I couldn't get this story out of my head, so I went ahead and started it before it drove me crazy. I'm almost done with Mistaken Identity anyway.









Warnings: yaoi, mpreg, gender-bending, major Vivian-bashing

There is a female Yuugi, but it's kind of a wierd situation. You'll see what I mean in the story.

Summry: Vivian, a noble's daughter, claims that Atemu, the Crown Prince of Egypt got her pregnant and demands that Atemu marry her. Atemu knows that he did not sleep with Vivian and could not be the father. THe council has decides to wait until the baby is born to see what to do. Heba, Atemu's male lover, cannot deal with this and leaves to go back to where his twin, Yugi, is. When Heba decides to return to the palace, with Yugi and thier younger sister in tow, secrests start to come to light. THe boundaries of trusts and betrayal are crossed, and Egypt's traitors show themselves only to be forced to face the one thing that none of them want to face, the sun god Ra.

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Chapter 1- Return to the Palace

"Vivian, what are you doing in my chambers?!" Atemu demanded.

"I am here to see you, darling." Vivian purred. Vivian was obviously pregnant. She also wore a seductive look.

Atemu narrowed his eyes on her. "You have no permission to be in mud chambers." Atemu told her.

"When we are married, we will share one." Vivian said sweetly.

"Even if I am forced to marry you, there is no law that states we just share a room." Atemu retorted.

Vivian started to say something.

"Guards!" Atemu called.

Two guards, who were guarding the door to his chambers, came in.

"Yes, my Prince." one guard said.

"Why was Lady Vivian allowed in here?" Atemu asked.

"She told us that you had given her permission to enter." one guard answered.

"I gave no such permission. She is not allowed in this room under any circumstances. Get her out." Atemu ordered.

"You have no right to do this!" Vivian screamed as the guards took her by the arms.

"Release my daughter!" a male voice ordered.

Atemu mentally groaned at the male voice of Vivian's father.

"Release her. She carries the Prince's child." the man said.

"What is the meaning of this?" Aknankanon demanded.

Atemu was grateful fro the voice of his father. He turned and said, "Father, Vivian was in my chambers when she had no permission to be in them. She told the guards I had given it and let her in. I asked them to get her out." Atemu said.

"I have every right to be here!" Vivian snapped.

"Watch your tongue, girl!" Aknankanon said sharply.

"My Pharaoh-" Lord Wong started.

Aknankanon held up a hand. "Vivian, you know the laws. No one is allowed in this wing of the palace without permission. You have no permission. The fact that you were in my son's chambers was a violation of the laws. You have been told this many times, and I grow tired of you continually doing this. Guards, escort her back to her chambers. Tell the guards at her doors that she it not allowed out of her rooms for a week." Aknankanon said.

"What?!" Vivian cried.

"You have been given several warnings, Vivian. You have disregarded them all and acted in a manner disrespectful to the Royal family. Merely being in the wing is disrespectful. That is your punishment." Aknankanon said.

"Pharaoh, is this not excessive?" Lord Wong asked.

"No, and the same punishment goes to you." Aknankanon said.

"What?!" Lord Wong exclaimed, shocked.

"You, too, have been warned not to be in this wing. It is a crime on your part as well. Escort them both. You have been warned. If you do this once more, you will be forced to leave my palace. Take them out." Aknankanon ordered.

The guards took Vivian and her father out. Both were obviously angry.

Aknankanon turned to his son and said, "Atemu?"

"I'm fine." Atemu said.

Aknankanon nodded and left the room shutting the door behind him.

Atemu walked over and locked the door. He had learned that Vivian would throw open the door if it was unlocked even if she wasn't supposed to be in the wing. He figured he wouldn't have to worry about it, but he was taking no chances.

Atemu walked over, lay down on the bed, and sighed. These last six months had been hell for him.

Six months ago, Vivian and her father had come to the palace, claiming that Atemu had gotten Vivian pregnant and demanded that he marry her. Atemu had never been with the woman, but that didn't matter. The claim had been made. The council decreed that they would wait until the baby was born to see what the child looked like. If the child turned out to be Atemu's, he would marry her. Since then, Vivian and her father had been staying at the palace and annoying the hell out of Atemu. Lord Wong had been angered and demanded they be married now, but the council would not budge. They believed Atemu and wanted to see if she spoke the truth.

But the claim and the annoying wasn't the worst of it.

Atemu had had a male lover at the time, Heba. He had assured Heba that he had never touched the woman, and he knew that Heba had believed him, but a month after she started living there, Heba left. He left a note telling Atemu that he couldn't deal with what was going on. He said that he would return when he learned of the child's parentage.

Atemu knew that Heba wouldn't come back if he was forced to marry Vivian. He was very lonely. He missed Heba very much. Atemu loved Heba with all his heart and only wanted to be with Heba. Vivian had destroyed that. And he hated her for it. He had already decided that's should he be forced to marry her, he would not share a room with her nor ever sleep with her. The law stated that he didn't have to share a room with her if he chose not to, and he was determined not to.

It didn't change that fact that Heba, the love of his life, had left because of her.

There was a knock on the door.

Atemu growled. "Who is it?" he shouted.

"It's me, Yami." came the voice.

Atemu let out a relieved sigh. He stood up and unlocked the door for his younger brother, Yami.

Yami walked in, and Atemu shut the door behind him, locking it again.

Yami and Atemu, though a little over a year apart in age, could almost be twins. Both had star-shaped tri-color hair that was black, blonde, and tipped in crimson. They had lightening bolts streaks that went of their hair. They also had crimson eyes and the same sharp facial features. The only difference was that Atemu had deeply tanned skin whereas Yami's skin was lightly tanned.

"Vivian trouble again?" Yami asked.

"You heard?" Atemu assumed.

Yami nodded. "Hard not to with her screeching. Father's getting sick of it." Yami said.

"I know, buy they'll complain to the council like they always do to get out of it." Atemu said.

"I think the council is tired of it. They might not let her off so easily this time." Yami said.

"I hope so. It would be nice not to have to deal with her for a week." Atemu said.

"Are you worried that you'll be forced to marry her?" Yami asked.

"Yeah. If the child looks like her, then there's nothing to say that I didn't sleep with her, and they'll assume I did since she's saying that she did, and I'll be forced to marry her." Atemu said.

"Bitch. She's just doing this so that she can be queen when you become Pharaoh." Yami said.

"I know, and she's trying to push so I have to marry her now." Atemu said.

"How do you know? And how is she doing that?" Yami asked.

"She keeps coming in my chambers and coming onto me trying to kiss me because she wants me to react in anger and strike or something so that she can go crying to her father who will in turn go to the council." Atemu said.

"Why not just claim it like she is with her child?" Yami asked.

"Because I think they know I will call for a trial with the Millennium items. I would, and I would pass as long as I do not hit her. That's why she's trying to provoke me." Atemu explained.

"At least she hasn't succeeded yet." Yami said.

"She won't. I refuse to do anything that would give her a reason to force the marriage before the child is born." Atemu said.

"Good. She's looking desperate in the eyes of the council." Yami said.

"It doesn't matter. She's already ruined my life." Atemu said before walking outside onto the balcony.

Yami sadly watched his brother go out onto the balcony. He had known how in love Atemu and Heba were. He was the first one to find out about their relationship. He had been happy that his brother found someone he loved. It had angered him when Vivian made her claim because Atemu had been planning to ask Heba to marry him. It had been a hard blow for Atemu when he learned that Heba had left without even saying good-bye. Yami had spent many sleepless nights in his brother's room, holding him ad Atemu cried for his lost love. Atemu was certain that he had lost Heba for good.

Yami himself had wished that he would be able to find someone that he could love as Atemu and Heba loved each other. He, too, preferred men as his brother did, but had never found someone that he could truly love. It pained him to see his older brother constantly in pain over this.

Yami glanced up and said, 'Ra, please. Send us a way to end this nightmare. Please let Vivian be shown for the liar she is. Let the council see that Atemu did not impregnate her. Let Heba come back so that they can be happy again. Please grant this request. For my brother's sake.' Yami thought.

Little did he know, his prayers would be answered.

"Heba, you need to do this." Yugi said to his brother.

"I can't, Yugi. I don't want to risk it." Heba said.

After leaving the palace, Heba had taken refuge with his twin brother, Yugi. The two looked exactly alike. Both had star-shaped, tri-color hair like Atemu and Yami although their lacked the lightening bolt streaks and their hair was tipped in amethyst, not crimson. They had gentle, child-like features with big, round, amethyst eyes. The only difference, like Atemu and Yami, was that Heba had deeply tanned skin, though slightly lighter than Atemu, and Yugi had only slightly tanned skin, a little lighter than Yami, making him look almost pale.

"Heba, you can't hide it forever." Yugi said.

Heba looked up at his brother. Heba was also pregnant. He had the ability to have children as women did, though the reason he was able to was a secret. A month after Vivian had arrived and made the claim, Heba had found out that he was pregnant from Isis, one of the priests who held the Millennium Necklace and the palace healer. He didn't know how, but Vivian found out and threatened him, saying that's he would have him and his baby killed if he didn't leave. Fearful that she would carry out her threat, Heba had left and returned to his brother in a small village.

"Heba, Atemu deserves to know that you are carrying his child. The moment he hears, he will make sure that Vivian does not harm you." Yugi said.

"I know he would, but I don't want to chance it. Besides, would the council believe it?" Heba asked.

"I think this is a clear sign." Yugi said, patting Heba's enlarged stomach. "Besides, Priestess Isis will back you up." he added.

"I know." Heba said.

"Hi!" a cheerful voice said.

Both turned to see their younger sister, Mana, in the room.

"Hello, Mana." Yugi said.

"The other children won't let me play." Mana said, a little sadly.

"Come here." Yugi said.

Mana went over and got in Yugi's lap. She was only six.

"People don't always accept you, Mana, and you have to learnt o ignore it." Yugi said.

"I know. I wish I had someone to play with." Mana said.

"Go on upstairs." Yugi nodded and headed upstairs.

Yugi turned back to Heba and said, "Heba, Atemu needs to know. You know that. He is the father, and he needs to know he does have a child. We both know Vivian lies. Atemu will know you speak the truth." Yugi said.

"I know, Yugi." Heba said. He looked up and said. "Will you come with me?"

Yugi smiled. "Mana and I both will." Yugi said.

"Okay, but there is one thing, and I don't know if you're going to like this." Heba said.

Yugi raised an eyebrow. "What?" Yugi asked.

* * * * * *

"This is outrageous! There is no need, Pharaoh!" Aman, a councilman, said.

"I feel that it is necessary." Aknankanon countered.

"My King, what have Lady Vivian and Lord Wong done to have you forbid them from leaving their rooms for a week and have guards posted?" Sereth, an elderly councilman, asked.

Sereth was completely loyal to the Crown and believed Atemu when he said that he did not sleep with Vivian, but knew that he had to keep the option open.

"Lady Vivian lied to the guards at Atemu's doors and told them that Atemu had given her permission to go into them, which she did not. She was there when he returned. She was not even allowed in that wing of the palace, as is her father. They were there against orders. They had been told countless times that they were not to go to that area of the palace. It is blatant disrespect as they have been told numerous times. I could not let this time go unpunished." Aknankanon said.

"As the mother of the Prince's child, it her right-" Aman started.

"Alleged child, Aman. There is nothing to say Atemu si the father nor is there anything to say that he isn't. It is alleged. Also, you know that the law states the even if they are married, Atemu can forbid from entering his chambers. She had no permission, and she is no more special than any other guests." Aknankanon said. It was a warning not to say that Atemu was the father just yet.

"The Pharaoh is right. Both have disrespected the Crown far too many times since they refuse to stay out of the east wing." Horhay said.

"Indeed. They have been given no special privilege to go there." Noran added.

Atemu was getting sick of this. He hated the woman, but knew he couldn't say that to the council.

"Pharaoh, a week is excessive." Aman said.

"Do you condone disrespect toward the Crown, Aman?" Aknankanon demanded.

"No, sire, but-" Aman was cut off again.

"Then stop speaking of it. A week it is, and I will not change it." Aknankanon said.

The entire council knew that that was the last word on the matter.

"Of course, Pharaoh. We understand." Doran said.

"Good. The matter is closed. Lady Vivian and Lord Wong will not leave their chambers for a week. If they do, they will be forced to leave the palace for disobedience." Aknankanon said.

The meeting was over with that since it was about the punishment they were given.

Atemu walked down the hall with Yami.

"Happy?" Yami asked.

"No. Not really." Atemu replied.

Yami felt sadness clench him again. He knew that Atemu would not be happy again until he had Heba back. 'Ra, I pray that you will send Heba back soon.' Yami thought.

"I think they deserve it." Seth remarked. Seth was Yami and Atemu's older cousin. He had short brown hair with ice-cold blue eyes.

"Don't say that out in the open." Yami hissed.

They all knew that Vivian and her father had spies within the palace, so they had to be cautious with what they said.

The three entered the lounge to find five others in the room.

Jou was a dirty blonde with honey brown eyes. He was Seth's lover.

Bakura had wild, pointy white hair and dark brown eyes. His skin was also white. He was a priest who didn't go to the meeting.

Marik was a platinum blonde with lavender eyes. He had deeply tanned skin. He was also a priest.

Ryou looked like Bakura although his hair was less wild and his eyes were more of a chocolate brown and were gentler. He was Bakura's lover.

Malik looked like Marik with less wild hair. He was Malik's lover.

"Problems?" Marik asked.

"You know that you should have been at the meeting." Seth growled.

"All it was about was the bitch and her father. We know they're confined to their rooms for a week." Bakura said.

"Yeah. We'll be free for a week." Jou added.

Jou, Ryou, and Malik were all personal servants to their respective lovers and were angry when Vivian ordered them to do something for when they were obliged only to do as their masters ordered. It was something else that Vivian was lectured on constantly, although she never cared.

"Bet you're glad, Atemu." Ryou said.

Ryou, Malik, and Jou were familiar with Atemu and Yami and would call them by their names in public, with their permission of course.

"Not really." Atemu replied before walking out on the balcony.

"No better, huh?" Malik asked.

"No. You all know that he's been depressed since Heba left." Yami said.

"It's so sad. Atemu and Heba were so in love. Everyone in the palace thought that were the cutest couple." Ryou said.

"Until the bitch came in and ruined it for them. I still think she said something to make Heba leave." Bakura growled.

Marik and Bakura had grown up with Atemu, Yami, and Seth and hated what Vivian had done when she tore Atemu and Heba apart.

"Let us hope that the baby looks like its real father. Vivian can't force him to marry her then." Seth said.

"I pray for that everyday." Marik stated.

"Anything we can do to help him?" Jou asked.

"Not unless you have a miracle that will bring Heba back to the palace." Seth remarked.

Sadly, none had a miracle.

They would soon learn that they didn't need it.

"I cannot believe that I allowed myself to get talked into this." Yugi muttered.

"Come on. It's not that bad." Heba said.

Yugi shot him a glare. "Yes, it is." Yugi said.

Mana giggled.

The three were heading back to the palace.

Heba was determined to fight for Atemu. He wouldn't lose him to Vivian, and he would go trough the council of he had to. After all, he did have something on his side that Vivian didn't. Something more powerful than her lies.

Hope that you liked it.

Next chapter is about Heba getting to the palace with Mana and Yugi. Things will get interesting.