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Kim Possible - Force of Justice

By LJ58

Kim Possible was the girl who could do anything.

Except watch the execution of her greatest rivals.

Sure, she had more than her share of enemies, but after Drakken and Shego thumbed their noses at the pardons offered them after helping save the world just two years ago, the pair went on to become even more of a threat than ever. Considering some of Drakken's past antics, that was saying something.

This time, she was there to take them down in the heart of Texas when they tried to amplify an unknown fault line to literally split the continent in half, intending to use it as a warning to those that would not bow down and admit he was the greatest evil genius ever to draw breath.

That distinction had become even more important to the loopy scientist since he had ended up saving the world, and being hailed as a genius. (Not an evil genius. Just the ordinary kind). It had, Kim suspected him, drive him truly mad. Which for Drew Lipski was really saying something.

She and Ron managed to stop them, as always, but not before they caused a lot of damage, and killed a lot people.

Their Texas trial was short, and to the point.

The pair both got death sentences.

Considering who they were, the governor asked her and Ron to be present during the execution to ensure nothing happened. No last minute breakouts. No sudden rescue attempts by their less savory peers. Nothing but a nice, orderly execution.

Betty volunteered her presence when Kim had stalled. The feds and GJ didn't even try to step in this time. They let the pair face the jury, and its verdict, without a word.

Now, she was standing in the back of a small, but very crowded observation room trying not to look to where they were strapping a whimpering Drew Lipski into the blocky electric chair with just ten minutes before his scheduled execution time.

Kim knew Shego was out there behind the heavy door somewhere. Her time scheduled just twenty minutes after Drew's death.

"You okay, KP," Ron asked quietly, knowing she wasn't.

"Not really," she admitted, ignoring the murmuring around her that essentially mocked, and taunted the grim scenario about to take place before them. "Why can't they be just put back in jail. Or something….."

"You might not like it, Kim, but it is justice. They were found guilty."

"You….condone this," Kim asked her longtime friend she had dated for two years before a cordial breakup when they realized that while they were very close friends, they just were not ready for something more intimate. Or permanent.

"Sometimes, the bad guys deserve to die, Kim," he told her firmly, that part of him that had become an implacable, and very capable ninja showing in his usually soft gaze.

"Amen," a woman came over to stand beside them. "I figured you would be the first person in line to pull the switch," the graying brunette who was in the media asked suggestively as she eyed Kim.

"I like to think there is always some hope for the worst of us," she shot back. "In case you don't remember, it was two years ago they helped save this entire word."

"And it was just two weeks ago they tore a hole in the middle of Austin, and killed thousands," the woman huffed, walking off as she muttered about bleeding heart liberals.

"Any last words," they heard the warden ask as the minutes ticked off.

Kim turned toward the blue-skinned man that looked paler than usual, and almost comical with his head shaved for the electric chair.

"Can't we talk this over," Drakken asked more like a boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar. "I mean, it's not like I actually succeeded in doing any real damage. Of course, if I had, you would all be bowing to me now, and really……."

Kim groaned.

"He never should have been declared competent," she heard someone remark as the warden glanced pointedly at the clock.

"No appeal," the now less than formidable scientist asked as he looked to the guard with his hand now on a wide lever like one of those in his own lab.

"Not in this state, boy," the warden drawled, glancing at the large clock. "And if the gov'ner don't call in….twenty seconds, you're toast."

"But I don't like toast," Drakken wailed.

Kim's jaw clenched as the warden nodded, and she couldn't help but look into the man's eyes as the guard threw the fatal switch, and the man convulsed as lethal current flowed through his body, overloading his nerves, and shutting down all his vital organs.

The five second pulse seemed an eternity to Kim who couldn't help but moan herself as she turned from the sight of a literally smoldering Drakken now slumped and sagging in the chair. The others in the room applauded as the doctor came forward to declared Drew Lipski, AKA Dr. Drakken, dead.

"I can't do this again," she said as she turned from the sight of them dragging the body away. All too soon, Shego was brought into the room after the chair was cleaned and prepped for its next victim. It took five guards to put Shego into the chair. That was with four others standing back using tasers to help, and that on top of enough narcotics in her veins to put ten women down. Were it not for the plasma-resistant cuffs Shego wore that Kim had Wade make in the first place, they wouldn't have stood a chance.

It didn't set well with her that she helped do this to her longtime rival, once her heroine. Her role model.

Even after all this time she still didn't consider Shego truly evil.

Misguided, hedonistic, and greedy, yes. But not truly evil. If she were, she would have been the evil genius that masterminded the overthrow of free nations. And knowing her, she could have done it, too. She could have taken over, or come very close, if she had ever once put her mind to it.

That wasn't Shego's style. She tried to explain that to the jury.

No one listened.

"What's wrong, Princess," that voice drawled from the small speaker. "Can't face your handiwork?'

She turned to look at Shego sitting where Drew had been just ten minutes ago. The bravado was still there, but she could hear the difference. She could hear the fear. See it in her green eyes as they locked on her.

The warden looked up at the clock as the guards finished strapping her into the chair.

Nine minutes to go.

"I'm sorry," she mouthed to the woman, her eyes brimming with tears.

Shego's green lips turned down. Devoid of makeup and dye, even her hair was green. Her exotic look didn't set well with the conservative jury out for blood. Her trial took less time than Drew's. The sentence, however, was the same.

She had to admit, she couldn't doubt the woman's courage and spirit. She faced the witnesses without whimpering. Without batting an eye. She just glared.

Kim almost jumped out of her own skin when they reached the three minute mark.

Not because of the time, but because a familiar chirp on her left wrist. She lifted her arm as several of the state witnesses glanced her way. "Not a good time, Wade."

"I think it's the perfect time. Listen, Kim, I was running some scenarios on what was going to happen at the executions……

"Don't ask," he sighed at her expression. "But trust me. You can't let them electrocute Shego. You have to stop them."

"I don't have that kind of authority."

"I know, but I can't get in touch with anyone else that will listen to me right now. But I'm telling you, Kim, that if they try to fry her…..imagine a nuke going off in the middle of Texas."

Kim's jaw dropped.


"Never mind. You have ninety seconds. Stop them," Wade hissed.

She looked up at Shego who had her fists clenched, her pale green face taut with tension.

Eighty seconds.

She rushed to the window, Ron at his side, and lifted gestured to the warden. "Mr. Yankes," she told him urgently, pronouncing it Yon-keys, as was proper. "I just heard from my….friend. He told me we can't execute Shego."

"Miss Possible, I respect your opinions," the man said as he glanced at the clock. "But in less than a minute….."

"You're going to create a nuclear blast if you try to do this," she warned him, and Shego's eyes locked on her, rounding incredulously herself at what she heard.

"What are you talking about?"

"I don't know the details, but my friend does. We don't have time….."

"Let me guess," the white-haired warden drawled. "You little boy genius."

"He's fifteen, and he has four doctorates," she told him.

"It doesn't matter. A jury found her guilty.

"David," he nodded at the guard, ten seconds to go on the clock.

"You have to listen to me," Kim shouted as those behind her began to murmur loudly.

"Damn it," she swore, and slapped her Kimmunicator. Almost instantly, the nannite-driven battle suit formed around her maturing body that had grown in the past few years, and she didn't hesitate to drive a glowing, blue fist through the thick safety-glass even as the guard reached for the lever.

Shego looked his way, and then her head jerked back toward Kim along with everyone else as she burst through the observation port even as the lever came down. Shego screamed at the first burst of electricity, and began to glow a violent green as Kim grabbed the main electrical line to the chair, and pulled mightily. Kim heard Ron shout something to her, but couldn't hear anything but the raw crackling energies all around her.

She screamed herself as her defense shield came up belatedly trying to hold back the surging current as Shego's green flame exploded around her, searing the leather bonds, and the two men left in the chamber as anything flammable charred and began to burn.

Kim fell back, the electrical feed thrown aside, but Shego was still swelling with dark emerald energies.

"Ron," she shouted over her shoulder as she saw the warden and the executioner had fallen unconscious, their bodies badly burned after only seconds of exposure to the green flames. "Get those people out of here!"

"On it," the blonde shouted as Kim dropped her shield, and stepped forward to jerk a nearly unconscious Shego from the chair.

"This is so going to hurt," she moaned, already feeling the searing heat as she pulled Shego into her arms, and raised her shield again to better protect the people outside even as the interior of her energy field began to heat up, and she felt her skin tingling unnaturally as she dragged Shego away from the chamber so the doctor could get to the injured men.

"I need a sealed room. Now," she yelled at one of the gaping guards as she pulled Shego along with her, shielding them with her own body as well as her energy field.

"Now," she screamed as one of the men saw her trademark battle suit starting to decay as if unseen moths were chewing away at it. Her exposed skin was already red and raw, and looked not unlike she had a severe sunburn.

"This way," a younger guard shouted, and ran down the long hall to open one of the isolation cells.

She staggered after him, hearing the screams and shouts beyond as the people realized what they had overheard was real, and things were obviously serious.

She dropped Shego into the center of the dimly lit room, and stared at her Kimmunicator that was already starting to melt, too. She doubted it was a good thing she wasn't feeling any pain just then. It was more than likely her nerves were already all fried. "Lock us in," she told the man at the door. "Do it," she told him, knowing she had to try to contain as much of the raw energies still bleeding from the woman's body as possible, or there could still be a lot of people hurt.

"And evacuate this area."

"Yes, ma'am," the guard said grimly as he shoved the heavy, steel door closed on her as she hoped her shield lasted long enough to keep everyone safe until Shego woke up and regained control.

She was pretty sure she would wake up. She had felt a heartbeat. It was ragged, but it was there.

The woman had survived a lot of things over the years. Hopefully, a three second burst of electricity would be just one more impossible scenario she managed to overcome. She dropped to her knees, hearing the telltale crackle of her own energy field fading as her suit's power drained, and began to seriously char.

She knew once it was gone, her everyday clothes wouldn't last long.

"C'mon, Shego, wake up. Wake up," she shook her as the energy field sputtered once. Twice. And was gone.

The battle suit was history, and it melted like wax in a hot oven as Kim tried to crawl away as her body faltered. She ended up on her hands and knees, and then flat on her face. Then she was just rolled over, and she looked up at Shego who was looking at her with a genuinely shocked visage, smiling sadly at her as she tried to pull off the molten metal from her wrist which was all that was left of her gear. The woman was still surrounded by a shimmering nimbus of green energy, but it wasn't quite so dark, or so bright. Even as she looked at it, the aura was fading.

"Princess," she rasped, staring at her with a grim expression. "You saved my life."

"No…..big," she smiled. Or tried, since her eyes now felt like they were burning, and that really hurt. Then everything went black.


Ron stared into the room where the woman he still loved as his dearest friend lay wrapped up like a mummy. IVs and wires covered her slender body, and the faint chirp of monitors filled the air as he fought tears he knew would do little good just then. If only they had listened. None of this would have happened.

That guard wouldn't be dead.

The warden wouldn't be in intensive care, and not expected to make it either.

Part of the prison had been evacuated, and the entire wing had been quarantined after they found radiation levels around death row were off the charts. Even GJ's best and brightest couldn't deny that Shego had been less then ten seconds from going critical. It seemed her energy powers were unlike her brothers in more than one way.

If she lost control of them as she almost had in that particular manner, they could and would spike, and literally explode.

Just now, Shego was now being held under federal authority, locked away in a special cell Wade helped design to hold her, and contain her plasma energy. At least, as well as it could be contained. The fact that it had taken out Kim's special suit still bothered him. True, she had been inside the defense field, but still, he had thought his suit had been better made than the old Centurion Project he had tapped to improve and create the battle suit.

Meanwhile, Kim hung on by a hair.

Even the doctors were shocked that they found her alive. Every inch of her skin was gone. Burned down so deeply that while she might not be in pain, she was still severely injured. The radiation didn't help, either. Even her mother couldn't give her much hope. Everyone was literally sitting around waiting for Kim to die.

Ron forced himself to walk through the door.

"Hey, KP. It's been a week. Don't you think you should be waking up," he asked, trying to be casual. "You did it. You pulled it off.

"And half the country is demanding the death penalty be abolished nationwide.

"Kind of late for Dr. D, but Shego should be happy. Well, she should be just because you saved her."

He stood over the heavily bandaged woman who had yet to move since they dragged her out of the containment cell with Shego. He had gotten everyone out in time so there were no problems there, but more than a few guards, and several of the inmates on death row ended up needing treatment for radiation poisoning. The execution chamber itself was filled with slag, the equipment inside literally melted to the stone foundations. It was a wonder anyone had made it out of there.

He was just glad Rufus had been home with Hanna, where he stayed more than ever these days. Even with his own share of mystical monkey power, he was getting old, and he would not have survived the radiation any better than the people he had just managed to get out in the nick of time.

"Kim," he sighed, sitting on the chair need the bed. "I can't imagine anything worse than this right now, but we've come through so much. You just gotta make it. You gotta," he told her quietly.


He turned to look at the woman in blue with a patch over her right eye.

"Dr. Director," he stated grimly, not altogether happy with seeing her. She had not taken Wade's call, and could have stepped in to stop this disaster if she had just listened.

"We have a situation, and we'd like your help."

Ron's lips turned white as he bit back his initial response.

"I know how you feel, Ronald…."

"No. No, ma'am, you do not," he told her bluntly. "So don't even go there.

"Just tell me what you want."

"It's Professor Dementor. He's started creating more of his mutant dogs to terrorize the population in Bavaria into proclaiming him undisputed ruler of the nation. Frankly, my agents aren't good enough to handle this kind of thing without a lot of casualties. We were hoping you would lead….."

"Consider it done," he nodded as he rose to his feet, his hazel eyes shimmering with a faint blue aura. "But next time Wade tries to contact you….."

"I understand, Ronald. But even I'm not on call 24/7."

"That's not the impression you gave KP," he shot back as he looked back at her.

"I have a jet standing by for you. As well as a strike team of my best men."

Ron said nothing as he walked past her.

"Well, that went well," Will Du said as he walked into the room after Ron had left.

"Is the medical team ready?"

"Containment and support are all standing by," he nodded. "We even have a suitable body type matching hers ready for the switch."

"Do it," she nodded. "Just make sure none of her family or friends are anywhere near the room when you do."

"I've got two teams on surveillance standby alone," Will assured her. "In fifteen minutes, they won't even realize she's gone," he said, lifting his radio to call in his people.

"This is Commander Du. Operation Phoenix is go. I repeat, Phoenix is go."

To Be Continued………..