Hey guy, I'm back with a new Twilight adventure. As you know, I'm obsessed with Jacob and Renesmee, so you can only guess what this is about. I know (depending on when you're reading this) that I have two other stories I haven't completed, but I HAD to get this story started. It would've been killing me. So let's start!

Renesmee's POV

Ugh, high school hallways are so confusing.

It was my first time at the high school charade, only I guess this wasn't a charade for me. Yet. The school we were attending was called David Bell High. It was just on the outskirts of Forks, because the family didn't want to move far from what they called "the perfect place". Not to mention, we thought we should stay close to La Push because of the alliances with the wolf pack.

Anyway, I was making my way to my third period advanced calculus class. I was the only one who got the class at this time. Talk about lonely; I didn't even know anyone… in my class. Yeah, it's kind of awkward going to school with your parents and pretending that they're your adoptive siblings. It was also weird pretending that my grandfather is my dad.

As I walked through the hall, trying to read the inaccurate map, I bumped into something hard; and for a second, I thought it was a wall. I dropped my books, but quickly realized I was wrong when Jacob picked them up for me.

"Oh, Nessie! Crap, sorry!" he exclaimed apologetically, and grinned nervously.

"Its okay, Jake, relax." I sighed. His grin disappeared.

"Is something wrong?" he asked curiously. Yeah, asking Jake where advance calculus was not the brightest idea. I laughed to myself.

"Uh, nothing. I just can't find one of my classes." Jacob looked at me with eyes filled with curiosity, "Advance Calculus." I replied to his silent question.

He barked out a laugh, "I would tell you where that is… if I knew. But do to lack of knowledge and common sense, you can imagine why I'm not in that class." He passed me my books, and apologized once more or bumping into me before we went our separate ways.

I grumbled on my journey to find 'the Lost City of Atlantis' which was here, called "Advanced Calculus: Room 296". Great, I found room 227; which was as close as I thought I'd get.

"Hey, are you new here?" I boy asked from behind me. It sounded a little like Jacob and Uncle Jasper combined; which was a weird combination, but it sounded nice.

I didn't look up to see who he was or what he looked like because I was so focused on trying to read the map.

"Yeah, I can't find Advanced Calculus." I replied subconsciously.

He chuckled, "Yeah, it's down the hallway; second door to the left. It's kind of like Atlantis, isn't it?"

My head shot up as I turned to face him, but only caught a glimpse from behind as he walked back the other way. Weird; but he was helpful. I finally found the classroom, and took a seat at an empty table. Today was going awkward; sitting beside someone I didn't know.

Finally I heart a thump in the chair beside me. Fantastic.

"Hey, fancy meeting you here, Newbie," The person joked. Wait… that voice was from the hallway!

I looked over at him and realized he didn't look half bad; at least if you were talking to him face to face. Actually… he was pretty cute!

The boy had olive toned skin which looked like it radiated. But it was his face that intrigued me. He had such sharp features; it nearly looked like it had been drawn with a ruler. Stretching from his eyes to his jaw were two parallel tattoos, sort of spiraling down. It was an interesting design. His hair contrasted his skin; being a silver (no, not platinum blonde) with a hint of blue side sweep. It was quite short and spiked over, but he had side bangs. I'd never seen someone with such a hair colour, but I immediately realized that he must have dyed it.

When I looked at his eyes, I nearly gasped. I mean, I was used to being around cool eyes; such as yellow and red, but this was a new addition. It gave a new definition to the word 'dazzle'. Mom was totally off! His eyes were a type of mix I'd never seen before. They were dark blue with hints of purple in them, as well as a bright orange swirl that started at the pupil and ended at the edge of the iris. I swear I saw them sparkling. He'd looked like he'd popped out of a book!

"No, they're not contacts." He replied to the question I was about to ask myself. "By the way, I didn't get a chance to introduce myself. The name's Zeff."

I shook his hand and tried to snap out of my fairytale land.

"Zeff?" I asked curiously, it was an odd name, but look whose talking.

"Yeah, it's short for Zeffan. Weird, I know, right?" Okay, he was creeping me out now. How did he know what I was thinking? I mean, I know about the whole mind reading thing, but… it just seemed wrong…

"Well, I can't complain." I replied, "My name's Renesmee. But for the sake of humanity, call me Nessie." He laughed a little, but everything went silent as the teacher walked in. Great. Just as I was making a friend.

During class, I got a bit distracted for a minute. I realized that this guy smelled like a meadow. Almost like he was wearing cologne. Odd.

The class went by slowly, but as soon as the bell rang, I rushed to get a good table in the cafeteria. Seemed Aunt Alice, Uncle Jasper and Jacob beat me to it. I had no other non-awkward friends to hang out with, so I headed for their table. As soon as I entered the caf, Uncle Jazz slapped a huge grin on his face and whispered to Alice which I assumed was about this morning and how I was feeling.

I sighed and sat down as he burst into fits of laughter. Alice giggled too, but tapped Jasper on the shoulder to make him stop. He still had the grin on his face, and so did Alice. 'Thank you,' I mouthed to her.

Jacob looked questioningly between us and said hi while trying to finish the sandwich.

"Jeez, going for a new record?" I asked sarcastically.

He finished and replied with, "Yup. And now I'm gonna get seconds. Want anything?"

"No," I replied. I didn't really feel like eating. Maybe I'd hunt after school or something.

"Well too bad, I'm getting you something anyway." He replied laughing. Before he went up, he asked Jasper, "Hey, I found a fresh supply of nerds in the back, want any?"

"Hm, sounds appealing, but I'll have to pass, smart one." He replied sarcastically.

"Fine, your loss. There's a limited supply, and I get hungry. How 'bout you Fortune Cookie?" Jacob teased. He doesn't even hunt anyway. His form of hunting is trying to find the last bag of chips in the cupboard.

Alice smiled and shook her head, "I think I'll pass." Jacob shrugged and moved to the line.

"So, what was his name?" Alice asked enthusiastically. I rolled my eyes.

"Zeff. And I don't like him… Jasper." I glared at him, "But he was good looking."

"Who's good looking?" I heard my father's voice from directly behind me. I jumped in my seat. He laughed and took a seat across from me with Mom. Just as that happened, Jake came back, carrying a tray-full of food. Jeez, how much could that boy eat? It turned out to be a lot.

Jake took the seat beside me and handed me a blueberry muffin. I sighed.

"Sorry, they don't sell blood-berry muffins here." He teased again. He was in a good mood. Besides, I liked blueberry. I smiled and started nibbling outside the edges.

"Hello chaps!" Uncle Emmett said in the worst imitation of a British accent possible, followed by Aunt Rose.

They sat on our side of the table, with Emmett beside me. Wonderful. Alice was whispering the latest "gossip" to Rosalie, who then spilled it to Emmett. This was the death of me. Emmett, like the rest of the group, started bursting into hysterical bits of laughter. Karma got him and fell backwards. It was my turn to laugh.

"Why is everybody keeping secrets from me?" Jake whined. "Anyway, so what's my fortune today?" he asked Alice.

"Haha, hilarious." Alice replied, "I predict you will trip in the near future."

"Whatever. Well, anyway, I gotta go to my locker. If I'm late for class again… yeah, that'll be the death of me." He got up and started walking; that is, until uncle Em stuck out his foot. Jacob tripped.

"Hey, I said 'Near Future'" Alice replied. She gave Emmett a high five and Rosalie started giggling like mad.

Jacob quickly got off the floor grumbling and wiped himself off. "Well, anyway, see ya later," Jacob said to me, obviously trying to avoid Emmett as he gave me a kiss on the forehead.

Jacob headed toward the door, but bumped into the approaching figure; Zeff.

"Hey, Nessie-" Zeff started, holding a notebook. He and Jacob glared at each other for a second. Crap.

"You Newbie," he started as Jacob stood in his tracks, "You forgot this at Atlantis. The divers found it. The very first treasure: Math questions." He smiled, and handed me the notebook.

"Thanks," I giggled.

Zeff walked off to a table and started talking with his friends. The table's atmosphere seemed serious.

"I'm not sure." My father replied to someone's mental question. His eyes narrowed. "It doesn't seem like it." Jacob nodded and continued walking. Zeff glared at him with curiosity and hate. Odd.

It was getting awkward at our table, so I got up and headed for my locker.

'What was that all about?' I asked myself. I gathered my books and headed for English.

I'd ask Dad about it later.