The hand that strokes his cheek is soft and smooth, lingers there briefly before moving to his hair, and his fingers run through the short, dark hair. He shivers, hates the affection. He isn't used to it, doesn't want it. He is more used to force and authority - like Ludwig. But he sighs, and presses against the other man for a kiss.

Even he is soft and unyielding, goes along with the movements, offering no resistance. It isn't until his hand is pressed against where his heart is does he fell those same gentle hands grasp his wrist, stopping him. But even when he resists, he is passive.

He gives a low growl, presses harder into the kiss, bites an pulls at the lower lip until he can taste blood, and - finally - Yao gives in, fights back, and now his fingers are talons around his wrist, drawing blood with blunt nails. Honda groans at the pain, and Yao bites him in the same punishing manner. Honda gives another growl, manages to rip his wrist away, and grasps at Yao's waist through the thin fabric of his clothes before pushing him backwards onto the bed, tumbling after him.

There is always an element of barely-restrained violence - the Immortal and his protege, both vying for absolute dominance. Honda doesn't understand why Yao always lets him win - amusement, perhaps. But even so, Honda takes advantage. He bites, and leavings damning marks, the faint shadows of fingers around the others pale throat, scratches down his back and chest that bleed sluggishly, black and blue and purple bruises. And during all of it, Yao endures, even though there are the echoing screams that drift down the hallways like ghosts.

And at the end of it, when the two are lying side by side, Yao pulls Honda into a slow kiss - strangely intimate for Honda - before breaking it and raising Honda's hand to his cheek. He holds it there for a moment, before turning his head to brush his lips across the palm, and then gently bites at the crescent marks on Honda's wrist, a smile slowly spreading across his face.

Honda averts his gaze, because he knows that he has simply given Yao was he wanted.


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