Title: Pangea

Author: isumi'kivic'

Pairings: The epitome of kawaii-ness; TezukaFuji. May we would be blessed by more of their fanservice everyday. *nods*

Genre: AU-RPG characters. It's… confusing since I tried to maintain their… humanity (if you could say so), but I also have to keep in mind that when their users are logged in, they're controlled. *scratches head*

Warnings: Standard warnings of shounen-ai and OOC-ness. Might be a little bit confusing, since I myself was confused on how to write this.

Disclaimer: I own Tennis no Oujisama and its property!!—in my dreams. *sobs*

A/N: For my beloved Neesan: a1y_puff, this is what I promised you when you requested it, and even though this might be not what you're expecting, I tried my best. It's supposed to be your b'day fic, but I don't think I'm confident enough with this—as this is my first AU!TeFu—to give it as your b'day present. Still, you'll get your b'day fic from me soon enough. Tomorrow night, maybe? Sunday at most… XD

This is the first part of the fic, there're still two or three or may be four more to go. Please bear with me. *bows*

Anyhooo… enjoy, TezukaFuji fans!

A Tennis no Oujisama Fanfiction


Pangea. A world full of wonders and mysteries, magic and elements, battles and quests. Unknown items and newfound skills. Clans and their base camps. Monsters and challenges. A beautiful world of online RPG game, where one could meet other people from all over the world and be friends, regardless of who or what you were.

"Oniisan, are we going online tonight?"

"Yes, Rika. We can't miss the clan's meeting, now can we?"

The primary quest of this game was to acquire an unknown item called 'Legendary'. If a player acquired it, he or she would win the game, and the whole world would start all over again.

"Rika, get your headset! We're going online!"

"Alright, alright! Geez, Oniisan, could you wait a minute? No one would even dare to be angry if Tezuka and Yukimura were late for once! Have you finished your homework yet, anyway?"

"I finished it at school. I'm logging in."

"Aaah! Meanie! Wait a minute, will you? Oniisan!!"


username: tezuka_kunimitsu


-logged in-

A pair of hazel eyes opened, scanning the surroundings.

My user has logged in.

He let his body moved by itself—he was, after all, programmed to be controlled by his user. Stepping out of the tent, he caught a sight of a blue-haired Mage talking with a fiery red-haired Warrior.

The Mage turned, and smiled at him. "Tezuka."

"Oniisan! There you are! I think everybody's here, let's start the meeting!"

"Yukimura." He nodded an acknowledgment. "Have all the users logged in?"

"That's what Eiji said," Yukimura glanced at the Warrior standing beside him. The Warrior nodded energetically. "All but one," he said. "Sanada's user hasn't logged in yet."

"His user hasn't been online for nearly two months." Yukimura mumbled absent-mindedly, a worried crease marring his beautiful face. "If this keeps up for another month, Sanada would automatically be deleted."

Eiji patted the Mage's arm. "Don't worry! We'll find a way!"

"Alright, let's start the meeting!" Tezuka spoke the words his user typed. The whole clan stopped whatever it was they were doing, and slowly made a huge circle to hold the clan's meeting.

Eyeing the whole clan he led, Tezuka noticed that his clan had grown bigger since the last time they held a meeting. Sitting around him were the clan's Knights: Atobe, Saeki, Shiraishi, and himself. Over in another corner were the Clerics: Kaidou, Ann, Oshitari, and Sakuno. Their Warriors sat close by: Echizen, Eiji, Gakuto, and Chitose. Next to them were the Mages: Yukimura, Oishi, and Inui. The Clowns were over on the furthest corner: Jirou and Gakuto, exactly next to the Crastmen: Momo and Taka.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Tezuka spotted their last Knight, Sanada, sitting quietly behind Yukimura. The high level Knight never stand far from Yukimura when his user was offline.

The meeting went on—everybody traded items and worthy information. Some of them were important, as they had the possibility to lead them closer to their ultimate quest: the unknown item 'Legendary'.

The meeting ended, and some of them promptly teleported to other areas to hunt. Oishi strode towards Tezuka, smiling and said, "My user has logged off. Are you planning on going to hunt in another area, too, Tezuka?"

Tezuka was about to answer, but just then, Yukimura approached them. Cheerily, the blue-haired Mage spoke, "Oniisan, I'm going to hunt at the Mountain of the Dead. Are you coming?"

"No." Tezuka replied automatically. "I'm going to hunt at the Entrance of Hell."

He watched Yukimura gave a nod and strode away before turning back to Oishi. "Sorry."

"It's fine," the gentle Mage replied. "Eiji's user has logged off, too, anyway. See you later then."

Following his user's command, Tezuka walked to the teleporting point. It seemed that this time, too, his user wanted to hunt alone.


Only a handful of players dared to hunt at the Entrance of Hell, Tezuka knew. He also realized that, aside of his own incredible skill as a Knight, his user was a great player who could control—he really disliked the word, to be honest—him and was able to push him to his strongest level. If not, Tezuka wouldn't be one of the highest level Knights in the world of Pangea.

But still, Cerberus was one of the highest level monsters in Pangea, too. To send him and face Cerberus alone—Tezuka wasn't sure whether his user was insane or over confident to do that. If only he wasn't being controlled, Tezuka would have summon for any help he could use.

In times like this, Tezuka wished he were an NPC.

A blow he received had decreased his life-point rapidly. Panting, Tezuka used up the last bottle of potion he had with him. He needed a way—any way—to restrain this monster's movement. For a humongous-sized monster, Cerberus moved very, very fast. If only he could restrain it, he could easily kill it.

But everything was up to his user—maybe he had to send a hint of what to do to his user after all.

"Watch out!!"

Tezuka missed a heartbeat as one of the Cerberus' heads narrowly missing his hips. The wind sent him flying, though, and he struck the huge rock behind him, knocking the air out of him. Briefly he wondered who warned him before the melodious voice exclaimed once again, this time shouting a spell.


Surges of lightning struck the humongous creature, emitting a loud screeching noise. Tezuka blinked, his brain registering a little figure clad in white, flowing robe, standing a little far away from the screeching Cerberus.

Raising his magic staff once again, the figure shouted firmly, "Light Cage!"

Instantly, pillars of light appeared, surrounding the Cerberus, trapping and effectively restraining its movements. Tezuka watched in awe—that magic was one of the high level spells, and even Yukimura, the famous high-leveled Mage in Pangea, admitted that he was still learning it.

A Mage, Tezuka thought. A high-leveled one.

Cerberus screeched, thrashing violently, trying to escape the cage, and the Mage gritted his teeth, obviously trying to keep the power of the cage. Taking a second to straighten himself up, Tezuka launched himself forward and charged. He could feel powers building inside him—and then, there was it.

The Combo command.

Running past the light pillars, Tezuka did a double jump and aimed for the creature's head. He slashed with his double-blade twice and ended it with a quick, deep thrust, stabbing right on where the weak point of the Cerberus was.

An earsplitting growl echoed, and the creature vanished into thin air, leaving only small sparks and crystals Tezuka's body automatically absorbed. He closed his eyes as a stream of new data surged through his whole being.

exp. point: +250


-miracle potion

-cerberus pendant

-5000 gondwana

"That was close," a melodious voice made Tezuka open his hazel eyes to meet a pair of gleaming, dancing, cerulean ones. "Thank you for finishing it off. I wouldn't have been able to hold that cage for long."

Tezuka stared at the Mage before him, taking in everything he saw. The Mage was shorter than him, with long, honey brown hair tied neatly on his back, hanging gracefully. His body was slender, bordering on feminine, much like Yukimura was, but less fragile-looking. His face lit up with a warm, bright smile, cerulean eyes gleaming in gratitude.

"Likewise," he replied automatically. "Thank you for helping me."

"Oh, that's fine, really," the Mage chuckled. "I should go now. I'm in a rush. Thank you again,"

"Who are you?" Tezuka blurted out—and was surprised that he actually meant it, not only what his user had typed.

Smiling brightly, the Mage raised his robe and made a sweeping motion.

"Name's Fuji! See ya!"

The lithe figure disappeared.


"Congrats for killing the Cerberus, Buchou!" Momo grinned widely, raising his drink. "A toast for Buchou!"

The whole clan cheered, feasting and cheering for Tezuka's success on beating Cerberus and earning one of the God's Item—Cerberus Pendant—that they all believe would lead them a step closer to 'Legendary'.

Sanada and Yukimura approached him as the party went on. Smiling, the blue-haired Mage congratulated Tezuka for his victory. "Your user did a quite well job, ne?"

"Well.." Tezuka paused to ponder a bit. "Not quite. I was helped."

"Ore-sama don't believe this." Haughtily, Atobe strode towards them, a regal air surrounding the Knight. "Ore-sama believe you would not betray your clan by partying with anyone outside the clan, Tezuka?"

"I cannot do anything against my user's command," Tezuka answered somewhat sharply. "But to answer your question, no. I hunted alone today. The Mage appeared out of thin air."

Sanada fixed him a look. "A Mage." He repeated. "An unknown Mage helped you."

Tezuka nodded a confirmation. Yukimura exchanged a wondering look with Sanada, while Atobe added thoughtfully, "A powerful one, surely? Defeating Cerberus.."

"He used the Light Cage spell."

Yukimura's smile disappeared. His eyes immediately narrowed. "Did you see his username?"

Tezuka fell silent for a moment, contemplating if he should tell his comrades about what—or who—he thought the Mage was.

Three pairs of different-colored eyes stared at him intently.

"He said his name was Fuji." Tezuka told them at last. "And for some reasons, I am sure he was an NPC."


He didn't expect to meet Fuji again. Well, at least not in the marketplace, nearly a month after their first encounter.

His user hadn't logged in yet that time—the human was usually late. So Tezuka decided to stroll down the marketplace to see some new items the merchants had, while waiting for his user. It was then he spotted the familiar lithe figure clad in white robe with light brown hair standing before a merchant's stall.

Tezuka briefly wondered if he should greet the Mage. After all, they had only met once and Fuji might not remember him. His curiosity of Fuji's identity finally won in the end, though, so he approached the Mage.


The light brown-haired Mage whirled around—cerulean met hazel—and, face lit up in recognition, Fuji beamed up a bright, "You..! Tezuka, aren't you?"

Inclining his head, Tezuka turned to see what Fuji had been looking at the merchant's stall in great interest—a clear blue crystal. Fuji followed his eyes and said lightly, "I was looking at this. See? It's Healing Crystal."

Tezuka gave him a questioning look.

"Well, Mages are only capable of healing themselves, not other players. But this crystal would allow us to heal anybody else. I want one, but…" for a second, Fuji looked sheepish.

"You're an NPC." And you're not programmed to get money from battles, Tezuka added silently. "So you have no money."

A subtle, unsettling frown marred the beautiful face. "You're quite blatant, huh?" He humph-ed, crossing his arms in an almost sulky manner—a sign that Tezuka had offended him.

Realizing his mistake, Tezuka quickly apologized.

A small smile was regarded to him. "Saa.. it's fine. I have to say, I'm quite amazed you noticed that I'm an NPC. We've only had a brief meeting before, after all," cerulean orbs gleamed. "You're a keen observer, Tezuka Kunimitsu."

"Thank you," came the curt reply. "Though I'd want to know why an NPC helped a Knight."

Fuji grinned. "I'm a special programmed NPC."

Tezuka turned to examine the crystal Fuji wanted. Now that he thought of it, he remembered Yukimura's user told his about a new item he'd bought that'd allow him to heal other players. It wasn't that expensive, the blue-haired Mage had said, because not many people seemed to need it. Healing was what the Clerics were for, and there would always be at least a Cleric in a party.

"Do you really want it?"

Fuji blinked. "The Healing Crystal? Yeah, why?"

"Then I'll buy this for you." Tezuka tossed some Gondwanas to the merchant sellng the item, and took the blue crystal. He grabbed Fuji's hand, ignoring his surprised, indignant squeak, and thrust the item into the Mage's grasp. Fuji's mouth fell open.

"Wha.. Tezuka! I can't.."

"Consider it a thank you gift." Tezuka replied stubbornly. "You saved my life that time."

"But the money.. wouldn't your user.."

"He had too much, he wouldn't notice."

A stream of new data suddenly surged into his whole being. Hazel eyes closed automatically, reading every data.

username: tezuka_kunimitsu

password: ********

-logging in-

Opening his eyes, Tezuka spoke hurriedly, "My user is logging in. I have to go."

Fuji's face changed for the slightest. "I'll see you again?"

Feeling like he could lose himself in those incredible blue orbs fixed at him, Tezuka could only nodded and—

-logged in-

Fuji watched as the figure before him dissolved into particles of light. A smile blossomed beautifully on his lips as he clasped the crystal in his hand. Staring at the new item for a few second, he took a breath and brought it before his temple.

Instantly, the crystal shone with a soft, bluish light, and as Fuji closed his eyes, a strange symbol suddenly formed on his temple and glimmered brightly. The crystal slowly turned into a marble-sized, blue orb of energy, and slowly dissolved as the symbol on the Mage's temple absorbed the energy.

When the orb completely disappeared, Fuji opened his cerulean eyes—hazy for several seconds while new streams of data went into him.

new item: healing crystal

evolving skill: healing spell

discovered skill: data reform

Blue eyes cleared, and Fuji inhaled deeply.

"Is he… the one?"


My user had logged in.

Tezuka found himself in his tent—exactly the place where his user had logged off yesterday night. Automatically, his body moved, and less than two seconds, he was outside—and met face to face with Yukimura.

The Mage gave him a smile as he spoke, "We're going there in a party, ne, Oniisan?"

Tezuka blinked, surprised, but before he knew it, he had replied, "Aa. Just five at most. If Oshitari is online, put him in. That area is quite dangerous, we'll need our clan's best Cleric."

"Fine, fine," Yukimura airily answered and turned around. As he moved away, he told Tezuka, "I think we're going to the Cursed Forest Area."

Tezuka nodded. The area was a maze-like forest that filled with monsters. A good place to hunt, but the risk was you could never get back to the teleport portal if you couldn't find a way out of the maze of trees.


"Probably this is what Amazon like," Oshitari remarked dryly as they kept walking, occasionally killing low-leveled monsters standing on their way. "It seems like there's no way out of here."

"That sounds really pessimistic, Oshitari," Atobe replied automatically. He added shortly, "These users starting to bore Ore-sama."

"We've been walking in circles. Mada mada da ne…" Echizen grumbled. "We would've found a way out if only they weren't controlling us—do you think we'd be stuck here?" the Warrior scowled when those words were forced out of his mouth. "We won't dammit," he swore.

Yukimura gave him a slight smile. "Don't fight it, Echizen."

Another round of walking in circles—Tezuka realized it had been an hour since they had started exploring this area. He was about to send a hint to his user about where the portal was when all of a sudden, loud cracks of thunder were heard, and lightning rushed down to the ground—not too far from where they stood.

Yukimura—feeling the powerful magic of the spell—was thankful that his user quickly ordered him to go to that magic direction. He rushed forward first, followed by the rest of the party. Briefly, Tezuka wondered why the magic felt familiar.


This time, as all of them burst out into a clearing, a huge icestorm rushed past them, charging towards a gigantic anaconda with a pair of wings on its back—Anacandria.

The creature howled and lunge forward to the spellcaster—and Tezuka's eyes widened by a mere fraction.

The flowing white robe… the honey-colored hair…those cerulean eyes…

The Mage ducked easily from the monster's attack and did a marvelous double jump onto a tree as he brought his magic staff and shouted, "Light Blades!"

Countless of sharp blade-shaped lights charged down so fast—so fast no one even realized what had happened—and embedded themselves all over the creature's long and humongous body. Letting a long, painful hiss, the snake-like creature thrashed violently for a moment, before finally laid limp and vanished into glimmering particles of light, leaving small crystals, money, and several items on the ground.

Yukimura shook in anticipation as a curious smile formed on his physiognomy.

The honey-haired Mage jumped down and landed on the ground gracefully. He examined the items left by the monster and shrugged in dismissal. That was when he finally turned to the newcomers—as if just realizing that they were here—and blue eyes instantly shone in delight.

"Tezuka!" He smiled, acknowledging the stoic Knight. "It's your party, isn't it? Would you want these extras?" he gestured to the crystals and items around him. "I can't really use them for myself, so.."

"Fuji." Tezuka nodded at him. It seemed that his user was a little weary of the mysterious Mage, because no command came, but then—"Very well, if you insist."

The five of them stepped forward, letting their body absorbed countless crystals and items. Tezuka let his other party members took al the items—apparently, his user didn't think he'd need them.

"You are…?" Tezuka heard Yukimura asked and he turned to see the two Mages facing each other.

"Fuji Shuusuke." The honey-haired Mage replied, eyes open in anticipation and curiosity. He could feel powers emanating from every inch of Yukimura's figure. "I'm an NPC."

"Interesting." Atobe commented, curiosity crept into his voice. "And your program allows you to hunt?"

"I am a special-programmed one," Fuji added in a secretive tone, and somehow, Tezuka got a feeling that the Mage didn't like talking about himself when they were all controlled by their users.

Fortunately, Yukimura's user seemed to be very interested in the NPC. "If you're allowed to hunt, surely you're allowed to join a clan?"

"Yukimura?" Tezuka found himself speak in a questioning tone. Yukimura turned, smile unwavering. "He'd be a great asset for our clan, Oniisan. Besides, I think he wouldn't mind teaching me a few magic tricks," he paused, and glancing at Fuji, he added, "Not only my user, I myself am very curious about you."

Tezuka suppressed a smile he didn't know—or realize—coming. He frowned. That was weird. His program was supposed to be stoic… maybe Fuji's smile was some kind of contagious virus program?

"Be it, then," the bespectacled Knight spoke. "Would you join our clan, Fuji?" he added, for his user didn't bother to actually ask.

Cerulean eyes stared at his hazel ones for a few moments—and Tezuka could feel something inside him stir.

"That would be my utmost pleasure."


Fuji's arrival at the clan camp was a bit of an event. Many users—even Ann and Sakuno's—were interested and curious about him. Some didn't believe he was an NPC, and some even thought briefly if Fuji would lead them a step closer to the 'Legendary'.

The camp's atmosphere grew warmer as the users finally logged out one by one. More questions were thrown to the blue-eyed Mage. It ranged from Inui's evil-toned "Would you care to try my newest..ah, should I say… magic concoction?" to Ann's little flirty question of "Do you think your program allows you to date?"

After his user had logged off, Tezuka conveniently sat close to the honey-haired Mage and listened to he conversation Fuji was engaged in. He reasoned that, since he was the one who knew Fuji more than anybody else in the camp, he was responsible of the Mage.

Well, that, and a whole another reason.

For some reasons, every time Fuji's gaze caught his, he could feel something inside him stir—deliberately at first, then grew rapid. It was almost, almost like the sense of anticipation when he was about to face an enemy he knew was dangerous. Not only that, there was something he couldn't describe in his program—like something in him clicked whenever Fuji threw him a smile, or a knowing glance. And the strangest thing was, he felt like he could understand what was in Fuji's mind even without a Mage telling him anything.

"You said earlier that.. you're a special kind of NPC, didn't you?" Atobe threw a question, flicking his bangs aside. "What differs you from other NPCs?"

Subtly, Fuji inched closer to Tezuka. "Saa… I am programmed to do a certain quest." He answered mysteriously. "Just like you all looking for the 'Legendary', I am also looking for something."

"What is that something, nya?" Eiji piped in curiously.

Tezuka thought he saw Fuji's smile faltered. The Mage looked thoughtful as he tapped his chin with his finger. "Saa…to be honest…I have absolutely no idea."

Everyone blinked in puzzlement. Ann curiously chirped, "If you don't even know what it is, how do you know how you're going to find it?"

"I will know when I find it," Fuji grinned. "I can't explain it well, but I think I can feel where it is. Whether it's far or close." He turned to Tezuka and stared at him deeply. "I know that much. In fact…"

"You think you probably have found what you're looking for." Tezuka finished for him. When a bright smile appeared on Fuji's face, he knew he was right. "You're sharp," Fuji commented lightly. There was a slightly excited tone in his voice now. "Yes, I think I might have found it. The only thing I have to do now is to obtain it."

There was a continuous mumble and furious scribbling—Inui, no doubt.


The Knight turned at the call—and so did everybody—to see Yukimura. The usually calm and collected Mage looked shaken and somewhat panicked—and an alarm instantly went off in Tezuka's head.

"What is it?" he raised to his feet. Yukimura's lips thinned. He turned arouned, and beckoned everyone to follow him.

"It's Sanada." The blue-haired Mage's voice faltered.


It had been exactly three months since the last time Sanada's user logged in, and as the rule of Pangea clearly stated, his program would be deleted.

Still with the expressionless face, the Knight sat under a tree—calm and composed, as he watched Yukimura gathered the rest of the clan around him.

For what, he thought, the Mage did that? They were only programs—made only to be controlled. The moved and did things as their programs dictated, and they could never fight it. Yukimura himself said so. Then why did the Mage do this?

Farewell? They were programs—what would a farewell mean? Once a program was deleted, that was it. Done and gone. Meaningless.

He stared at his own hands. They were slowly disappearing—growing transparent as the slowly dissolved into nothing. He could already see through them.


He looked up to see Yukimura kneeling before him. The blue-haired Mage's voice sounded restrained, like something was choking him. Something unreadable shone in his eyes, and Sanada could not stop himself from raising one transparent hand and cupped Yukimura's face.

His eyes softened as Yukimura closed his eyes and leaned in to the touch.

"Why are you so sad?"

"I'm going to lose you."

"Once I'm deleted, you wouldn't even remember me."

"The more reason to be sad."


"I don't want to…" Yukimura's voice faltered, his left hand raised up to cover Sanada's transparent one. "…forget…" he breathed out.

Tezuka watched expressionlessly, but his hazel eyes were hard. If he could do anything, he would've done it. Sanada was one of Pangea's highest level Knights—Tezuka's user had picked the clan members carefully—and it was such a shame to lose Sanada like this.

That… and Sanada had been one of his loyal advisors—aside from Atobe, Oshitari, Chitose, and Oishi. Well, most loyal to Yukimura, if not him.

The figure standing next to him moved forward, and Tezuka acted almost automatically—grabbing the figure's hand to stop him from disturbing Yukimura and Sanada's last moments—before he blinked and realized that it was Fuji.

The honey-haired Mage turned to him—and Tezuka's gaze met his.

Almost in wonder and astonishment, Tezuka let the hand in his go.

Fuji could do something.

He could save Sanada.

Tezuka knew that the moment their eyes met.

Firmly, Fuji strode to kneel next to Yukimura. Placing a gentle hand on Yukimura's shoulder, he spoke softly, "Mind if I help?"

A pair of dark eyes turned to him, a spark of hope shone in them. You can? They asked.

"If you lend me your energy, I can save the Knight." Fuji nodded at Sanada.

A subtle scowl appeared on Sanada's now growing transparent face. "I don't need to be saved." He cut in sharply. "I don't need your pity. Not from a newcomer."

"Sanada." Yukimura turned back to him, voice gaining an edge of warning. It was all it took to silence the taller man. Sighing subtly, Yukimura inclined his head.

"Please do."

Tezuka watched in astonishement as Fuji slowly settled into a more comfortable position. Asking Yukimura to relax, he then turned his head to where Tezuka was, locking eyes with the clan's leader.

Tezuka nodded.

Fuji regarded him a smile, turning back his attention to the task at hand. He told Yukimura to hold hands with him and Sanada, and to focus on Sanada's program. Yukimura only nodded. Then, closing his eyes, the Mage chanted short, unknown words, and when he opened his eyes, cerulean orbs if in a trance, Fuji murmured, "Data Reform, proceed."

Suddenly, a brilliant light emitted from their joined hands, sparkling with warmth and slowly enveloping the three of them. Its intensity increased, shining almost blindingly and everyone had to shield their eyes.

"Tezuka!" Oishi's worried voice called him. "Is this really okay?"

Clenching his hand, Tezuka ignored the impulse to run forwards and interfere. He trusted Fuji, and he knew that Fuji knew what he was doing. He could only hope...that the three of them—that Fuji—would be okay and all would be well.

"Nya, Tezuka!" a whine—Eiji, Tezuka knew. "Shouldn't we stop them?"

Taking a deep breath, Tezuka ordered his clan members to shut up and unblinkingly at the light enveloping the three figures under the tree, he closed his eyes and quietly asked Oshitari and Kaidou to prepare themselves.

The two Clerics voiced out a confused "Why?"

Tezuka recalled the gaze Fuji threw him ust before proceeding with whatever he was doing now. "Fuji asked for two Clerics. Yukimura would probably need to be healed after this."

Eventually, the blinding light slowly faded out, revealing Yukimura, Fuji, and Sanada.

A glowing, non-transparent Sanada.

With cerulean eyes glazed still, Fuji said tonelessly, "Data reform, succeed."

The light faded completely, and Yukimura slumped forward into Sanada's arms.

Fuji blinked and fell back, face pale.

Tezuka's eyes narrowed. In an instant, he was on Fuji's side, while yelling at Oshitari and Kaidou to start healing Yukimura. The two Clerics immediately moved, surrounding Yukimura and set to work.

Casting his eyes down to star at Fuji, Tezuka asked stoically, "You okay?"

"Yeah," Fuji answered cheerfully, albeit the exhaustion in his voice. "I'll be going into sleep-mode for the next 26 hours, then I'll be perfectly fine. Yukimura also would need 5 hours at least to recover."

Tezuka nodded, tightening his grip on the lithe Mage's shoulders. "One of our Clerics can heal you."

"Nah," Fuji shook his head. "My program is different. I don't think it's make any difference."

Tezuka caught the tired blue orbs. Wordlessly, they exchanged messages, and Fuji smiled.

"I changed your friend's program." The Mage paused. "He's an NPC now."

Hazel eyes widened only a fraction. Fuji shrugged. "It's the only way."

The clan's leader was silent for a moment, and then, he gently squeezed the lithe Mage's shoulders.

Fuji closed his eyes, smiled and nodded, acknowledging the thank you gesture. Then he leaned back on Tezuka, emitting a tired, but contented sigh, and snuggled a bit into Tezuka's arms.

Tezuka let him. Of course Fuji could sleep in his arms. If that was he wanted.

It wasn't like Tezuka minded, after all.


-part one done!-

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