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A couple of hours later, after the pair had dropped off Cristina's car quickly and without much hassle, they were on their way home. As they walked side by side, Alex mustered Izzie quietly, obviously in a contemplative mood.

She gave him a gentle nudge with her shoulder while tugging at his hand, glancing up at him sideways. "Remember, more talking, less wondering."

Alex smiled down at her. "I was just thinking…Do you mind my little deal with Meredith? You were kinda quiet earlier."

Izzie shook her head immediately, negating his suspicions. "I couldn't think of anyone better, honestly. I was just wondering what 'yes, yes and no' meant, that's all. But," she added instantly, "I know it's none of my business. I want you to have secrets with her if it helps keep you the way you are," she joked, not really meaning what she was saying. She had wondered about the seemingly wordless understanding the two friends had shared earlier, and was curious.

"But you'd still like to know, wouldn't you?", Alex smirked.

Izzie scrunched her nose and shook her head determinedly to prove her point. "Absolutely not."

"You're cute when you're all nosy," was Alex's only comeback.

"I'm not nosy. I have an innate curiosity that fuels my need for knowledge. It's one of my strengths," she replied seriously.

Alex just laughed at her. "You're nosy. What happened about being more honest no matter how you think I'll react?"

She shoved him harder this time. "Whatever. I don't want to know."

"Ok," Alex shrugged, "so I won't say anything."

A few minutes passed in silence, each of the couple seemingly lost in their own thoughts over their recent exchange. They were strolling along the sidewalk side by side, each contemplating how to start the next part of their conversation. Just as Izzie was about to open her mouth, Alex beat her to the punch.

"Do you think we should paint the nursery yellow? Because I hate that pastel-ly yellow people use just because they have no clue what sex their baby is going to be. I don't want to be one of those unimaginative…"

"Unimaginative what?"


Izzie eyed her boyfriend skeptically. "You think people with yellow nurseries are losers?"

The man beside her just nodded. "Pretty much."

"Huh…," she stated distractedly, not indicating any preference on the matter. Her mind seemed to be somewhere else entirely, so Alex started blabbering on about his apparent strong dislike of people who put yellow on walls of their own volition – nursery or otherwise.

When he stopped his detailed explanation to take a breath what felt like twenty minutes later, Izzie saw her chance to direct the topic of conversation back to what was really on her mind. And wall colors were pretty much on the bottom of her long list of subject matters, pretty much on the same level as rootbeer floats and christmas carols. A very different issue was penetrating her thoughts right about now, and as hard as she tried, she just couldn't hold back her next question.

"So you're really not telling me?"

Alex seemed genuinely lost for a second, as if he truly couldn't follow her thought process just now. "Tell you what?"

Izzie lowered her voice, slightly embarrassed. "About yes, yes, and no…"

Alex laughed out loud. "What happened to 'I don't want to know, I'm not nosy, you don't have to tell me?'"

Izzie frowned slightly. Should she really give in and admit that she was indeed dead-curious about what had been going on between her boyfriend and her former roommate, or should she just trust his instincts and accept that not every single thing in his life was meant for her prying ears?

Alex seemed to notice her internal struggle because he pulled at her hand, halting her movement and effectively bringing her to stand in front of him on the sidewalk, a couple of blocks from their new apartment complex. He turned serious and looked deep into her eyes.

"Yes, we made up, yes, Mer still gets to be baby boy's godmother, and no, there's no chance in hell I'm ever letting you go again."

Izzie teared up instantly. She gazed up into his hazel eyes, a soft smile on her lips, and spoke diectly from her heart. "I love you Alex."

Her boyfriend grinned down at her, shaking his head slightly. "I love you too. Now come here…' He pulled her into a tight embrace, the remaining tension leaving her body as she felt safe and secure in his arms.

And while they were standing in the middle of the street holding onto each other, they knew that this was forever, and neither one of the pair had any doubts about it.

~~~ Epilogue ~~~

Jayden Michael Karev was the most gorgeous baby on the planet, or so everyone said. Izzie didn't care if they were lying, because for her, no statement could be more accurate. Born two weeks early, her baby boy was an absolute delight to be around. He smiled when he saw Mommy, he cried quietly when he was hungry, and he was like the brightest sunshine even if the rain was pouring down all around.

Currently he was sleeping soundly in his crib, one fist half-stuffed into his tiny mouth for comfort, while his Mom was standing in front of his bed, watching his small chest rise and fall in perfect intervals.

Izzie was so absorbed in her little bundle of joy that she didn't even realize another presence in the room until Alex draped an arm over her shoulder and kissed her hair, his way of saying hello. She jumped a little and put a hand over her heart.

"Jeez, you scared me!"

"Sorry," he whispered distractedly, with little regret, staring at his son in awe. It still amazed him sometimes that something so perfect could have come from two so imperfect individuals. The first time he had laid eyes on his son he'd fallen in love, and that feeling still grew with every single day. The same was true for his son's mother, and the fact that he could share those feelings with her now was another milestone in his history.

"What are you doing home? It's early…", Izzie interrupted his thoughts, looking up at him quizzically.

"So what?" Alex shrugged his shoulders. "You don't wanna share my perfect baby?"

Izzie rolled her eyes. "First of all it's my perfect baby. I pushed him out, in case you forgot. And secondly, I'll share anything with you," she added sweetly.

"Ugh, so cheesy. Does that come with being a Mom?"

Izzie laughed. "Oh, just shut up. You know you love it," she taunted.

"I do actually," he replied lightly, before pressing a kiss to her temple and looking back down at his peaceful child.

Izzie smiled to herself. Alex had grown up so much in the past year, sometimes she couldn't believe she was with the same person. The beauty of it was that she was though, he'd just emerged as an improved version. They had both made good on their trailer park promise to talk things through, and Izzie actually believed that it made all the difference. And when she observed their baby, that they both loved unconditionally, she knew they'd always do everything within their power to stay as understanding and happy as they were now.

She sighed quietly. "They're growing up so quick, don't you think?"

Alex grinned down at her. "He's two months old!" She shook her head exasperatedly. Ever the voice of reason, her beloved boyfriend.

"So?", she pouted. "It feels like just yesterday when we made him, and now look what happened! Soon he'll be out chasing everything in a skirt."

Alex nodded proudly, wiggling his eyebrows. "That's my boy."

Izzie slapped him across the chest with the back of her hand, reaching to turn off the light in the nursery at the same time as Alex pulled her closer to him. When she was nestled comfortably in his arms, swaying softly to the non-existing music, he whispered into her ear mischievously. "Wanna try to make another one?" His eyes were gleaming from excitement at the prospect, and in reality, she couldn't wait to welcome another addition to their little family. Preferably not for another couple of years at least, but the fact alone that he was suggesting it brought the purest of smiles to her face. She leaned up to press a quick kiss to his still-grinning lips. "We could always practice," she teased, before shutting off the lights and leading him back to their bedroom.


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