This chapter takes place after the Martin family has been at the Tipton for a few weeks, during the events of 'Hotel Inspector'.

WARNING: This story contains sexual acts between consenting minors. If you don't like it, don't read it. You have been told.

Disclaimer: I make no claim on any of the characters in this story, as they remain the property of Disney. I do not condone, encourage or support the activities within the story. It is a work of fiction.

It was shortly after the twins were found guilty of destroying the Imperial Suite that the stakes rose, and it was no longer just a single room which faced the twins' particular brand of accidental destruction, but the entire hotel. After letting loose the rats the boys had acquired for their science experiment, Mr. Moesby was suspended from duty, and replaced by the intimidating Ilsa Shickelgubermeiger, who was even less tolerant of Zack and Cody's frequent trouble-making. The boys had been living under her iron rule for three days, and the restrictions imposed by her presence were starting to grate on their nerves.

'This sucks,' stated Zack, for the third time that hour. 'What are we supposed to do?' Cody, busy folding socks, ignored him. 'I mean,' continued Zack, 'It's not as if we're causing trouble. We really aren't. But I can't even go through the lobby without her yelling at me. I mean, it's really not fair. What have I ever done to her? I mean, sure, maybe she'd have preferred it if I'd been walking, or, even running, but how am I supposed to know whether I can move from our suite to the carpark using only my elbows if I don't try it? And that time she said I was "throwing up" was only a sprint-gargling contest I was having with Tapeworm, and when that bra of mum's that I was using as a baseball holder got left behind on the couch, and that Anti-Crossdressing convention was holding a meeting, I was upstairs, so I don't even see how she knew it was me. And, after all that, when I go to apologise, she yells at me for it!'

Cody, who was holding a tape measure to a recently folded pair of socks, replied, in the tones of one who really has better things to do, 'It might have helped if you'd actually given her your apology vocally, instead of writing it in whipped cream and raisins all over her desk.'

'I thought she might be hungry!' Zack protested. 'I mean-'

Cody gave up his measurements. 'Zack, if you use the words 'I mean' to start a self-pitying rant one more time, I will leave all your socks folded lopsided.'

'I'm serious!' Added Cody, catching sight of Zack's disbelieving face. Zack couldn't help it. He cracked up.

'Hahahahaha. Oh Cody. The day you successfully threaten me into doing something will be the same day I give up my free will and live only to serve you.' Zack's grin got larger at the sight of his brother's face. 'See Cody? Even when I'm insulting you you don't have anything to say.' Zack paused. 'See? Nothing! You don't have a commanding bone in your body. Go on Cody - make me do something. Anything. I bet you...' Zack trailed off, as a look came into his brother's eye. 'Cody? Cody, what? Seriously man, cut that out.'

Cody continued to smile, his perfect teeth glowing beneath his immaculately combed blond hair.

'Cody? Codes, you're scaring me,' Zack said.

'Oh don't worry Zachery,' said Cody, smiling yet wider still. I'm perfectly all right. You, on the other hand... If you think I'm scaring you now, you are never going to know what hit you.' With that ominous remark, Cody laid the last of the millimetre-perfect sock-pairs on the couch, and walked to his room, closing the door behind him.

Oh no thought Zack. That doesn't sound good.

Back in the twins' bedroom, Cody was thinking furiously, his laptop open in front of him. He knew exactly what he wanted to do with Zack, but the timing had to be perfect. He rubbed his hands together, and rolled his shoulders, in the manner of one preparing for a basketball game. Then he straightened, and his fingers began flying across the keyboard, as he searched the Tipton's staff scheduling system. 'Aha,' he murmured to himself, 'Arwin will be attending the Janitorial Conference in less than a week's time. Which means his lab will be all but unattended. Perfect.'

The next few days passed by without incident, and Zack quickly forgot about Cody's strange episode. He had other things on his mind, like trying to find a way out of their 'Sticky Shickelgubermeiger Situation' as Cody, taken by a sudden need to alliterate, had recently phrased it. No matter what Zack did, however, he couldn't manage to find a way out of their predicament. Ilsa was everywhere, and she ruled the place with a commanding presence and a steely gaze. When she said 'Jump', people jumped. When she said 'Go', people went, and when people said 'No', they quickly found themselves faced with the prospect of submissive compliance, or alternative employment. In Zack's case, of course, this second option was replaced with 'alternative residency arrangements', but it all boiled down to the same thing.

Cody, meanwhile, simply had to wait for his brother to screw up, and that, as Cody had figured, wouldn't take long. Long days of boredom finally got to Zack, and, on the second day of Arwin's Janitorial Conference leave, Zack decided that the best possible way to spend his Wednesday afternoon was to play Firecracker Baseball in the hallway. The premise was simple. Zack would line up a series of firecrackers along one end of the hall, and attach a long piece of string, which ran at right angles to the fuses of the firecrackers, along the length of the hall. He would then grab his baseball bat in one hand, a match in the other, and light the main fuse, running back to the far end of the hallway as fast as he could. By the time he reached the end, and took up his batter's stance, the main fuse would have reached the first firecracker fuse in its path, and lit it up. Zack then only had three seconds per cracker to attempt to smack the hurtling firecracker shells exploding towards him, one after the other, as he hit out in quick succession. The last time Zack had played the game, he had ended up with scorch marks all over his legs. This time, he had taken the precaution of wearing long pants, and was thoroughly looking forward to the prospect of hitting some firecracker home-runs.

All went well until the moment of truth. Zack lit the fuse, grabbed his bat and ran up the hall, where, just as he was about to swing around, the lift doors opened, and out stepped Ilsa Shickelgubermeiger. Seeing him with the bat, but not yet realising the imminent danger of the line of firecrackers all pointed straight at her and the young boy, she began to scold him. 'Vat are you doing, you silly child?' she questioned, her strong accent changing the form of the words and making them somehow more frightening.

Zack took one look at Ilsa, and one look at the fireworks, and started to run straight back down the hall, ignoring the very real danger the small explosives presented. As Ilsa gave chase, the first one exploded.

Time, which, until that point, had had a slow, absent quality to it, as though none of the present was actually occurring at all, suddenly crashed back to reality, and Zack was sprinting through shrapnel bursts of colour, light and spent cracker shells. The smell of gunpowder filled the air, and Ilsa's almost inhuman shriek or rage followed him down the corridor, the woman herself hot on the heels of her primal utterance.

Zack ran with a desperation he hadn't known he possessed. His only thought was to get the hell out of there. Fast! Ilsa's lumbering footsteps and heavy breathing pursued him doggedly, eliminating the temptation to look over his shoulder. He fled, pure adrenaline carrying him through the Tipton with a fleetness of foot which would have been the envy of any number of professional sprinters. Up and down stairs, in and out of suites, through doors, over guests, under clothes-trolleys and around cleaning staff he ran, Ilsa in constant pursuit. This went on for what seemed an age, until at last a hand shot out and pulled Zack into a linen closet, whipping the door shut behind them. Zack started to cry out, stopping only as a familiar hand clamped over his mouth. 'It's me', hissed Cody. And then neither of them dared to move, for Ilsa had rounded the corner and was pounding up the hallway, her feet terrifyingly loud in the confined space of the closet.

When she had gone, Zack turned to his brother, and was about to thank him when Cody spoke.

'You are going to go to Arwin's lab right now.' He told Zack. 'You will not stop. You will not look back. If you refuse to comply, I will tell her where you are.'

'What?' said Zack. 'Cody, are you serious?'

'I've never been more serious in my life.' Said Cody. He passed a key to his brother. 'Take this. It'll unlock Arwin's door. I'll meet you there when I've headed her off. Now go, or I will tell her exactly where you are.'

Zack paled, and left immediately.

Cody, watching his brother's frightened form leave the safety of the cupboard, allowed himself a smile. Perfect.

As Zack made his way to Arwin's lab, Cody hurried off to find Ilsa. When he located her, she was doubled over, panting heavily, and muttering in a foreign language under her breath. Cody had a passing familiarity with German, as he did with seven other languages, but he was pretty sure those words were not ones he had seen in any of his textbooks, nor would he have used them if they had been, he suspected.

'Vere is your bruder?' Demanded Ilsa between breaths.

Cody looked at her and pointed in the direction Zack had gone. 'He went that way.'

Ilsa looked up at him, tossed her hair back in a contemptuous gesture, and headed off in the opposite direction. 'Do you sink I am a fool? I know you will protect your bruder', she said, all but spitting the last word.

Cody let his face fall into what he hoped was a convincing expression of sadness. 'I guess you're right, as usual,' he muttered, fighting a smile. Ilsa's eyes blazed with triumph, and she staggered off down the hall. Cody waited until she was gone, and then headed off after Zack.

When Cody found his brother, he was sitting with his back to the wall and his head in his hands. Cody locked the door behind him as Zack said morosely, 'I think I really did it that time.'

'Yeah,' said Cody, 'but not in the way you think.'

Zack's head came up, his piercing eyes meeting his twin's. 'What do you mean?'

'Well,' said Cody, unable to keep the smile from his face, 'I seem to remember you saying something to me recently, about a situation just like this. Let's see...' Cody stroked an imaginary beard, his forehead wrinkled in a parody of deep thought. 'Ah, I know. The day I successfully threaten you into doing something will be the day you... what was it you said you'd do, Zack?'

Zack was clearly having trouble remembering this particular conversation, and remained seated, looking at his brother with impatience. There were more important things going on here right now. Couldn't his brother see that?

Cody, seeing that Zack wasn't going to play along, finished in exasperation, 'You said you'd live to serve me, Zack. Live to serve me.'

'I never said that.'

'Yes, Zack, you did. And I can prove it. I took the liberty of printing this transcript of our conversation.' Producing an immaculately folded sheaf of papers from his back pocket, he carefully unfolded them and handed the top four sheets to his twin. 'You'll find that the relevant section is highlighted.'

Zack glanced down at the sheets in amazement. 'Cody, sometimes, you even manage to outdo yourself. And that's no mean feat.'

'Good,' stated Cody, suddenly all business.'Then the first thing I'll need you to do is to put these on.' With that, Cody withdrew a pair of handcuffs, which looked as though they'd come from a child's policeman costume, and passed them to Zack.

Zack just stared at his brother. 'You can't be ser-'.

Before Zack had even finished his sentence, Cody's hand had whipped out, snatching the handcuffs back off Zack, and smoothly attaching one end of the cuffs to the leg of a table behind Zack, and then sliding forward and catching his brother's wrist, imprisoning it within the other half of the handcuffs, all before Zack had a chance to move.

'Hey!' Yelled Zack, finding himself uncomfortably bent double, his right hand stretched out behind him to where the cuffs encircled the table leg.

'Now,' said Cody, his voice full of authority, 'What's going to happen here is this: I'm going to make sure you don't decide to go anywhere, and you are going to do exactly as I say. Got that?'

Without waiting for a reply, Cody bent down and bodily heaved his brother onto the steel table, which was completely clear of any of Arwin's usual maniac experiments for the first time Zack could remember. Once his brother was lying, more or less straight, on the table, Cody flipped him onto his back, with Zack's wrist still firmly attached to the table leg. Producing another pair of handcuffs, Cody cuffed his brother's other hand to the other table leg, and then, with a pair of cable ties, fastened his brother's legs to the remaining two legs of the table, so that Zack was spread-eagled on the cold metal surface, facing upwards, as Cody looked menacingly down on him. Zack was still struggling to come to terms with the speed of this sudden role reversal, and what had seemed to him, until now, to be just a bad time for Cody to have his little joke, suddenly became a much more dangerous reality, as Zack realised that he was, for the first time in his life, at his brother's mercy.

It was only as the possessive gleam came into Cody's eye, though, and as the unrestrained brother started to run his hands aggressively up and down Zack's mostly immobile, but still lightly squirming body, that the table-bound twin realised what it was his brother planned to do to make the most of the situation. Or so he thought. He was just beginning to enjoy his twin's physical ministrations when Cody, moving with infinite care, stopped at the head of the table, looked knowingly down into Zack's eyes, and produced from his back pocket something which gleamed in the low glow cast by the single overhead light. Zack's eyes went wide with horror, and he froze on the table, his gaze fixated on the sharp metal object in Cody's hand, fear taking hold as he realised he was unable to move.

Cody kept up the act for about another three seconds, before he broke down with laughter. 'Relax, Zack,' he squeezed out between fits of laughter, 'they're only scissors. What'd you think I was going to do? Cut your throat?'

Zack relaxed, but his sigh of relief turned into a gasp of disbelief, as Cody took the scissors to his shirt, and started cutting. 'Cody, what the hell are you doing?'

'Well,' said Cody, still cutting, 'If you'd been willing to keep your word, we could have done this the nice way, but once you're handcuffed the the table, I can't exactly undo them all again just to get your clothes off now, can I? Besides,' he added, as he finished cutting all the way up the side of Zack's shirt, 'I never did like this one. Terrible choice of color. This red is almost puce,' he finished in disgust.

'Coooooodyyyyy', Zack moaned in anguish, 'Stop cutting up my shirt!'

'Oh don't be such a baby. And you'll want to stay still for this one. I'll be getting fairly close to some things I daresay you'd rather keep.' That said, Cody methodically ran the scissor blade up the side of Zack's shorts, and then the middle, before removing them entirely. Soon, Zack was clad only in his red satin boxers, his mangled shirt and shorts having been dissected and thrown under the table.

'That's much better,' said Cody, looking down at the almost-naked Zack with approval. Zack grinned weakly up at Cody, still slightly shaken, but beginning to relax. Cody grinned back, and began to rub his hands up and down Zack's exposed chest, enjoying the feeling of his brother's warm flesh beneath his palms. His hands moved randomly, yet rhythmically, over the surface of Zack's body, touching lightly here, kneading Zack's skin there, finding the folds of Zack's skin in his elbows, his smooth upturned armpits, and lingering beneath his knees. Zack shivered with pleasure and let out a sigh. Cody's hands continued to roam, touching Zack wherever he wanted, completely in control. He revelled in the freedom of it. Zack was completely his subject, and Cody could do with him, to him, whatever he wished. Caught up with the feeling the control brought, he lowered his lips to Zack's prone form and kissed him lightly all down the chest, revelling in the feeling of Zack's smooth skin beneath his eager lips. When he looked up, he saw that Zack's reaction to his gentle lips had been immediate and physical, and that there was a tent in his boxers where before there had been none. Cody had, 'til now, resisted the urge to bring his wandering hands to land on Zack's boyhood, and intended to keep it that way. Zack needed to learn that he, Cody, was in control.

Cody climbed onto the table and sat cross-legged between Zack's spread legs, his hands stroking up and down Zack's inner thighs, the tips of his fingers disappearing from view beneath the material of Zack's boxers, and then emerging again on the down-stroke. Cody's hands moulded to the shape of Zack's legs, and he stroked his brother's flesh firmly, pressing his fingers into Zack's erogenous zones, causing Zack's penis to jerk reflexively as it strained to be free of the confining material.

'Uuugh', moaned Zack, as his hands fought the cuffs which held him to the table. He was so caught up in lust that he needed to touch himself, but he could barely move his wrists. Cody smiled, watching him struggle, but making no move to assist. He simply continued to use his hands around Zack's pelvic area, never once touching the object of his desire. Finally, Zack gave up, and turned his head to his brother's.

'Cody - please?'

Cody smiled. 'No, Zack. You have to learn your lesson. I'm in charge now, and you get no relief until I decide.'

'Cody, come on - I'm so horny it hurts. Just one touch, please?'

Still smiling, Cody lowered his mouth to the inside of Zack's thigh, tracking his tongue lightly across his brother's milky flesh. Zack gasped with shock and pleasure, his hips coming completely free of the table as he thrust instinctively upwards, and remaining there until Cody retracted his tongue, which he did, slowly, enjoying the feeling of his twin's straining muscles beneath his taste buds.

As Zack collapsed, a small realisation came to him. As he had thrust upwards, his desire to stimulate himself had lessened slightly, and now Zack knew why. With his thrusting motion, he had caused the slippery satin of his boxers to slide, ever so slightly, over his sensitive cock-head, helping him to bring about the relief he sought. When his idea took hold, he suddenly began to thrust wildly, with wanton abandon, and Cody was quick to realise why. Within a second, the scissors were back out, and, with two quick cuts Zack's boxers were nothing but useless rags.

'I had hoped,' Cody remonstrated, 'that we could have done this later, when the time was closer to schedule, but I suppose what's done is done.' Barely able to contain his desire, Cody removed the pieces of satin which had once been his brother's undergarments from the top of Zack's crotch, and beheld for the first time in more than a week, his brother's erect member, harder and straighter than Cody had ever seen it before, desperate for the contact that would sooth it, pleasure it. As much as he wanted to hold it between his fingers, between his lips, between his thighs, Cody resisted. Soon, he told himself. Soon.

Cody reached down and produced a pillow, which he placed under Zack's head, raising it from the table and enabling Zack to look at Cody without the effort of straining his neck. The unrestrained brother hopped down from the table and smoothly pulled off his shirt, revealing a chest so very like the one that lay before him on the table. Then, slowly, so that Zack could see every motion, he lowered his shorts, erotically, an inch at a time, pleased that Zack's eyes moved from him not once, and his brother's penis throbbed in anticipation. Finally, Cody was clad as his brother had been, in boxers, and he climbed onto the table once more, straddling Zack's chest and stomach, his knees almost in Zack's armpits on either side of his body, his butt placed on Zack's belly button, close to, but not touching, his twin's hard shaft.

'Now', said Cody, laying himself down, chest-to-chest with his brother, still straddling him with the lower half of his body, 'you will kiss me. And you will kiss me properly'.

He brought his mouth down, until his lips were within easy range of Zack's, should he but raise his head from the pillow slightly, and Zack did, locking his own lips to his brothers', kissing hungrily. Cody broke the kiss immediately, raising his head. 'No, Zack. Properly. I don't want you to kiss me like you wish my mouth was on your cock, I want you to kiss me like there's nothing else in the world.' He lowered his lips again, and again Zack clutched at them, desperately, with his mouth. Again Cody withdrew. 'Again, Zack.' Zack tried, but he couldn't put aside the raging lust that surged through him every time he felt Cody's body move against his, and his lips would only crush Cody's as he desperately sought the fulfilling contact. Again and again, Cody drew away, and Zack was nearly mad with passion. 'Please Cody. Please!'

'No, Zack. This has to be done right. Zack, look at me.'

And Zack looked. There was Cody. His brother. His twin. Clad only in his boxers, staring down at Zack, and in that moment, Zack really saw him, his lithe body, the blond hair framing his angelic face, the curve of his shoulders, the perfectly symmetrical protrusions of flesh that were his nipples, his smile the centre of Zack's vision, and, in that moment, of his world.

When Cody's lips came again to meet his, Zack brushed them tenderly, protectively, and looked into his brother's eyes as their mouths formed to the shape of one another's lips, and they came together, as though each mouth had been made for the other, slowly at first, and then with more passion, Cody's tongue reaching out and finding Zack's, and then their tongues entwining, writhing together inside their mouths. Zack felt his heart racing and realised that Cody's penis, now fully erect, was pressing firmly against his sternum. So this is what he meant, Zack thought, and then there was no more time for thinking, nothing but Cody's lips on his, and the completeness of their need for one another.

When at last they broke off, Cody was jubilant, satisfied both that he had proved his point, and still coming down from the tremendous high that Zack's pliant lips had so recently provided. He smiled down at his brother, and Zack smiled back.

'Now', said Cody, 'you will know what it's like to be used'. With that, he swung his legs to the side, so that they dangled over the edge of the table, his butt still firmly planted on Zack's stomach, and quickly slipped out of his boxers. At the feeling of Cody's naked ass against his Skin, Zack's boner gave a violent throb, and he exhaled heavily. Cody smiled quickly to himself at this, and then he climbed back towards Zack's head, where he knelt with his knees above Zack's shoulders and his naked ass planted on Zack's upper chest. Zack had a full and unrestricted view of his brother's erect penis from a distance of eight inches, and craned his neck as far forward as his restraints would allow, drinking in every tiny detail of his brother's lower body.

Seeing this, Cody lay his land on Zack's forehead and pushed hard, forcing Zack's head back onto the pillow and said, 'Stay still.'

Zack did as he was bid.

Slowly, Cody raised his backside from Zack's chest and brought his nail-hard dick closer and closer to Zack's mouth, which was open in wordless anticipation as the eyes above it followed his brother's progress. When Cody's cock came within range, Zack's mouth seized it eagerly, and his tongue quickly found Cody's sensitive glans.

'Stop!' Commanded the dominant twin, and Zack's mouth went slack. Then Cody, still kneeling over Zack, his penis in Zack's mouth, curled one hand around the back of his brother's head, and placed the other firmly on the wall behind the prone form of his twin. Thus braced, he lifted Zack's head slightly, so that his captive brother's lips had completely engulfed his member, and then thrust forward, sinking his rod into Zack's mouth. Zack's tongue went to seize it, but Cod quickly withdrew, and then thrust again, keeping himself braced, and holding Zack's head to his cock. Try as he might, Zack was incapable of anything except allowing his mouth to be used by his brother's rampant cock as Cody thrust in and out with greater zeal. The feeling was not unpleasant, as he felt the silky skin which coated his brother's rock-hard rod slide between his lips, and Cody was not big enough to slam painfully into his brother's throat, but there was no satisfaction to be had by Zack, and he lay there, looking up into his brother's eyes, so filled with lust, the kneeling twin's gaze demonstrating the extent of his visceral satiation by his brother's unmoving mouth.

Cody continued to thrust into his brother, back arching and hips jutting with each forward movement, his smooth ass-cheeks becoming dimpled as he reached the length of his penis, and relaxing into perfect orbs as he withdrew his now saliva-slicked tool. He began to grunt as he thrust harder, little exclamations of pleasure as he pushed harder and harder into Zack, who was forced to look up at his brother's exquisite face, watch his blond hair bounce with each exertion, watch as the mouth, so like his own, contorted into expressions of animal satisfaction, unable to do anything but bear witness to his brother's pleasure.

It didn't take long for Cody, almost drunk on the feelings that coursed through his body, to approach his climax, and soon he was panting with exertion, drawing his dick all the way out of Zack's mouth and shoving it again through Zack's parted lips. He was thrusting with his whole body now, his butt frequently bouncing off Zack's chest with each backswing, the table beneath them shaking with each forward stroke. Cody's small moans reached fever pitch, and with a triumphant cry he buried himself to the hilt in Zack's mouth, penis-head pressed against's his twin's tongue, balls mashed against Zack's chin, and emptied himself all over the inside of his brother's mouth.

For some time afterwards, Cody just knelt there, penis fully engulfed by Zack's mouth, until a small sound from beneath him brought him back to himself, and he realised that his brother would likely be finding it hard to breathe. He withdrew himself from Zack, and wiped his now-flaccid cock across his twin's lips, and sat back on his brother's chest.

Zack swallowed noisily, then gasped some air back into his throat. 'Damn Cody'.

Cody looked down at Zack, and said 'Answer me honestly. Did you enjoy that?'

Zack looked up at Cody. 'Honestly? Not really. But, it was good that you liked it, I guess.'

Cody nodded once. 'Perhaps you'll think about that next time you take me for granted. Every time I do your homework, or cover for you at school, or take the blame for something that you did, I'm doing it for you, not for me. The only thing I get out of it is that you're happy.' Cody paused, to let his point sink in. 'Now tell me, would you rather we did that again, or would it be better to do something we both enjoy?'

Zack saw his brother's point immediately. 'Sorry Codes.'

Cody grinned, and gave his brother a peck on his still-wet lips. 'Thanks Zack. Now, how about we have some fun together?'

Zack smiled back, and then his grin faded, and he said hesitantly, 'Hey, do you think I could, y'know, stay on the table? I could kinda get into this.'

Cody's grin grew wider. 'Oh, there's no way I'd be letting you off here in any case. I haven't finished with you yet.'

Zack's smile returned. 'Of course you haven't.'

Cody slid himself down Zack's body until he was seated between his brother's spread legs. He noted, with some pleasure, that his brother's boner hadn't abated in the slightest, and was still reaching for the sky. Grinning at Zack across the expanse of his body, Cody slowly lowered his head to Zack's rigid dick and seized the tip between his teeth, gently, so as not to hurt Zack.

'Grrrrrrr', said Cody, in a poor attempt at anything vaguely resembling ferocity. Zack laughed.

'Hey, c'mon - Mum's always telling you not to pick at your food. Put it all the way in.' Injected Zack.

'Luckily for you, this tastes a bit better than her cooking,' muttered Cody, and slurped Zack's dick all the way into his mouth. Zack, who had been waiting for this moment for quite some time gave a huge sigh of satisfaction, which quickly turned into a whimper of pleasure as his erection was finally given what it had craved. Cody moved his lips up and down the shaft, soaking it thoroughly with his saliva, revelling in the feel of his brother's tool in his mouth. It was just so hard. Wanting to see his brother's reaction, Cody let Zack's cock come out of his mouth and rest against his tongue, where he lapped at it like a lolly pop, his eyes fixated on Zack's face. Zack raised his head to see Cody's eyes locked on his, Cody's tongue on his penis, and Cody's hair, falling all over his angelic face as his head moved back and forth, and then Zack fell back, relaxing completely, and letting Cody take him over the edge.

Cody grasped the bottom of Zack's shaft with his right hand, massaged Zack's nutsack in his left, and pushed Zack's boner as far into his mouth as he could, letting Zack's glans rub against the roof of his jaw. Then, pulling down Zack's foreskin all the way with one hand, Cody turned on the suction, locking his lips round Zack's small head and flicking the tip of his tongue across Zack's slit.

'Shit Cody that's so damn GOOD' moaned Zack, and then he was thrusting his hips up off the table, fighting the cuffs around his feet as he strained upwards toward Cody's mouth and moaning with desire as Cody's head bobbed up and down faster and faster and Zack was lost in the sound of his own groans and the light smacking sound of his butt as it hit the table again after each thrust. Finally Cody pushed Zack's ass back onto the table and mashed his mouth around His twin's dick as it spasmed once, twice, three times and Cody's felt Zack's seed enter him. Zack collapsed, the strength draining from his muscles and Cody felt his brother's organ grow limp in his jaw. He remained where he was, letting Zack's dick shrink inside his mouth, sucking lightly on it as Zack's breathing quietened. Then Cody pulled his head off Zack's crotch, and took the base of his brother's penis between two fingers, supporting it while he licked it all over, cleaning up the traces of his issue. Eventually, he was satisfied that the organ was clean, and nothing more remained to tempt his taste buds. Zack stirred lightly as his brother finished.

'Okay Zack,' said Cody, sitting up. 'I think that's enough. You appear to have learned your lesson.'

'Y'know, Cody,' said Zack thoughtfully. 'I'm not sure I have. Maybe you could show me again?'

Cody looked down and grinned. Zack was once more standing at full mast, and he'd folded his hands behind his head, gazing at Cody with an expectant expression.

'I've always said you were a slow learner,' he grumbled, and kissed Zack on the lips. 'Oh well.' He gave a long mock-sigh, and then his face lit up again. 'I suppose we'd better get started.'

Author's Note: As some of you may have worked out by now, these chapters are running in line with the episodes of the first season of the show, and the next episode in line was 'Hotel Inspector'. I really couldn't think of much that fit with it, with the exception of human-animal stuff, which would likely disgust and offend even the kind of people who are okay with under-age twincest. Therefore, I decided against it, and went with some Ilsa-inspired light bondage. However, I will add that, if anyone does want to read that stuff, I'm more than happy to write it. Let me know.

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