"C'mon, it'll be fun!" Kenny said with a grin as he pulled Craig towards the lineup to get into the club.

Craig groaned, but followed his boyfriend exhaustedly. "No it won't."

The blonde looked back and gave him a mock-pout. "We never do stuff together," he complained, "Can you at least pretend to have fun?" The group in front of them in the line turned around to look at them as Kenny pestered him.

Craig looked judgingly at the transvestites staring at them and whispered, "But does it have to be a gay club?"

Kenny roared with laughter. He nudged one of the crossdressers and pointed at Craig playfully. For drag queens, Craig noticed that they didn't look very amused.

"Lighten up," Kenny said when he regained his voice. "We won't see anyone from school, don't worry."

Craig narrowed his eyes. "You don't know that, we're right downtown! Ten minutes from campus!" They took a step forward as the line moved. Kenny looked him in the eye and took his hand. The black-haired young man nearly pulled away, but instead sighed, conceding that Kenny was likely right. At the same time, he found himself looking around, afraid of catching a classmate's eye the entire night.

When they finally reached the front of the line, Craig's heart pounded as he brandished his fake ID and Kenny showed his real one, having a few months on Craig. The bouncer eyed him for a second before letting them in.

The blonde grinned at Craig's overwhelmed-looking expression as lights and music hit them full-force. "Drinks?"

He nodded and the two made their way through the bizarre crowd (Craig was sure he'd seen a man with a parrot on his shoulder dancing with a woman with one eyebrow) to the bar.

After they ordered and took two shots apiece, Kenny dragged Craig out onto the dance floor, which was littered with sexual deviants and normal-looking people alike. They caught sight of the transvestites from the line and Kenny waved emphatically.

Kenny, as Craig was well aware, was a terrible dancer, which he evidenced shamelessly by jumping up and down, flailing his arms every which way. Craig couldn't help laughing when he tore his shirt off and whipped it around above his head, justifiably alarming many of the people around them. Craig was pretty sure he was just doing it to calm him down and keep the mood light, but he appreciated it nonetheless.

"Come grind with me!" Kenny cried over the music, pointing to a couple a few feet away who were moving against one another in a way that didn't really resemble dancing to Craig. But, seeing the excited-slash-sexy look in his friend's face, he just laughed and agreed, moving to stand behind Kenny as he ground his hips against his.

Kenny, his somewhat slutty, outgoing self, didn't hold back, one hand on Craig's hip, the other on the back of his own neck, shimmying up and down his body. Craig, unused to being gay in public (as blunt as that sounded), was much less comfortable, but with each smile Kenny gave him, he relaxed a bit more. He soon found himself gripping Kenny's torso and holding him close as they swung back and forth.

The blonde eventually stopped, not letting Craig catch his breath before he kissed him chastely. The men returned to the bar for another drink, chests heaving and brows sweaty.

"Having fun?" Kenny said as they sat down for a moment, each sipping a mixed drink. Craig gave him a half-smile and nodded.

Kenny grinned. "Told you!"

"Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna go to the bathroom," the other said, standing up and heading towards a large, neon "male" symbol across the club. He laughed to himself when he realized he was already halfway to drunk after only two and a half shots. He vowed not to let Kenny discover this embarrassing fact.

The silence of the restroom was a welcome contrast to the blasting, heart-thumping music outside. Discomfort washed over him when a muffled sound from one of the stalls made him nearly jump out of his skin. Another made him blush, realizing what the occupant(s) of the stall was/were doing.

Craig hurriedly emptied his bladder and returned to the club without breathing too heavily.

"Kenny?" he said loudly when he returned to their table and didn't find his boyfriend there. He glanced around.

Craig thought he must've been seeing things when he caught sight of a tall, muscled brunette man talking to Kenny at the bar. It couldn't be Kenny, could it? Same hair, spiked up at the front. Same too-tight "Sex Pistols" shirt, same ripped jeans... His train of thought derailed when he saw Kenny lean over to this stranger's ear. Craig stared for a moment longer to be sure of what he was witnessing before marching over there to give Kenny a piece of his mind.

Kenny didn't have time to say a word as Craig grabbed him by the arm and yanked him away from the intruder and thicket of club-goers and off to the side of the room.

He scowled and hissed: "What are you doing? Were you flirting with him?!"

Kenny opened his mouth, but Craig cut him off.

"I'm gone for two minutes and you run off to find another date?"

"Craig –"

"I didn't even want to come to this stupid club, if you'll recall," Craig continued, oblivious to the unimpressed look gracing Kenny's face. "I only came here because you wanted to!"

Craig kept talking, but Kenny tried to speak over him. "Just listen to me –"

"... probably just because he's tall, is that it? Well guess what? Five-seven is barely below average. And you know I have a hard time building muscle, it's because of my body type!"

Kenny grabbed the other man by the shoulders and shook him out of it. "Calm down," he said with a roll of his eyes. "He was watching us, and he asked me for your number, retard. I told him to screw off."

Craig was at a loss for words for a moment before turning a brilliant shade of crimson and staring at the floor.

Kenny just chuckled and ran a hand through Craig's hair. "Just relax," he said, taking his hand and kissing him. Their lips connected for a few moments before Craig's tongue subconsciously found Kenny's and danced around it. Their hands grabbed arms, necks and t-shirts for a few seconds before Craig pulled away.


"It's okay. And I'll have you know that being short is a huge turn-on for me," he said with a smirk.

Craig scoffed. "C'mon, you've only got a few inches on me –"

"Like six or seven."

The black-haired man playfully jabbed him with his elbow. "Shut up."

They exchanged another deep kiss before Kenny said, "What do you say we blow this joint? If we hurry, we can get back in time to catch the end of The Tonight Show."

"No, it's okay," Craig said, leading the two of them towards the dance floor once more. "I think I could do with some more booze and dancing."

Kenny's face lit up and he bounded into the crowd with a newfound air of confidence he didn't need any more of. Craig was content just to laugh and play along.