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Chapter 24
Epilogue: Our World

Around the course of two months, everything that was broken was slowly being fixed back into its original shape and form. The pain was subsiding in the Cullen household, the sweet twinkle of the sunshine resided in the glass house as I went upstairs with a bottle of sticky, hospital blood as I stopped at the room that I and Jacob now shared and I opened up the room to see Jacob, laying on his stomach, his head on a pillow, those eyes wide open and that body barely moving, such a beautiful sight.

I grinned softly as I walked towards Jacob's side, and had leaned down to give him the bottle. Jacob could eat normal food but usually puked about half of it out, and after much research, I made a plan to possibly move away from Forks if it meant that Jacob was going to be safe from the Innovatives. Until now, they were safe into their bubble of tranquility but it could've burst at any second and I…I wanted to be ready. I needed to be ready to keep him safe from the world around us now.

This was our world.

No one can take me away from him now. He was mine and I was his. Carlisle and I secretly made plans to possibly give Jacob a surgery…we can't have him having children. Since he can't have just one, since he needed to have a whole flock, I had to take action, yet Jacob knew nothing of this. Only I and Carlisle had known and all I can do was keep this away from Jacob. I didn't want him to think that I was sadistic. That I wanted to change him…it was the last thing I wanted Jacob to think of me right now, after all we've been through.

In our world, anything that was broken was slowly mending.

In what felt like so long, I felt the bitter happiness drive me. I finally had Jacob. I finally had my everything, my hope, my dream, my love, and I was afraid to lose him again but in the course of a month, I realized that I had to stop worrying about this and embrace him while I had the chance.

Still, I was concerned.

I couldn't believe that there was something good in my life. I couldn't believe that I had my baby in my arms every night, curling up to me while I whispered 'I love you's in every language I knew as he drifted off to sleep in my arms and what angered me was that his nightmares were vivid, his thoughts were exploding, he was in so much pain in his sleep and he didn't even know it.

When he'd wake up every morning, he'd have a sweet smile on his face as I brought him a bottle of blood for him to drink.

During the evening, he'd play around with my piano but couldn't really get any notes right and would threaten to break the piano, so very innocent and I was so scared for him. It was a constant thought in the back of my head. Something bad was going to happen. Something was going to tear us apart.

But I didn't want to think of that.

It was horrifying to think that Jacob—my love, my sweet Jacob—had something wrong with him. Did he know something that I didn't? Did he feel guilty about attacking me that one time? What was wrong with him?

I was so concerned.

I was ready to burst from concern.

I wanted to hug him, hold him, love him, tell him that I can't have anything better than him but he didn't seem like he'd believe me and he'd tell me to prove my love for him and I can't do that. Damn. I was afraid that if I did, then he'd get pregnant and if he got pregnant, our lives were going to change.

So I held onto the last piece of our world because in the other world, all I could hear was our screams and our hearts biting and our bodies shaking with fear. That other world was reality.

I didn't want to be in reality.

I wanted to stay as far away from it as possible. I wanted to be in this surreal world of ours because we were alone. We were together and even if the concern still resided, our love did too and all I needed was that.

All I needed to believe was that we can fly.

Now, we were embracing each other, ready to fly but unsure if the sky of hope would take us to Heaven or Hell so we stayed trapped in our bubble of security because we were both scared.

That night, as we both lay in our bed, Jacob's arms wrapped around me, his creased forehead, his open mouth, his tired eyes; it scared me to see him this way as I rubbed his back as he slept.

His eyes snapped wide awake in the middle and he brought his head towards my chest, pressing his head to my chest, and it took a while for me to understand that tears were rolling freshly off his face. "Jake?"


"What's wrong?"

"Edward…please, take the pain away…it's still there…the pain…" he was so helpless, so tired, so hopeless as I watched him roll over to the other side of the bed, his body shaking and I touched his back, leaning down to see that his eyes were shut tight and he had no thoughts. He usually didn't have any thoughts when he was asleep. He had gone back to sleeping but he was still shaking, and words were still slipping off his mouth. "The pain…still there…Edward…save me…someone save me…"

It took more than two hours for him to finally go back to sleep. In the morning, he was happy, with a bright smile on his face while I hid that I knew things that he didn't. It hurt me to see him this way but I accepted every piece of him. Even if it hurt me. For a while, I went back to Jacob's house, where he was attacked by the Innovatives when he had lost his hearing, he took a piece of paper that had rolled the couch.

I'm sorry for your loss, Jacob.

These were the words that were unable to fall from my lips. The words that made our relationship the first time. I brought it close to my chest, to my heart, no words coming out of my mouth, as I took in these moments. This scent of the house. It was all gone from Jacob's grasp.

I went back to the house, to see him asleep, curled up on the bed with a smile on his face and I walked towards him, kissing his soft lips, touching his hair, and leaning down towards him, as soft breathes escaped his throat.

For now, our world was the only thing we held on…our life, our love, our world of perfection and smiles and sunshine and as long as I was with him now, each heartbeat, each breathe, lasted a lifetime.

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