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Max's POV:

"Oh, please go to sleep Jaime!" I heard my older sister Alex whisper to her baby girl.

Yeah, she had a baby, at only 16!

She's always tired, and she never has time to spend with me anymore.

I want to hear her say that everything's okay; that dad will come back, and that mum won't always be so mad at us. I want her to say that she's okay, and that it's a joke that she's got a baby.

Ha! A joke, I wish.

I'm also worried about my older brother, Justin.

He's got a girlfriend now, and he's not caring about us anymore. He keeps telling me that they're going to get married after school.

Me, well, I'm just trying to hold myself and my family together. Sure, people go down the beaten path, but when can it be smooth again? When will it be just the happy Russo family?


Sorry it's so short, but it's just a taste of what's to come!

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