"

Memories started to come back to the brunette, and he remember Tegalad and a cup of water before…darkness.

"No…" Harry moaned, green eyes finally opening to blearily take in the noble Elf. "Stop…"

He began to struggle weakly, the drugs in his system preventing him from putting up a real fight.

Tegalad managed to remove his tights despite Harry's best efforts, and the blonde Elf stared down upon his bare form lustily.

"So beautiful…" the blonde murmured, softly caressing Harry's chest and bringing his fingers to twist a pale, pink nipple.

Harry tried to twist his body away, but he was so weak…

"S-stop…" he sobbed. "I said n-no…"

Tegalad smirked down at him wickedly.

"Do you think he will still want you, if I take you now?" the blonde asked cruelly, pulling his own clothes off.

"No!" Harry shouted as best he could.

He tried to scramble away from the blonde as Tegalad crawled onto the bed beside him, but he was so weak…

The blonde pinned hs wrists to the bed with one large hand, the other ghosting down his body to grab his member.

"Do not worry, I will make sure you enjoy yourself…" the Elf whispered into one delicately pointed ear.

Harry just whimpered, tears in his big green eyes as he looked blankly at the ceiling.

This was not happening…it was not happening…not happening…


Haldir finally reached Harry's talan, climbing up the tree gracefully and entering the room.

The sight that met his eyes would haunt his nightmares for years…

Harry was naked on the bed, wrists pinned and tears flowing, as Tegalad forced his way between those slim thighs…

Haldir darted forward angrily, grabbing Tegalad by that platinum hair and forcefully ripping him away from his betrothed.

"You dare…" he seethed, hand going to the hilt of his sword.

"H-Haldir…" Harry cried, sobs wracking his delicate frame. "I…oh…"

Haldir swallowed heavily at the pain he heard in his love's voice, but he did not take his eyes from the enemy.

Tegalad smirked at him cruelly.

"He wanted it," he taunted Haldir. "I just had to show him how much…"

"No!" Harry denied, curling up in a ball on his bed. "No!"

Haldir snarled, drawing his sword upon the monster that dared touch his love…

But he pulled his thrust at the last moment, cold steel pressed against that pale neck.

"I shall let Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn deal with you," Haldir snarled. "No need to defile my sword with your dirty blood…"

Haldir pulled back his fist and punched Tegalad, knocking the other blonde out cold. He quickly went to Harry's side, grabbing his love's clothes from the floor.

"Shh…" he whispered softly. "You are all right now…"

"I was so s-scared…" Harry sobbed, throwing himself into Haldir's strong arms. "I just…I am so stupid. I should not have taken the water. I…"

"None of this is your fault, Harry," Haldir soothed. "None of it. Do you understand me?"

Harry sniffled, and bright green eyes rose to meet his own.

"You called me Harry," his love pointed out with a small smile. "You have never done that before…"

Haldir smiled down at his gently, brushing black hair away from those beautiful green eyes.

"I love you," he swore softly. "More than anything in this world…"

"Would…would you still have loved me, even if…even if he had..?" Harry trailed off, unable to finish his question.

"I would still love you, even if you had lain with him willingly," Haldir told him softly. "That he tried to force you is nothing but a stain upon his own soul, and no fault of yours."

Harry nodded softly, letting Haldir help him back into his clothes. His actions were weak and jerky and uncoordinated, the drugs still running through his system.

Haldir swept Harry into his strong arms, and his love held his neck tightly.

"I love you…" Harry murmured softly. "You are always there to save me…"

"And I always will be," Haldir swore.

He kicked Tegalad's unconscious body on his way out of Harry's talan. Then Haldir slipped down to the ground, calling for the guards to bring the other Elf in front of the Lord and Lady.

He would see justice for that vile Elf's actions.

Justice, and not vengeance. Harry deserved more than Haldir running his molester through with a sword.

And Haldir would make sure that Harry always got what he deserved…


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