This chapter takes place when the Martin family first arrive at the Tipton, prior to the events of 'Hotel Hangout'. There will be twincest.

WARNING: This story contains sexual acts between consenting minors. If you don't like it, don't read it. You have been told.
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'Yes!' Said Zack, 'this is awesome! I love this place!'

'It is pretty sweet,' Cody replied.

'Are you sorry we had to move now?' asked Carey. 'Having such a big room must make up for it, huh?'

'You bet,' said Zack. 'This floor will hold way more clothes.'

'Ever heard of a closet?' muttered Cody.

The two boys dumped their bags on the beds which were now theirs, while Carey walked back into the living room, where she would sleep on the couch. Having this suite all to themselves would be fantastic, she thought. She could already picture herself painting the view from the window, or relaxing in front of the TV when they were done unpacking, or... Her thoughts were interrupted by Zack and Cody racing into the room to get a better look at it. Having seen their own room, and had a chance to grow bored of it, the next thing they wanted was to see the rest of the house.

'This bathroom's huge,' yelled Zack from inside it. 'You could fit a basketball team in here!'

'And look at this kitchen,' said Cody. 'It has an oven, and everything!'

'Oh good.' Carey brightened. 'That means I'll be able to cook for you boys.'

'No Mom!' said the twins in unison. 'Honestly, it's okay. I can do the cooking,' continued Cody. 'Don't worry about it.'

'Well,' said Carey, in a more subdued tone, 'I have to get back down to the lobby. I need to see that manager about my schedule.'

'That's fine mom. Have a good time,' said Zack. 'And there's no need to hurry back,' added Cody. 'We'll be okay up here.'

'Sure you will. Now you make sure you don't break anything, alright?'

'Yes Mom,' the boys replied, rolling their eyes.

Carey left, locking the door behind her. As soon as the door had swung closed, Zack turned to Cody. 'Alright, what do you wanna do first?'

'I think we should unpack,' said Cody. 'I want to be as organised as possible for mom when she comes back.'

'Or,' said Zack, 'We could have some fun!'

'What do you mean, Zack?'

'Has it not occurred to you, little brother,' Zack began, cutting off Cody's irritated retort by casting a firm hand across his shoulders, 'that we can do anything we like up here, and no-one will ever know?'

'So?' asked Cody cautiously.

'So we can do whatever the hell we want, and no-one can stop us. Mom'll be out for at least an hour. Her schedule is going to be huge.'

'Zack, you know you're not supposed to say hell,' admonished Cody.

'Yeah,' said Zack, 'well I'm also not supposed to take my pants off and jump on the couch, but I think I will!'

'Sure you will,' said Cody.

'Like I wouldn't,' retorted Zack.

'Go on then,' smiled Cody confidently. 'I bet you won't.'

'Fine,' said Zack. Turning his back, he kicked off his shoes and dropped his khakis. Stepping out of them, he turned around, wearing nothing but his boxers and t-shirt. Taking a run at Cody, he sprang off his twin's shoulders and onto the couch, where he bounced up and down. Cody watched his brother with an amused smile on his face.

'Come on Cody,' Zack told him. 'You know you want to.' Giving his brother a cheeky grin, he stepped forward off the couch and pulled his brother's shorts to his ankles. 'There,' he said. 'Doesn't that feel better?' Then he pushed Cody backwards, onto the couch, and pulled off his shoes. 'Lighten up, Cody.' Cody smiled in spite of himself, and leapt up off the seat, grabbing at Zack's shirt, which he pulled over his brother's head and threw across the room. Zack stepped back, startled, and then lunged at Cody, who danced back, smiling. Zack, now dressed only in his boxers, gave chase, and soon had Cody backed up against the wall of their bedroom, desperate to escape. Zack stepped forward and seized his brother's shirt, which he ripped off, leaving the two boys clad in their boxers, standing at the back of the bedroom.

'Hey!' Said Cody, looking down. 'You've got a boner!' He stated, looking up at his brother with triumph.

'So,' retorted Zack. 'You do too.'

Cody looked down at his own boxers, which, sure enough, were distorted at the front where his boyhood was standing beneath them.

'Hey Cody?' said Zack.

'Yeah?' said Cody, looking back up at his brother.

'Wanna touch?' Asked Zack.

Cody looked down at his brother's lightly tented blue satin boxers and smiled. 'You sure?' He asked.

'Yeah,' said Zack.

Cody reached down and seized the front of Zack's boxers with his right hand, feeling his brother's penis inside, eager to be let out. Suddenly Cody's attention was turned away from his hand when he felt his brother's fingers rest lightly on his butt.

Zack smiled, and drew his brother closer. 'Come over here,' Zack said, drawing them both towards his bed. They sat down, their hands leaving each other's bodies as they looked into one another's eyes.

'Touch me again,' begged Cody. He held his brother's gaze as Zack's hands moved down, out of his line of sight, until he felt them grasp the waistband of his boxer shorts. Zack's eyes never left Cody's as he moved his hands slowly down, taking his twin's shorts with him. As his boxers fell off his legs, Cody leaned forward and pushed Zack onto his back. Climbing onto him, he crawled up his brother until he was straddling his belly, body bent low so that Zack's straining eyes couldn't yet catch a glimpse of his naked penis. His hands reaching behind him, Cody seized his brother's underwear and pulled. Zack's hands came up to assist him, and soon Cody was sitting astride his naked brother. Cody smiled, and rolled off as Zack sat up, and for a moment, they sat, staring at each other with expressions of desire on their small faces. Then, as one, their eyes dropped to look at their opposite's genitals, drinking in the site of their exposed boyhoods.

Zack stared in awe at Cody's perfect penis. Erect as it was, it stretched a proud three and a half inches from his small, clenched scrotum straight up towards his belly. Zack's, in contrast, stuck out from between his legs with only a slight upward tilt. While his penis stood at the same length as his brother's, his foreskin was back further, exposing part of his sensitive glans for Cody's inspection. Zack's balls, like Cody's, were small, and his scrotum rode up against the base of his little prick. Then, having finished looking, it was Zack's turn to grab hold of Cody's dick, the other boy shivering in delight as the hand that was so much like his own clasped his hairless cock. 'That feels so good, Zack,' murmured Cody, unwilling to disturb the moment with any more than quiet speech. Zack smiled at the way his brother was looking at him, marvelling at how good his twin's preteen member felt between his fingers. Slowly, Zack began to move his hand up and down his brother's penis, letting Cody's foreskin slide with it, showing and hiding the boy's glans as he continued the rhythmic motion. Cody closed his eyes and lay back, moaning with pleasure. 'Oh Zack,' he whispered. 'Oh Zack...'

Zack continued the motion, gripping his brother's small cock with his forefinger and thumb, stroking it up and down, staring at his brother as he slowly brought him towards climax. Cody's young body shuddered and writhed with every stroke of his penis, his mouth open in a silent cry of pleasure as he wordlessly begged his brother to continue. Zack began to use his free hand to stroke his brother's nipples, alternating between them, first the left, then the right, rubbing Cody's small protrusions as they hardened almost imperceptibly. Before long, Cody's breaths were coming in gasps, and he was openly writhing on the bed, the small of his boy sweat reaching Zack's nostrils and heightening his already intense arousal. Zack increased his speed slightly, until he was pulling on Cody's foreskin with each inhalation the boy made, and slipping it fully down to expose Cody's little slit on the downstroke. Finally Cody could take it no more, and yelled out, proclaiming his ecstasy to the world as his body tensed and he came, shooting his small load of hot, wet cum all over his chest. One, two, three little drops of cum, and he lay still, exhausted from his first ever climax. Zack, for his part, immediately bent down to his brother and hugged him close, wrapping his beautiful body around his spent twin as Cody slept.

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