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Max's POV:

"Alex, can I talk to you," I asked nervously at school.

"What?" she replied harshly. I guess she was tired.

"Um, it's about Justin... he isn't at school today."

Alex shrugged. "And?"

"I'm worried about him...I don't know where he is. What if he's in trouble?" I said.

Alex shrugged. "Really Max, he doesn't care about you, so why should you bother about him?"

Ouch. That hurt. I always knew inside that Justin didn't really care, but I never thought anyone would actually tell me that it was true.

I guess I was just hoping that it was another one of those 'dreams' I told you about before.

Alex walked off as Dean entered the school corridor. I watched her face turn pale, and her worried look as she scurried off before he saw her.

I don't know why she's acting so weird around him. Of course he ran off on her when she found out she was pregnant, but aren't people meant to talk out their differences?

The bell rang. I walked slowly to class, my mind filled with the dreadful thoughts of how stupid everyone in my family was. Why aren't they just acting their age, and being mature about the situations we're facing together.

Take dad as an example. He could've stayed with us... spared mum and Alex the hurt and confusion they're feeling...helped Justin out with whatever he needs help with...stayed with me and let me vent my emotions to him because I can't really trust anyone else in this kooky family.

I kept walking, but then I stopped. There was Justin coming in the front door. He was sour looking, but then again, when doesn't he look like that! He stomped over to me.

"Yeah?" I said, watching him as he just stared at me.

"Did you tell mom where I was going, you brat?" he demanded.

"What? No, I didn't. I didn't even know where you were going!" I said, trying to hold back the urge to run before he beat me up.

"It was either you, or -you! Now hear this little brother, if you ever, and I mean ever tell her or anyone else where I was, you'll regret it. Think our family's messed up now? Well just you wait!"

And then he walked off. The bell rang and I turned to my locker. Alex walked past, and as she did, she whispered, "You're not the only one who cares, you know."