Just another boring day. Sigh. Another day ignoring all reading and scriptures my tutors have asked me to do. Another day lying in bed listening to the birds squawking outside. And another day getting my personal servant to run around for me all day.

Its actually really funny the way he literally believes everything I say. Like when I faked a fever and asked for my 'mother's ' home made cure, which is actually my favourite pudding, and he spent all morning hiding in the kitchen making President' rice pudding. It was delicious and I was extremely tempted to pretend to be sick the next day, but my tutor was back the next day and he can always see right through me.

I always find it very sweet and adorable when he toys hard for my comfort and, more often than not, my amusement. Which is why I hate it when my father orders him to his office. My father always grinds him into the mud belittling my darling servant for no reason what so ever. I don't know what it is, but Father feels he isn't looking after me properly and keeps referring to how my mother used to do things. Which is utter nonsense as my mother died when I was three years old. He can't possibly compare my mother to him, it just does not sum up to anything. However, he is completely in charge of him, where he goes, what he does, when he cleans my room, what time he gets my meals when I'm not dining with my father and so on. I can't believe Father feels the need to control so much of Brett's life. I know my past servants were horrid, but Brett is much better. I don't find it fair, technically he's my charge and I should have a say!

Unfortunately, for Brett, he has been asked to see my father again today. I don't think it is any thing too serious probably about the evening meal with neighbouring Lords and Knights. It's actually a ball, but Father refuses to call it that. It's going to be horrid. Robert will be there, Lord Kinsley's son, he's an arrogant fool. I detest him. Shame servants aren't allowed to converse with anyone it would be so much more fun if we could. Instead Brett has to stand at the side, in case I need anything, until I leave. He's still not used to events like these, says he feels awkward. I can tell, he constantly has his head down so I can't make eye contact with him, but it's always nice to meet the ladies.

Yes, the young Sir Kirkpatrick is very popular with the young Ladies, Duchesses, and even a few Princesses. Father thinks I should try to find one to marry, but none of them are what I would call my true love. Call me sad, but true love is the way forward. If I was thinking of settling down that was. There is far too much to see in this life to 'settle down'. I want to see the sea, sail on my own voyage to India and America, visit the Houses of Parliament and maybe meet the Queen when I'm there. My Fathers quite close to her so it would be interesting to see how she lives. Most of all though, I want to see the rest of this cryptic country. Not just the stately houses and my fellow Lords and Ladies homes, but the slums and market places, the battlefields and blacksmiths and most of all the real people who live there and the 'good folk' who work.

Like my good friend Brett, he's a real worker and I want him to show me the true village that exists outside the castle gates. The real version of it where the kids can play in the street whilst their mothers gossip and wash the laundry at the same time. Well, that's what Brett has told me. I think he's left out some of the finer details, but it sounds like fun. It would be so cool to see it for real, meet those people and live like them, if only for a little while. that's what I really want to do. Not sit inside this castle all day studying scriptures or learning how to fight. I want to live like them and forget this whole world floating above them.

It's just so unfair. No one understands. Brett says its nonsense, my Father would never allow me to leave my room if I told him and my tutor thinks I have my head in the clouds. Maybe I do, but so what if I do. It means I can dream.

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