AN: This weeks word is whinged. Dean is seven and Sam is three. I though this would be cute to do. I did similar things so I speak from experience. I had a dustpan, vacuum cleaner and a brush, so I pretended to be a house maid and clean the floor, making vroom, vroom noises!


"Sam...can I leave?" Dean asked.

"No." Sam protested stamping his foot.

"C'mon, I played, now I want to go," Dean whinged, ruffling the three year olds hair.

Sam put on his puppy dog face and placed a pudgy hand on Dean's cheek.

"I get you bwetter Dea," he stated, putting a pink bandaid across the bridge of Dean's nose. "Bweath in... and out." Crossing his arms in front of his chest, Dean pouted.

"Dea!" Sam shouted loudly, as he put the brightly coloured stethoscope on Dean's shirt.

Dean rolled his eyes and breathed in...and out.

AN: Oh...childhood, so easy to imagine things. Hope you found this cute! Luc Scare.