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So you know who I'm pairing with who so get out of the way if you hate this pairing. The only reason I did it was because it rocked hard core so I don't want any flames! :D Not yet anyways.

Scream Your Heart Out
Rated: T - angst/language
Full Summary: When Jacob is violently attacked by a group of vampires in the middle of the night, he doesn't remember anything from the night's events, claiming that he was too tired to register anything. So Edward and Bella take care of him but he discovers that he's deaf. But Edward is the only one able to communicate with him because he can't hear. When he sees that Bella's sorry for him, he becomes agitated at Bella's discomfort for Jacob. What will Edward do? And to what point will he go to? Edward/Jacob.
Genre: Romance/Angst

Jacob's POV:

It was in the middle of the night.

My entire life changed in a split second. I couldn't take it. I didn't understand anything at all. It was so fast - the image of my bed stuck in my head - and then, there was just this slant of white. A flash of white. And a deadly scent intoxicating inside of my nose, burning inside of my nose, and I wanted to get out of here. There was more than one of them. I knew it. Nothing could smell so horrid.

And their hands were wrapped around me in an instant and I didn't know anything else. All I knew and felt and tasted after that was searing pain. Pain that I couldn't imagine. Not when I got hurt protecting Leah of all people. It was the type of pain that I didn't think I could get - a werewolf that could heal from his cuts. And the sound of blades, and snarls, and a harsh shriek. I didn't know what that shriek was.

But it was familiar.

It had taken me so long to figure out what that shriek was - I was screaming. I was horrified. And it didn't feel like me. Those seconds were hours to me, those minutes turned into weeks so quickly. I thought I was going to die. And violent red spurred my brain. I didn't know what to think. I wanted to scream even more but that would be too childish. I supposed crying was just as childish. I wanted to run off. Even to that bloodsucker.

Because these were sucking the brains out of me. The life of me was diced into pieces and eaten off by these monsters. I had no more life. I had no more hate in me. I had no more anything in me. No love. No nothing. Those bloodsuckers were trying to suck everything in me - why? Did they smell me? Was I a threat? The thoughts were surging all too fast and I didn't want to hear any of them.

You're going die here, Jake.

No, I wasn't. I wasn't. I can hold on.

Hold onto what?

Nothing. I had nothing to hold onto.

So I felt the pain slowly subside as the blackness overtook me. The blackness was a relief, and for a moment, I thought I was asleep. I thought I was in my bed, resting, happily in my dreams but there was no image - nothing stuck in my head - nothing in me but that pain that tried to linger in my spine. And then - the blackness didn't keep me conscious anymore. I thought I died.

After all, I had nothing to hold onto, right?

I could feel two sweet-scented arms wrap around my neck.

I didn't hear anything though. I felt those arms squeeze and I wanted to scream but I didn't know if I was screaming. I heard no sound. I felt a stab of pain in my neck and that stab was all it took for my eyes to pop open. And I could see her. I could see Bella's face, filled with concern, close to mine. Close to my face, enough to kiss her, but I didn't let my emotions take me. I was screaming all out on the inside.

I realized that my teeth was gritted together in that pain.

Bella touched my shoulder, offered me comfort with her eyes, and then that leech of hers started to speak. But I heard nothing.

Edward's face stayed rigid as he spoke to Bella. Again, no voice. My eyes were willing to pop out of my head, my stomach churned and I wanted to tear my ears off. I couldn't hear?! I couldn't hear anything? Edward ran off so that Bella and I were alone. I bet she was happy now. She wouldn't have to spend her time with a damaged person. She knew that he was perfect by all means now.

He came back, with a paper in his hands so I ripped it out of his hands and I looked at the paper. What happened?

When I looked upwards, he held a golden pen. Show off. I ripped the pen out of his hands and looked down at the paper. Would you like to know? I was attacked by a group of bloodsuckers. I can't remember much, but I knew that I would've suffocated of the smell anyways. I brought the paper towards Edward, pulgging in in his stomach and he picked it up and read it over. His face was too smooth, I couldn't read anything.

Great. Just great. I was a deaf werewolf.

I don't want to be like this.

And he scribbled something down under the paper.

I crumpled it in paper. And looked at him in anger. I didn't want to talk like this. I wasn't normal. I didn't think I could feel normal but now, just as I was getting used to the entire wolf thing, like it was normal - this just had to happen. Oh great. Just what I needed. As if the werewolves and vampires were real statement didn't get to me the first time. They walked out - I knew that face on Bella.

She wanted to give me some space to adapt.

But at the same time, she wanted to run to me and hug me and tell me that she was sorry. Even though she didn't do anything to me at all.

I uncrumpled the paper as quickly as I could've when I was sure they were both gone.

I'm sorry for your loss, Jacob.

This is kinda a prologue. Sorry for the shortness. :P

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