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Chapter 1: A New Beginning. Back to the Digital World.

The Digital World has changed plenty since Takuya and the gang saved it from the evil of Lucemon.

Bokomon was sitting under a tree with his book. It had become the best seller in the whole Digital World. The tale of the DigiDestined who became the Legendary Warriors and saved the Digital World was known to everyone.

Neemon lied in the grass asleep. A snot bubble formed at his nose and grew bigger then smaller, in tuned with his breathing.

Patamon, Lopmon, and Salamon were playing around with many of the other smaller Digimon.

Neemon had woken up and took a peek at what Bokomon was doing. He didn't understand the writing but he saw a picture of Bokomon in a heroic pose with a cape. "I don't remember that."

Bokomon immediately closed his book and snapped at the yellow rabbit. "Hasn't anyone told you it's rude to spy on people?!"

"No." Neemon answered and got his pants snapped.

The Digimon stopped playing around and quivered. They ran over to the two adults. "Papamon. There's something bad coming."

Bokomon patted Patamon on the head. "What bad thing?"

"I think he's referring to me."

Bokomon and Neemon began to panic when they heard the voice coming from behind them. They screamed as soon as they saw a pair of burning red eyes. "Take a good look around you…" it held a small black ball in its hand and let it drop to the ground. "…because you're world's about to change."

Once the ball had hit the ground the whole Digital World began to mutate and take into a new shape. All the Digimon panicked as their lives began to change.


"School's finally over!" A boy was riding his red bike. He wore a yellow T-shirt, red jacket, baggy khaki pants, and red & orange tennis shoes. Around his forehead was a pair of big square goggles over a red headband.

He was Takuya Kanbara, the leader of the DigiDestined, inheritor of the Spirits of Flame, and protector of the Spirits of Earth and Wood.

The brunet hit his brakes in front of his house. He got off his bike and took it into the garage. "Mom, I'm home!"

Mrs. Kanbara came out of the kitchen and smiled at her son. "How was school, honey?"

"It was fine Mom." He dropped off his backpack and opened the garage door again. "I'll be back before Shinya's party starts!"

He got back on his bike and rode off to the park. He rode by a flower shop and waved at the owner.

She was a young woman with raven black hair. She had a worried look on her face. She smiled with hope when the boy came by. "Takuya, stop! I need your help!"

The boy stopped in front of the woman leaving a streak on the pavement. "What's the matter Mrs. Takenouchi?"

"Those boys over there are wrecking my flowers and I can't stop them." She said pointing to the trio who were ripping the flowers apart.

The gogglehead nodded and walked up to the boys. He glared at them. "Hey! I hope you plan to pay for those!"

"Mind your own business." The leader ordered trying to intimidate the boy.

"Mrs. Takenouchi's a friend of my mom so it is my business!" Takuya stated getting the group to laugh at him. Steam was coming out of the boy's ears. They were ticking him off. He saw a rake lying on the floor and had an idea. He stepped on it and the rake came up quickly. Luckily for him he caught it before it could hit him in the face. "Now, do us all a favor and get out."

They weren't scared of him and continued to laugh. "What do you think you can do to the three of us?"

"I can do this!" Takuya slammed the rake into the leader's head out of nowhere startling all three. "Now get out!"

The guy started to scream and ran outside with his friends. "You'll pay for that! Do you hear me?! You'll pay for that!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Takuya said unenthusiastically and put the rake down. He finally reclaimed his cool and sighed. "What a bunch of jerks."

Mrs. Takenouchi walked inside and hugged the teen. "Thank you so much. If there's anything you need you let me know. Okay?"

"Aw shucks, it was nothing." Takuya blushed and looked at the clock. "Oh-oh, gotta go Mrs. Takenouchi. See ya later. Bye." He panicked and got back on his bike and rode off. "Aw man! I'm gonna be late! Why does this gotta happen to me?!"


Two boys were walking side by side holding groceries. They were twins, identical but were opposites.

The older twin wore a black polo shirt, beige pants, and black tennis shoes. The other had a gray T-shirt, a navy blue jacket, black jeans, navy blue tennis shoes, and a navy blue bandana with golden tiger stripes.

The twins were Koji Minamoto, the younger twin, inheritor of the Spirits of Light, and protectors of the Spirits of Water and Steel. The older twin was Koichi Kimura, the inheritor of the Spirits of Darkness.

They were walking to their real mother's apartment. Their parents were divorced and Koichi was taken in by their single mother while Koji was taken in by their father who got married to another woman.

Koji believed that their mother had died and that he didn't have a brother until after he met up with her brother.

They arrived at their mother's apartment finding her having trouble getting up off the couch.

"Mom, why don't you relax while we make you dinner?" Koichi asked trying to keep her mother on the couch. "You're too sick to be working."

"Nonsense, I'm fine." She said trying to get up but fell back down.

Koji looked at her sadly. "Mother, we can take care of it. You really need to relax."

"If you insist." She lied down and looked at her children.

"Alright, let's make dinner." Koji said getting a disturbed look from his older twin. "What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Oh nothing. But for safety reasons I'll be the one making dinner." Koichi answered receiving a glare from his brother. "Tommy told me everything."

"Don't you boys have a reunion to go to?" their mother reminded them.

The two's eyes widened when they realized she was right. Within an instant they jetted out of the house. "Bye Mom!"

Koichi started to pant as they were half way there. "I can't believe we forgot!"

"Shut up and run!" Koji ordered picking up his pace.


A young boy was riding on the swing at the park waiting for his friends. He wore an ice blue T-shirt, khaki shorts, and pale green & ice blue tennis shoes.

The young boy was Tommy Himi, the inheritor of the Spirits of Ice and the youngest member of the group. He stayed there swinging higher and higher and noticed something running towards him.

A large boy wearing a yellow T-shirt, a blue vest, baggy blue shorts, and yellow & blue tennis shoes showed up and made his way to the boy.

This was JP Shibuyama, the inheritor of the Spirits of Thunder and the oldest member of the group.

"Hey JP! You're here early!" Tommy yelled to him and stopped swinging. Tommy had grown up to be Takuya's height when he was twelve which was around 5 foot 2''. Everyone else was around 5 foot 8'' and JP was around 5 foot 10''.

JP laughed a bit to himself. "Yeah. Anyway, is Zoe here yet?"

"No, she's not here yet." Tommy answered dryly. He heard JP sighed. "You really need to get over this obsessive crush of yours."

"Not cool Tommy. Not cool." JP sat down on the swing next to the preteen. "She loves me. She just doesn't know it yet. But I'll show her today."

"Whatever you say JP." Tommy began to swing again. "Bet I can swing higher than you."

"You're on!" the two started to swing higher and higher until JP fell on his back in the sand. "Ouch."

Tommy started to laugh for two reasons: one, out of victory and two, it was funny watching JP fall off. The boy started to chant 'I win!' while circling the 16 year old.


Sitting in her room was a blond girl who was in front of her mirror combing her hair. She was quietly humming to herself.

She wore a pink long sleeved shirt, a white jean skirt that came halfway down her thighs, a thin white sweater, long white socks, and a pair of pink tennis shoes.

The girl was Zoe Orimoto, the inheritor of the Spirits of Wind and the only girl on the team.

Zoe opened her drawer looking for her barrette. It wasn't there. "Mom! Where's my butterfly barrette?!" she asked while searching everywhere in her room for it.

"I put it in your jean pocket!" she heard her mother answer.

Zoe found the jeans and shoved her hand in the pocket and found what she was looking for. "Thanks Mom!" she placed the barrette over her right ear.

She then looked at her clock and screamed. She was late.

She got out of the house and ran for the park. "Oh man! They're never going to let me live this down! Especially Takuya!"


A bright light formed in the sky and divided into six parts.

Two went in one direction, another two went into a different direction, and the last two were alone going in separate directions.

The first two lights arrived at the park and enveloped JP and Tommy then disappeared with the two.

The second pair of lights flew to the twins and took them away.

One of the lone lights took Zoe away and the last light took Takuya away leaving the bike to collide with a tree.


Takuya woke up and looked around. He was in a forest and he saw Digimon running in one direction. "Wow, I'm back in the Digital World."

"Um, we're in the Digital World." A voice told him.

The gogglehead turned around and saw Zoe. "Wow, Zoe! You're here too? Are the others nearby?"

Zoe shrugged and the two walked around the looking for their friends. The blond glanced at the gogglehead who was whistling uncomfortably. Deciding to break the uncomfortable silence she spoke. "So, how are things going?"

"Well, I'm all psyched to be out of school but to tell you the truth, I missed being here in the Digital World. I loved the excitement. God, I missed it." Takuya answered looking up at the sky.

"Well, you might get some excitement after all since we're in the Digital World." Zoe told him. "I know this isn't just a friendly visit."

"You got a point there." Takuya stated and put his hands behind his neck. "Eh, I'm not worried."

"Takuya! Zoe!"

The two turned around and saw JP and Tommy running after them. Takuya's grin widened once he got a good look at Tommy. "Man T, you sure got taller since the last time I saw ya!"

"It's only been a few months." Tommy stated.

"But still, you must've grown an inch or two." The gogglehead patted the boy on the back and glanced at JP who was staring at Zoe. "And JP, you've gotten… thinner?"

JP growled at the gogglehead. "And your mouth's gotten bigger."

"Touché." Takuya muttered.

"Cool it you two. We're all supposed to be friends here." Koichi said startling them. "Easy, it's just me."

The twins walked over to them. Koji gave a high-five to the gogglehead while Koichi stood there examining his surroundings. He didn't remember the mountains or the cliffside nearby or the forest they were in.

The six of them looked in all directions after hearing something. Then there was an uncomfortable silence.

"Do you guys notice that the Digital World seems different? I mean, this doesn't look like anything like it did before." Koji asked.

They noticed it too. "Yeah," Takuya answered for them and walked forward. "How long were we gone?"

"3000 years. You children were gone for 3000 years. The Digital World you know no longer exists." Someone told them.

"Who are you? Show yourself!" Koji ordered.

They all found the source of the voice and found the user. Not surprisingly, it was a Digimon.

"I am Daemon." The cloaked Digimon told them. Daemon was hidden in his cloak but wings popped out of his back and horns bopped out of the hood. Around his neck was a medallion. "And I will make sure you don't interfere with my plan to take over the Digital World."

The DigiDestined looked at each other and took out their cell phones to find out they were turned back into their D-Tectors. Takuya and Koji's D-Tectors were still in their modified forms.

"Let's do it guys." Takuya made many rings of fractal code appear around his hand. "Time to show him what we got!"

The rest followed his action.







"You really are the DigiDestined." Daemon said removing his cloak revealing a massive body. His chest, shoulders, and biceps were covered with fur, and he wore dark green pants, and had massive claws. His face bore fangs and curved horns form at his head. "Show me the power you possess. Show me the power that defeated Lucemon!"


Bokomon and Neemon saw the bright lights of the evolution and smiled. "Their back! Their back!"

"We're saved!" Neemon jumped up in the air happily. "Their totally gonna kick Daemon's butt!"

The two Digimon ran as fast as they could but didn't go far due to the bright lights of attacks colliding freezing them with fear.

"Maybe not?" Neemon said but was dragged away by Bokomon. "What are you doing?"

"We're going over there! I'm not going to miss this!" Bokomon answered.


Daemon watched as the six Beast hybrids came at him. "Let's see if you have the skills to defeat me."


That's it for now. Remember, this is Chapter 1, an introduction. Chapter two is will have the action. Daemon vs. the Legendary Warriors. That's a battle to remember.

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