By Sue and Craig

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A/N This is both Craig and my first co-written story. All mistakes made are ours.....Enjoy, review and be kind, thanks.


Tony walked back from the alleyway with his weapon loosely in his grip by his side. He couldn't believe that he'd lost Lewis, their suspect. He was sure that he'd run down that particular alleyway but there was no sign of him.

"I lost him," Tony called back as he continued to look around. "Did you see which way he went Ziva?" He asked hopefully.

Ziva shook her head. She had thought that he had gone that way too. A car sped past them.

"That was him," Tony yelled as he ran to the car and threw the keys to his partner. The suspect's car was speeding out of sight by the time they got the car going and Ziva's driving could easily chase the other car down.

Ziva darted in and out of traffic with her usual precision and skill. She stole a quick glance over at Tony, expecting to hear a snide comment about her dangerous driving. He just sat there in an unusual relaxed silence. "Nothing to say?" She asked him curiously.

"Why are you holding back?" Tony broke his silence. "You're driving too slow! The suspect is getting away," he exclaimed, excitement laced his voice.

"I am going at a good speed," Ziva retorted. She marveled at how they were now acting opposite. She was curious about why the sudden change, it wasn't unusual for Tony to complain about her driving. It was unusual however for him to say it wasn't fast enough. "If you do not stop complaining, I shall make you get out and walk," Ziva warned her passenger.

"Just step on it," Tony slightly yelled.

Ziva shook her head. She was sure that Tony was about to jump out and start running after the suspect's car.

"Step on that gas!" Tony growled the order.

Ziva increased the car's speed to what she even considered treacherous. She turned the wheel hard.

"Car!" Tony cried anxiously. "Car, look out!"

"Shut up, I can see the road perfectly," Ziva said, "And would you not look like you are having so much, fun?" She asked Tony, her voice tight, bemused with her partner. She struggled to maintain control over the car as it turned the corner. The wheels screeched. They were making good ground with Ziva's increased speed.

Tony loved the chase, the hunt of their prey, the adrenaline high that always kicked in at this point. He suddenly felt like he had kicked into the highest gear possible. The chase and getting their suspect was something he thought Ziva also shared in. He didn't know why he had to push her more.

"But there's so much to like, we're in a high speed chase. Woo!" He shouted, shaking off his thoughts an allowed the predator instinct to kick in further. He couldn't wait. It was time for the kill, or capture, he corrected himself. "Over there, stop the car, stop the car… Stop the car!" Tony ordered, anxiously.

"I see him, Tony," Ziva replied impatiently while she slammed on the breaks.

Tony jumped out of the car just as it stopped. He loved the more physical chase of their suspects and began to run after the man. It seemed like the suspect was about to disappear into the crowd of shoppers until Tony felt an urge of more adrenaline pump through his veins.

"Make a hole… Make a hole," he shouted at the shoppers. Of course they didn't know what the term 'make a hole' actually meant. "It means get the hell out of the way," he shouted to them. The suspect ran as fast as he could but there was no way he was able to outrun the agent. One thing was going through Tony's mind and that was his college football days. The amount of times running up and down the field had paid off. He was in his thirties and in the best shape of his life.

Tony grabbed hold of the suspect. He literally slung the man in a powerful tackle. The strength of it dropped both to the ground with brutal force. They rolled until Tony had the suspect on his stomach which allowed the agent on the man's back.

"Don't move," Tony ordered. He buried his knee deep with vigor in between the man's shoulder blades so he couldn't move and Tony handcuffed him. Lewis lifted his head up to say something. Tony only pushed his head harder into the ground and then ruffled the suspect's hair. "Didn't I just tell you not to move?" He asked.

Ziva caught up with them, finally. She was mildly surprised to find Tony had the suspect handcuffed and very much subdued. "You alright?" She asked Tony.

"I'm good," Tony answered with great satisfaction. "What took you so long?" He asked her.

Ziva rolled her eyes. "Let's take him in," Ziva told him. She didn't want Tony to celebrate his little triumph.

Tony roughly pulled Lewis Warren to his feet and walked him to the car.


The suspect had been processed and put into interrogation. Gibbs would be up when he felt Warren had waited long enough.

"Well hello, McGee," Tony said as he placed his cup of coffee on the table. He reached into his desk and pulled out a small bottle of hazelnut powdered creamer. He gave an appreciative smell before he stirred some into the coffee cup.

"Another cup of coffee?" Ziva asked McGee when she walked into the bullpen.

"Yeah," McGee gave a confused answer.

"Damn fine coffee," Tony smirked to himself.

"He is getting as bad as Gibbs with that coffee," Ziva commented. "No wonder why he was able to chase down Warren," she said to McGee. "He is on a caffeine high," she said.

Tony put the cup down. "Mmm, good," He said. "You know I can hear you two," Tony told them, "And it was an adrenaline high, thank you very much."

McGee looked at Ziva. They knew Tony had excellent hearing but didn't think what they had said was loud enough for their friend to hear.

"You got to admit it though, Tony," McGee tried to explain what the two had said, "You're getting more like Gibbs everyday,"

"I am not," Tony laughed it off with a wave of his hand.

"You are," Ziva chimed in. "Lately you have been drinking a lot of coffee," she frowned, "So yes, you are getting more like Gibbs everyday," her expression didn't change.

Tony stood up and laughed even louder in amusement. "You really think so," Tony let the chair roll back.

"Gear up," he did his best Gibbs voice impersonation, "Let's roll. Get me another damn coffee," he glared at Ziva and McGee. "So how's that?" He could never get the glare down right.

"No, you look more constipated than intense," Ziva observed.

"What are you two sitting here for?" He said in his Gibbs voice once again, which made them look up. "Ow," Tony automatically flinched when a familiar hand hit him in the back of the head. "Shutting up, Boss," Tony said.

"I need you to pull up Lewis Warren's University, service records and background check," Gibbs ordered, "well get to it," he said tersely, to Tony, "McGee!"

"Pull up phone records, on it, boss."

"David!" Gibbs stated gruffly.

"Bank accounts activity, on it, Gibbs." Ziva started typing faster.

Tony slowed his work while he watched and listened to the other orders the Lead agent gave out.

"And DiNozzo, impersonate me again and I'll send you to latrine duty," he seriously growled at his senior field agent,

"Gotcha Boss," Tony told him and then started to type faster. He hated when Gibbs came up and surprised the team. He really did need that cow bell around his neck that he and Abby had laughed about. Tony snickered while the image came into his mind.

"Care to share what's so funny, DiNozzo?" Gibbs glared across from his own desk.

"Ah……nothing as important as getting this background check." Tony gave the answer he knew the older man wanted.

"Good, I want it in an hour." Gibbs ordered, hiding his smile.