This is a crossover between NCIS and Bones. Setting is in season 3 for both shows, but for mere conveniences, the Gormogon hasn't arrived yet. Other character relations, etc, remain the same. I'm not sure how long this will be, probably not more than 15 chapters, but I don't know how long that will take. Hopefully I'll get a fair bit out quickly . My first attempt at an actual case-fic, so please forgive any crapness.

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"Shit. Gibbs is gonna kill me" were the first six words that came out of Tony Dinozzo's mouth on Monday morning. There were eight missed calls on his cell. On the seventh call, he'd left a message. On the eighth call, there had been a message from Abby, telling him to please answer his phone, because the corner coffee store didn't open over Easter. "Neither does NCIS" he muttered as he crawled off the sofa, picking up his shirt and jacket on the way out. It had been one hell of an Easter weekend.


Donald Mallard knelt over his work in the centre of a damp, muddy clearing. Gibbs stood behind him, his usual coffee cup absent. Ducky spoke into his small voice recorder- "Too decomposed for standard autopsy- request anthropological expertise". As he turned, he did not like the expression Gibbs wore.


"Okay- thank you, doctor". Temperance Brennan snapped her cell phone shut as she strode out of her office at the Jeffersonian. Swiping her ID card, she strode onto the forensic platform, dialing another number as she went. "Uh, Booth? I may have something for you, but I'm fairly certain you're not going to like it".


Tony and Ziva David arrived at the crime scene together. It was a small, remote place; just out of town- a 20 minute drive from NCIS headquarters. Ziva had made it from her apartment block in 10, Tony took 35, the extra minutes the reason he was now chewing on a bagel.

"Why so late, Zee-vah?" He chided, locking his car as they made their way down the gentle incline that led to the clearing, where Ducky, Gibbs, and a frazzled-looking McGee stood. "I was…out" she supplied unhelpfully. Tony concluded she meant either another of her 'Pilates' classes, or that she had been with someone. He couldn't figure out which option he preferred.

"Dinozzo, David, you two better have damn good reasons for being so late" came Gibbs' welcome. "Well boss, Easter Monday is a nationally recognized holiday and…" Tony trailed off upon seeing his boss' expression. Humor was not going to get him anywhere today. Ziva tried instead. "What do we have, McGee?" This seemed to be the wrong question. "Well, uh, Ziva- Ducky, what exactly do we ha…" "What the hell is that?" McGee was cut off by Tony simultaneously sighting what was left of the body behind their medical examiner, and smelling the rancid scent of putrefaction. "That, Anthony, is what remains of Petty Officer Jane Doe" Ducky stood up, removing his latex gloves as he did so.

"So you know that she was in the navy, but not her name?" Ziva had stepped sideways now, sighting the body. "Oh". "Yes, her bracelet was engraved. The portion containing her name, however, appears to have been melted off. Most unusual."

"What do we do now, Duck?" Gibbs was rarely stuck for ideas. "I've contacted an associate of mine, one Doctor Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist…" "From the Jeffersonian Institute". An unfamiliar female voice carried into the clearing, followed by Brennan herself. Unseen by the other NCIS agents, Seeley Booth hovered at the top of the slope leading into the clearing. "Doctor Brennan. I believe you have some remains for me to examine?" She offered her hand to Ducky, then to Gibbs, who took it with some hostility. She knew how to recognize a leader. Ignoring the three other agents, she turned and bent to examine the petty officer.

Tony's eyes bulged slightly.


As you can maybe see, I've introduced some possible sideline plots ;D. Also, I'm a bit dissapointed about how small this looks on the page. It was bigger on my word document . Hope you keep reading as I update . Review xx