By Sue and Craig

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Tony stood silently in the elevator when Gibbs stopped it in mid ascension. Tony remembered the last time he was in this elevator and it was stopped, that was with his ex-partner, Gordon Cale. The last time he felt like he was going to pass out due to the anxiety of being back where all the trouble began. This time was different, however.

"You're ready for this?" Gibbs asked after noting the deafening silence.

That was a question Tony had been expecting. "I'm ready," he said hesitantly. Tony still didn't trust the NCIS appointed therapist, Sam Jenkins. He did what Bruce Campbell had told him to and that was not to let it live rent free in his head the night before. Abby had always been a lot of things to him. Before their sexual escapades, which turned into admitting their love for one another, she had always been his confidant and still was. Last night only proved that even more.

"I've decided to continue with my therapy… You know, for my other issues," Tony was unsure what the reaction would be. He knew he had told Gibbs before, but wanted to make it clear, he knew how Gibbs felt about therapy. And this, to Tony, seemed like a final admission of a weakness. He didn't want to say what those issues were. He knew from his actions over the years and when he had been drugged that Gibbs knew. He figured the whole team knew and he had been deflecting them from knowing these issues for years. But now wasn't the time to think about it to deeply. He had other concerns.

"That's good to hear, DiNozzo," Gibbs responded, knowing that the therapy would be good for his second in command. Hopefully some of the suicidal recklessness would be worked out and his self esteem would come up and then the bravado he hid behind would leave.

There was a half hearted smile that escaped Tony's lips at Gibbs answer and his own thoughts.

"I do know that what happened wasn't my fault. I know it took awhile for me to realize that," Tony stated. That was the most difficult thing to accept about the whole situation. He had convinced himself that it must've been his own fault, for making someone hate him with such vengeance.

"It's good you finally see that, DiNozzo," Gibbs replied. He hated it whenever Tony decided to take full responsibility, which led him to believe he had screwed up when he hadn't.

"I do now," Tony said with assurance.

"Anthony," Gibbs turned to face the senior field agent. The use of Tony's full first name, which only Ducky use, grabbed his full attention, "you've come a long way. I'm proud of you," Gibbs told Tony, pride laced in his voice.

Tony laughed once. "I don't know why," he shrugged uncomfortably. Replacing a negative with a positive wasn't easy, especially if you've been living with the internal dialogue for all your life. God! Now my head is starting to sound like the Dr Phil show… Get real!

"Oh, I think you know why or you wouldn't still be on the team. I know you can do your job," Gibbs made sure that Tony was fully listening, eyes locked as he continued. "You're the best Agent I've ever worked with and I know you'll go far in NCIS," Gibbs told him honestly, "I also know you always have my six and I always have yours."

Tony rubbed the back of his neck. "Ah hell, I knew you loved me boss," he felt a little uncomfortable by Gibbs' praise.

"Yup… Like a son," Gibbs assured the younger man and was relieved that Tony grinned from ear to ear. "I'll deny it if you tell anyone," Gibbs smiled in return as he restarted the elevator. "You'll do well on your psych evaluation, DiNozzo," Gibbs said to him as the doors opened.

"Thanks Boss," Tony said as he went upstairs, bypassing everything else. There was only one thing on his mind at the moment and that was to get this evaluation over and done with.



Tony debated whether or not to wait for the results in the bullpen or just go home and wait for the verdict. That choice was taken out of his hands when Gibbs motioned for him to wait in the bullpen with the team. Like a faithful St. Bernard that he was once called, he did as he was told. "On it Boss," Tony responded. It was better than just waiting around…All alone with his thoughts.

"How did it go, Tony?" Ziva asked him.

Tony shrugged his shoulders. He wasn't sure how it went. The questions were answered truthfully, but Tony wondered in what ways Sam Jenkins had manipulated what was said for his own ends. He also wondered if Jenkins was like that with everybody or if it was just a side that Tony brought out of him.

"I don't know. Doctor Jenkins is talking with the director now. You know I think he sees himself as some sort of Resolution or something. Someone who sees them self as an ending to a problem," Tony answered as he checked his watch once again.

"Careful there, DiNozzo," Gibbs warned Tony. "The last time you called him something it could have ended badly," he said with some humor.

"Yeah, right," Tony smiled nervously.

"What happened?" McGee asked out of curiosity.

"Nothing McGee," Gibbs cut off the probing question.

"Let's just say that fortunately, not everything was recorded," Tony said as he sat down at his desk and pondered if this was where he would be next week.

He worked hard at thinking of something positive to replace the negativity. There was always the possibility of taking the evaluation again. Tony groaned as he rubbed his face and eyes. He eventually rested his hands on the back of his neck and leaned back in his chair with his legs on the desk. He tried to relax. Only, time felt like it was dragging on as he waited for the call to come.


Jenny held the evaluation in her hand. She observed the conversing agents of Team Gibbs from the landing. She was prepared for Gibbs' attitude when Tony was off the team. When Tony wasn't there it was almost as if a new agent had come in and replaced Gibbs while she wasn't looking. It also was one of the times when Jenny afforded the lead agent some leeway. But a couple of times she had to reel him in. She watched Abby hurry it into the area. It wasn't a surprise that Abby was going to be there when the news was passed on. She wondered if it would be better to wait for the ME to come as well or if it'd be better to just do it now.

She walked down the stairs and entered the bullpen. As soon as she did so, all eyes fixated on her. Tony sat straight up, filled with anxiety. He could feel the flutter in his stomach that reached to his tightened chest.

Here it comes. Anthony, get a grip.

Silence suddenly took over the talking that had been going on before in the bullpen. Jenny cleared her throat and it looked as if they were all going to strangle her if she didn't deliver the verdict.

Tony looked up. He wanted to strangle it out of her. Wasn't it Roy Scheider from Blue Thunder who said that if your mind is going, the sense of time is the first thing that goes with it? He checked his watch again… Only seconds had passed.

Jenny smiled at Tony as she handed him the envelope. Tony didn't take his eyes off Jenny as he removed the results. He didn't want to be told the bad news. Hell, he didn't want to read it.

"Well?" McGee was the first one to speak out.

There was no pressing from the others as he put the paper back into the envelope. Actually, it felt kind of anti climactic reading the results. There was no ominous music playing, no cliffhanger and everybody should have known the outcome. Especially since everyone told Tony that he'd do fine.

"Looks like I'll be in on Monday," Tony's external attitude was cool, but inside he just felt like dancing or doing something wild.

Everybody waited for more. Tony breathed a heavy sigh of relief. That part was over, of course that meant that another era was beginning. He stood up and everybody was waiting eagerly, but holding back.

"Well," Tony adjusted his suit jacket. "Does one have to win the Nobel Peace Prize to get congratulated around here?" Tony asked.

Tony wasn't surprised to feel the vice-like grip from Abby first. The love and faith she had for him had helped. It helped him hold it together and he loved her even more for it. And if after what Bruce kept drumming into his head, two positive things came out of this whole fiasco. One was admitting he was in love with Abby and her reciprocating those same feelings. And two, that his whole team including Gibbs cared and loved him, before this he hadn't been sure of that.

Gibbs soon came over and ruffled Tony's hair. "Way to go, kid," Gibbs said proudly.

Tony beamed whenever Gibbs called him that. Gibbs was never one to quote or make references to any movies, but for some reason he would occasionally do it with a Harrison Ford movie. Tony was on cloud nine when Gibbs would say something like Han would say to Luke.

"Thanks Boss," Tony said as he eagerly shook Ziva's hand and in turn took McGee's hand and then quickly hugged them both before swiftly releasing his hold.


From the landing, Jenny could see all that was going on again. She was worried by Tony's lack of emotion, but it soon burst through after she had left the bullpen. It was good to see him break out and accept the congratulatory hugs. It was going to be good to get things back to normal. That Gibbs' fair-haired boy was back on the team.

"What are you doing here?" Jenny asked.

Sam Jenkins stepped forward to lean on the railings. "You know this is a mistake right?" He said without looking at Jenny. "He's going to go off the rails again. It's only a matter of time," he ran a hand through his short brown hair.

"My office, Now." Jenny ordered.

Doctor Sam Jenkins followed the Director into her office and she told her secretary to hold her calls.

"Yes Madam Director?" Sam asked as Jenny gave the signal for him to sit down on the chair.

"I don't know what your problem is with my people here at NCIS," he was about to interrupt but Jenny held her hand up. "Don't think that I haven't noticed what your evaluations are like… You're being transferred, effective immediately," she stated.

"You can't do that," Sam responded in shock.

"I can, I have and it's done. Now clear your office," Jenny told him. She dismissed him and waited for the door to close before standing up.

She closed a folder and stuck it in the back of the filing cabinet. There was always some leverage in that cabinet when she needed it. This was where she kept all her bargaining chips, safely hidden and locked up, if the need ever arose. She would have Tony DiNozzo on her side and the rest of Team Gibbs, which she was sure of. Finally life at her agency would be back to normal and her best team at full force. She smiled happily at the idea.



It was a time joy, a time to celebrate as the team including Gibbs sat at a table drinking, talking and laughing. Gibbs watched each member of his team quietly as he drank his beer. Ziva was laughing along with Palmer at something Ducky had just said. Abby was sitting curled in Tony's embrace, chattering animatedly to him and McGee. Gibbs was glad that McGee had accepted that Tony and Abby were together. He knew he'd talk to his surrogate son about the situation, but not tonight, although he could see something different about Tony. He wasn't treating Abby just like any of the many women he would bed and throw away in a few weeks.

Was that love he saw sparkling in both Tony's and Abby's eyes as Tony gave her a squeeze and all his attention? He hoped it was. It was time for his boy to settle down and though he'd never admit it, the two balanced each other out so perfectly. Though from an outsider's point of view they seemed so different, but Gibbs knew better.

Gibbs finally found calmness now that his team was back together. He always felt part of him were missing if something happened to anyone of his team. But the truth was, and he'd never tell anyone like he said to Tony, that Abby was his favorite, but so was Tony. And when Tony was gone everyone felt the anger and frustration from their boss, but this time they also saw the importance of having Tony on the team in many ways. Gibbs had seen this with his two other agents and was glad. Now he just sat back and enjoyed the interaction between all of them.

Ducky was talking and when he left the conversation looked over at his dear friend. He knew what he'd find looking at Jethro. He noticed the contentment at having his team/family all back together again, all interacting the way it should be.

"Jethro, I do believe with young Anthony back that things are back to normal or as normal as can be with our little dysfunctional family," he chuckled, "and I even notice that young Timothy and Ziva have accepted Abigail and Anthony's relationship." Ducky eyed his friend and waited for his response.

Gibbs sighed, "Yeah Duck, I think it is. The only thing is, I just hope nothing happens that will hurt Abby." Gibbs looked from the two and then back to Ducky to hear what he had to say.

"My dear Jethro, I don't think you will have to worry about our Abigail. I know she is in love, and that surprisingly enough, our Anthony is as well. I have watched them tonight and I think our lad is finally ready to grow up and settle down. And I believe our lovely lass is as well. I am proud of Anthony and if he keeps going to his therapy sessions he will also work through his fears of commitment, among other things." Ducky snickered before lifting his drink to his lips.

"I hope so, Duck, I really hope so. I know Tony needs this therapy to help him get past everything that son of a bitch of a so called father of his did to him." Gibbs nodded to his friend while he watched his team laughing at something he hadn't heard.

"Yes, his childhood was appalling, leaving deep seeded scares inside the boy. However, I see his therapy working already and you will have your senior field agent back more fit than before. I shall enjoy watching the change and know he'll not only be a better person for it, but also as I said, a better agent." Ducky smiled knowingly at his friend who smiled back.

"Duck, I'm just glad this whole thing is over and DiNozzo isn't blaming himself anymore." Gibbs finished his drink and then stood up. "I'm getting another drink, anyone else want one?"

"I'll take a ginger ale, boss, that is if you're buying." Tony smiled his mega watt smile that finally reached his eyes at his boss.

"Noticed you weren't drinking DiNozzo, any reason why?" Gibbs asked curiously.

"Yeah, I think I've had enough of being high, enough for a long time, don't you?" Tony cocked his head at his boss as the rest of the team listened.

"I can definitely understand that." Gibbs gave a rare full smile when he answered, "Ok, I have your order, anyone else?"

Everyone gave Gibbs their orders. He went to the bar and waited for the bartender to fill it. He again watched his team interacting without being noticed. Damn it was good to have them all back together again, he thought with a smile.

The night went on without another thought from anybody about what had happened. They were just all glad that things had worked out and that come Monday they'd be a full team, again. They had missed Tony, it had been to quiet without him. They all went home, some being driven by Gibbs and some by Tony. All knew that Monday would soon come and Team Gibbs would be ready for it.