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Chapter 9

She just nodded as she said, "Bella they're...." She never got to finish her sentence because the door to the cafeteria opened and the whole room went silent.

There in the doorway stood seven teenagers, extremely beautiful and peculiar teenagers.

Hours earlier in the airport

"Okay, hurry everyone we have to make it to the gates in half an hour." John called as everyone got out of their cars.

"Johnathan, calm down, we'll make it." Nathaniel spoke quietly into his ear as he passed him with his and Ariana's suitcases.

John just nodded and followed him with Jasmine and his own suitcases, with Chris and James following behind him. They were moving today, they had been in Paris for too long, they would raise suspicion soon if they didn't leave and move on for a few decades, at least. They were having their belongings shipped to their estate in London, though they were taking a stop somewhere for a few years before leaving.

Harmony snatched her suitcase from James's grip and glared at him, "I can carry my own luggage, ass."

James rolled his eyes at her back and mumbled, "Women, can't live with 'em and sure would be miserable with out them..." He sighed before falling into step with Nathaniel.

Nathaniel sent him an amused glance before asking, "My sister more hassle than you bargained for?" His brunette brows disappeared into his bangs as he raised them.

"You've asked me the same question since Pericles ruled Greece, and the answer is still no. You aren't going to get me to leave her alone that easily." They laughed at the prospect of James ever leaving Harmony alone. They met in Greece, when Nathaniel and Harmony stumbled upon them in their home, obviously not human. They were the last to join their rather unconventional family, in the Golden age of Greece, and ever since James had been chasing after Harmony. That was actually how Ariana and Nathaniel ended up spending so much time together, and later marrying.

Nathaniel just shrugged with an easy smile, remembering the old days in Greece when they all first came together.

Flashback Athens, Greece Golden Age

Bella, Nathaniel and Ariana sat together in a small room used for weaving, laughing at Bella's failed attempt to weave herself a dress.

"I just don't get it! How am I supposed to get this right! It's to complicated!" She exclaimed frustrated, finally giving up and glaring down at the mass of tangled wool she had been attempting to weave.

Ariana laughed, a sweet tinkling sound that left Nathaniel in a daze, as she grabbed Bella's hands and guided them through the motions of weaving again. "it's not that hard, Demetra, you just have to be smarter than the wool."

Bella glared at her weekly before her face broke out into a grin, "We all know how hard it is for me to be smarter than inanimate objects, Athera."

End Flashback

Nathaniel sighed as they went through airport security. Those where the days when they would travel around, spreading their gifts, changing their names to fit each culture and time. That was back when they were always together, and they didn't have to worry about running out of power or needing to rest. There weren't enough people in the world to were they would use all of their power.

Ariana sent him a smile as she passed under the metal detector and retrieved her shoes and other personal belongings. "You shouldn't space out so much, not n such a public place. You're letting your power out unintentionally an almost putting all these people to sleep." She whispered into his ear as he joined her to retrieve his backpack and shoes.

He gave her a peck on the lips before whispering in her ear, "I'm restless. It's only been a few months but everything is off without them."

"The piece is disturbed." She stated simply, her sweet soprano portraying a hint of amusement. He smiled back at her and wrapped an arm around her waist as they walked to their gate, making it just in time to hear the attendant call their flight number.

As the seven of them found their seats, all of which were conveniently together John glanced around at his family. Nathaniel was taking out his sketch book while Ariana unsurprisingly pulled out a book and leaned against his shoulder. Jas was leaning across him to stare out the window, while Chris sulked alone listening to his i pod. Harmony and James where in the seat in front of his, arguing as usual.

All of these things where normal for them, the where just missing Tasha badgering Chris to let her listen to and Bella laughing at Harmony and John until they made her go sit with Ariana and Nathaniel, where she would read or discuss something odd with them.

He sighed, his family wasn't right without them, with them associating with vampires in the middle of nowhere Washington. He shook his head, they would soon have their family back and there was nothing else to do other than wait to get there.

Okay, Harmony thought as she puked her guts out in the airport, that could have been worse. James, who had been holding her hair back as she puked into the trashcan, grimaced as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "How about you wash that off." He recommended gently, leading her in the direction of the bathroom.

Ariana met them there and sent him a smile saying, "I'll help her. We don't want you giving any of the women in there heart attacks or have them call security on us, again, now do we?" She teased him as she led her sister-in-law into the womens restroom.

She handed harmony a tooth brush and toothpaste she had bought a few minutes ago and started wetting a paper towel. "Why do I always get sick?" Harmony growled around the toothbrush and toothpaste obviously annoyed.

Ariana just laughed and replied good naturedly, "You just don't like flying. It's not meant for everyone, at least you didn't vomit on the plane."

Harmony rolled her eyes as she spit out the toothpaste and rinsed out her mouth. "Yeah, I made it just inside the airport instead!" Her sarcastically happy comment didn't faze Ariana as she watched her rinse off the toothbrush and wipe her mouth with the paper towel.

"At least James was there to hold your hair." She commented at last, her face unreadable. Harmony's face softened a moment before she quietly said, "Whatever, lets just go." And pushed her way past a smiling Ariana.

Chris sighed, he knew he was sulking he just didn't want to admit it. Everyone else had their other halves to do whatever they do during this ridiculously long flight, he didn't even know why they were on an airplane, they could travel much faster than this on their own, but John wanted to fly, and what John says goes.

He glanced out the window, hoping to see some sign of civilization, and instead was rewarded with a seemingly endless expanse of sea. Great, he thought, I'm flying over the Pacific and Tash is likely being stalked by the child delinquents of Forks, Washington, the middle of nowhere town named after an eating utensil for Christ's sake!

Chris knew he was being immature, but that was what happened when he was away from Natasha for too long. First, he would act like a lost puppy and call her twice a day, then as that got old he would get depressed and sit in his room all day, heavy metal blaring from his speakers. Then after John dragged him out of his room-literally dragged- and forced him to watch some god forsaken Disney movie that made him cry like a wuss, he would begin to sulk and get ridiculously pissy.

Jas looked back at him with a smile, "You act like your PMSing or something!" Chris growled but before he could speak ,or lunge forward and snap her skinny little chicken neck, John pushed her back into her seat by pressing on her head. Chris sighed and slumped in his seat, observing his family.

Nathaniel watched the sleeping girl beside him carefully, he could draw her in his sleep, knowing every inch and crevice of her skin by heart, her image burned into his memory since the moment he saw her. His Ariana, even with all of his knowledge of her he could never quite capture her soul, not with his brush or pen or charcoal, never her soul.

He sighed, images of her sleeping could be found all over their room, in every home they owned. That was when she was most vulnerable, when she needed him there the most, and that was when he got the closest to capturing her soul. Without the boundaries and walls she kept up while awake, she was so fragile.

He hadn't realized he had continued the sketch until he looked down and saw his soul sleeping on the page, her mouth slightly opened as she rested her head on his knee. She stirred as he turned another page, "At it again I see?" She mumbled hazily, yawning in the middle of her question to make it impossible to understand to anyone but him.

"Of course, Love." He kissed her forehead lightly as she leaned on his shoulder, "What else would I do?"

She sent him an exasperated look as she shook her head, "Draw someone knew?" He knew she wasn't angry due to the fact that she was quite obviously trying not to laugh at him.

"But their souls are so easily portrayed, and yours my dear hasn't been captured yet, after millennia of trying I just can't seem to capture your essence." He gave her and endearing look and tapped her nose as he spoke to her.

Ariana laughed as she cuddled further into his side and pulled out the portable DVD player, "Sunday In The Park With George?" Nathaniel nodded and rested his chin on top of her head as they settled down to watch yet another Sondheim musical.

'We're on our way! We're on our way! We're on our way! We're on our way! We're on our way! I wonder what we're eating for lunch?! We're on our way! Ooooo, Bella's gonna be pissed! We're on our way! We're on our way! We're on our way! Hmmmm, John seems irritated! We're on our way! OOOHH! Now he's twitching! We're on our way! We're on our way! We're on our way! We're on our way! Shit, I forgot my new bow!!!' Jas suddenly stopped bouncing with a very irritated expression on her face.

"What?' John asked her cautiously but with a slight edge of annoyance that wasn't quite hidden beneath his authoritative demeanor.

"i forgot the bow Bella got me before she left." Jasmine mumbled glumly, folding her arms across her chest and glaring at her shoes.

John chuckled as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders, "It's fine. Bella will understand, besides she'll be too focused on killing us for being there to care that you forgot the bow." His words where so teasing and light that they managed to break Jas from her gloom.

"Your right!" She giggled merrily, "She'll be livid! It'll be hilarious!" Her giggle quickly turned into a full blown laughing fit that had her leaning against John, who had already joined her in her hysteria, for support.

"James!!!" Harmony whispered harshly in the manor of yelling.

"It's true!" James replied defensively, holding out his hands in front of him.

"That's not something you say out loud, you idiot!!!" She glared at him as she glanced around to check who was listening, noticing that only the blushing flight attendant had heard. She sent the woman a slightly apologetic glance before turning back to her soul.

"Why not?" He whispered in her ear with a sly grin, teasing and provoking her at the same time. "Do you not enjoy it when we-"

Harmony cut him off by slapping her hand over his mouth, "Shut up you idiot! I don't want the entire plane to know all about our-"

"But Love, you never used to mind when we-" James was cut off by Harmony's lips firmly planting themselves on his own, "Oh forget it."

Harmony rolled her eyes as Jas bounced in her seat while they waited to get off the plane in Port Angeles. "Calm down, Shrimp, we're only like fifteen minutes away now."

She just glared at her in response as John tugged their carry on bags from the over head compartment, and James wrapped an arm around Harmony as he shouldered his back pack and stepped off of the plane. "Come on Pukey, lets go find our cars."

Nathaniel shared a meaningful glance with Ariana and they both disappeared among the small crowd surrounding the baggage claim, emerging again with three large suitcases in tow. Nathaniel flipped his phone open, checking the time, before grabbing Ariana's hand and leaving two of the suitcases with the other four.

He scanned the parking lot for a moment before leading his love to their black Porsche. He put their suitcase in the trunk and set their carry ons in the back seat, before turning to Ariana and giving her a chaste kiss on the lips and helping her into the car. She swatted his hand away from her seat belt and sent him a mock glare.

"I can do that myself you know." Her voice was teasing and her eyes lit with mischief, prompting him to grin roguishly and reply,

"But where's the fun in that?"

She rolled her eyes at him as he closed her door and made his way around the car to the drivers side. He sighed as he slid into his seat and turned the keys in the ignition, starting the car, and said softly, "I'm glad we had our cars sent here. I couldn't stand a rental, they always smell bad."

Ariana just giggled and put their Rent CD in, singing along as the opening song Rent blared from the speaker.

The seven protectors pulled up to the cottage at nine, and took their time unpacking their suitcase, before making their way to the school around noon. They explained to Mrs. Cope that because Harmony and Jas were seventeen, and Nathaniel, Ariana, and Chris were eighteen, and they would be starting school the following Monday they would need a tour. It was only slightly harder to convince her that John, posing as their nineteen year old guardian, and James, posing as his eighteen year old high school graduate of a best friend, needed to come along so they could "see what type of environment their family was being tossed into.

So, after five minutes of convincing Mrs. Cope led the seven "teenagers" through the halls, pointing out important things and ignoring the fact that a blind baboon would be able to navigate them with ease. As they neared the cafeteria, their last stop, John mentioned casually that his cousins were there and that they wanted to say hi before leaving.

Mrs. Cope left with little hesitation, saying that she had work to do, and to get their schedules from her Monday morning. When they where sure she was out of hearing range Jas began to bounce and asked with a shocking amount of reserve,

"What will we say to them?"

James grinned down at her sardonically as he answered, "Jas made us do it." She huffed and glared at him but kept her mouth shut as they opened the door to the cafeteria. IT went quiet quickly as people realized they were there, and John stilled himself, preparing himself and his speech for the confrontation that was about to occur.

His calm gaze locked with Bella's enraged one as she stood from the table she was sharing with a few vampires and humans. He knew the moment she spoke that this was going to be painful, as the only word that left her mouth was a very quiet, very deadly,


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