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Chapter 18: Megidramon. The Fury of the Red Dragon.

Beetlemon moaned. "Oh man, how did we not see that thing coming?"

The four Human Digimon stared up at their enemy. It was over five times their size and it looked invincible. It was amazing that then didn't notice Megidramon earlier.

The dragon roared once more. The roar forced all the icicles to fall from the ceiling.

"I got this!" Beetlemon jumped up in the air. "Thunder Fist!" The bolts of electricity shot out of his fist and fired everywhere destroying every shard of ice.

The dragon looked up at the Warrior of Thunder and opened its mouth. A great flame shot out of it and flew towards the beetle.

"Draining Rain!" Ranamon made a cloud appear and had a flood of water come out to douse the flames. "Lowemon!"

"Right!" Lowemon ran forward with his spear. He jumped up in the air to Megidramon's face. "Shadow Lance!"

The dragon recoiled slightly but recovered quickly. It grabbed the Warrior and threw him against the wall.

Lowemon managed not to get skewered by the spikes on the wall and actually used them to keep himself from falling into the abyss. 'This guy is really as tough as he looks.'

"Crystal Freeze!" Kumamon blew an icy wind at the dragon freezing parts of its body.

As Kumamon stunned Megidramon, Kazemon flew at high speeds at the dragon. "Roseo Temporale!" she kicked Megidramon multiple times before kicking him upwards and flying away. "Take that you overgrown lizard!"

"My turn! Lightning Blitz!" Beetlemon charged in headfirst and rammed into the dragon's head.

Megidramon growled and forced Beetlemon off its head before firing another blast of flame. In the corner of its eye it saw Lowemon in the air charging a blast. It blocked the incoming attack with its wing.

Lowemon cursed and landed on the ground. He saw Megidramon's tail swinging towards him. He summoned his Sphinx Shield and blocked the attack. It didn't do any damage but it did force him backwards to where Ranamon was. "This guy's tough."

"Tell me something I don't know. Dark Vapor!" Ranamon shot a black mist at the dragon. She growled when it just flapped the mist away. "Damn it."

"Hey you big jerk! Look up here!" Kumamon yelled out. Kazemon carried him in her hands as they flew above the dragon. "I'm ready."

Kazemon nodded and let the Warrior of Ice drop down at Megidramon.

"Frozen Tundra!" Kumamon turned into an icicle and dropped down at a fast speed at Megidramon.

The dragon reeled backwards and swatted the icy Digimon away.

Kumamon landed painfully on the floor. He got up and rushed back into the fight.


The black lion appeared and knelt down. "Get on."

Ranamon nodded and jumped on the lion's back. "Let's go!"

"Blizzard Blaster!" Kumamon shot his snowballs at Megidramon's eyes hoping to blind him. "Hit him!"

"Here we go!" JagerLowemon jumped. "Now!"

Ranamon gracefully jumped off JagerLowemon's back and jumped high above Megidramon's head. She then created columns of water at her finger tips. "Whipping Waves!" the waves came down and smashed into Megidramon's skull.

"My turn! Let's hope this works!" JagerLowemon released a black/purple aura. "Dark Master!"

Megidramon recovered from the previous attack and fired a flame at the black lion. The two forces battled with each other. Flames and the black aura pushed into each other. JagerLowemon pushed forward but the power from the flames kept him and his attack from moving forward.

For a split second the Dark Master weakened at JagerLowemon's back knee. And for that second the evil flames burned away at the exposed armor. The Beast of Darkness grunted. 'Can't let up.'

"We gotta help him." Kazemon told Beetlemon. In a mere moment, they both were covered in data.



Kumamon looked to Jeri. "Let's help out too."

Ranamon thought for a second. She smiled. She would love to see what her Beast Spirit would look like. Ranamon then nodded. "Let's see what my Beast Spirit can do!"



When the data disappeared everyone was shocked. Calmaramon was no longer hideous but is now beautiful. Her skin was tanned slightly and she wore a bright blue bikini top. Her once ugly face was now beautiful and natural. Great red locks flowed down to her waist. Her eyes were blue like sapphires. On her delicate wrists were two shimmering silver bracelets. Her squid half had lost its freakish design and gained a simple yet elegant looking. It was smooth and bright silver with aquatic markings written all over its body and tentacles. The Digimon was breathtaking.


You don't think I would actually be mean and give Jeri such a hideous Beast Spirit, would ya?


"Wow." MetalKabuterimon muttered. He was mesmerized by Calmaramon's beauty. He quickly snapped out of his trance and returned back to the fight. "Hit him now! Bolo Thunder!"

"Hurricane Gale!" "Avalanche Axes!"

Calmaramon lifted her hands and pointed them at the dragon before a powerful blast of water shot out of them. "Aqua Burst!"


I didn't like Acid Ink so here's something different. Hope ya don't mind.


The three attacks hit Megidramon in the chest canceling out his attack. This allowed JagerLowemon's Dark Master to hit its mark.

Megidramon staggered. There was a large wound on the beast's chest and many cracks in its armor.

"Here I go!" Calmaramon placed her hands over her chest and the tentacles straightened out. "Titanic Tempest!" The Beast Spirit spun around with a great velocity like a giant top. The top spun towards Megidramon and had hit him hard.

Megidramon was hit hard and fell backwards down into the abyss. Its loud roar could be heard before the sound of a massive crash was heard.

Babamon's mouth was gaping from what she just saw. "I can't believe you beat it. You beat the guardian."

"We did it!" Calmaramon yelled out happily and spun around once. She gazed at herself and squealed in happiness. "Man, this Beast Spirit is awesome!"

"Tell me about it." MetalKabuterimon said dreamily staring at the Beast of Water. 'She's hot.'

"What are we going to do to you?" Zephyrmon mutter to herself and shaking her head in disbelief.

JagerLowemon landed on the ground and de-digivolved. Koichi was gasping for air. His muscles were sore and he was out of breath. That last attack had really done a number on him.

"You okay Koichi?" Zephyrmon asked flying down to the floor.

"I'll be fine. Let's just get the Amulet before anything else happens." Koichi answered roughly after coughing loudly.

Korikakumon de-digivolved and turned to the entryway to the next room. He heard something. Something was calling him. The Amulet maybe? "I have to make sure." With that Tommy walked to the entryway and made his way to the room where his Amulet was waiting for him.

"Hey, wait for me T boy!" MetalKabuterimon called out and rolled to the entryway.

Suddenly a burst of flame shot out of the void surprising everyone. The flames destroyed the bridge connecting the floor to the doorway and also knocked MetalKabuterimon away to the other side of the room.

"What the hell?" Calmaramon was stunned by the sudden flash of flame.

"It's not possible." Babamon just stared at the flames seeing a shadow in the flame. "It's still alive."

"What?" Koichi asked. Koichi looked to the flames and was terrified. 'No, that's impossible. I hit him with everything I had.'

The flames died and there Megidramon stood but the creature was far more menacing than before. Its black scales were replaced by searing red scales with a molten lava design. Its red armor was replaced with a sharper design and many blades were producing from its body. Its wings were replaced by red tree branch like wings with jets of flames shooting out from the sides. Its head was covered in sharp red armor with a great big sapphire sitting on its forehead. The dragon gave a great roar that shook the ground.

"What the hell?! It's bigger!" Zephyrmon gazed helplessly at the giant ferocious dragon.

"And meaner looking too!" MetalKabuterimon added. "Damn! The Dark Master didn't work!"

"Well, there's always the Fusion Spirit!" Calmaramon suggested.

"Right." Zephyrmon nodded and looked to MetalKabuterimon. "Let's do it. Ready Tommy?"

"Tommy?" MetalKabuterimon was looking around for the preteen. The kid was nowhere in sight. "Tommy! Where are ya, buddy?"


"Huh?" Tommy blinked. He turned around and saw that the pathway behind him was completely blocked off with collapsed ice and rubble. "What the... How the… How did this happen? No, no, no, no, no. It's blocked. Not good, not good, not good, NOT GOOD!!!"

The preteen ran to the mountain of rubble and tried to move it but… he failed. There was too much for him to move. "Aw man! JP! Zoe! Koichi! Jeri! Someone?! Help!!!"


Tommy stopped. "Huh?" Tommy turned around to the open tunnel. He moaned and ran down the hallway. "I sure hope this doesn't bite me in the butt."


"Ultra Turbulence!" JetSilphymon threw her tornado at the dragon.

Megidramon let out a low growl and sliced the tornado in half with a mere swing of its claw. It hissed and slithered closer to its prey.

"Leave my Zoe alone!" RhinoKabuterimon ordered blocking the dragon's way to the fairy Digimon. "Thunder Laser!" He fired his electric laser from the horn on his head.

Megidramon raised both his arms to block the electrical blast. It roared again and fired a powerful flame blast out of its mouth. The flames were red hot and burned with great heat. It was so hot that all the ice in the room began to melt.

"Aw man, this isn't good." Calmaramon stated looking down at the melting floor. "What're we gonna do?"

"We have to fight." Koichi answered trying to get up. 'Damn it. How am I supposed to fight if I can't even get up? Damn it.' Koichi collapsed. His left leg had given out on him. His knee was burning like crazy. 'The attack! It must have hit me.'

Babamon ran to Koichi's side and gazed back at the battle. The Warriors' attacks were barely leaving scratches on the dragon's armor as if it were nothing. "This is not good. It's much stronger than before."

"What happened to it? It looks different." Koichi asked noticing the new appearance.

"If only I knew." Babamon answered while trembling. "All I can say is that this is bad. This is really, really bad."


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