Title: Son

Rating: G

Summary: George finds out his father's identity. Written for Serenity on Goldenlake.

- - -

"Why do you ask now, of all times?" Eleni asked, heavily.

George watched his mother. "Aly's been askin'. Y'know what she's like, when she's got th' bit between her teeth. She wants answers, an' I want to be giving them to her."

Eleni signed, pulling at the embroidery on her lap. "I don't really know how to tell you... I was young, and it was Beltane. I think he... suspects, but doesn't know for certain." She hesitated. "You know him. Quite well."

George stared at his mother, horrified. "Surely... not Myles?"

"No" she met his eyes squarely. "The King's uncle."