Abby's POV

I watched in Horror as Ziva fell. I wanted to run forward to catch her but I was still restrained. I saw Gibbs silently take aim and shoot Deidara in the back of the head, an instant kill shot. Deidara was the last of them. The ground was soaked red with blood and Ziva's body lay, as perfect as ever in the middle of the carnage. I felt the ropes round my wrists loosen and looked up to find Tony untying them. When I tried to stand I fell but Gibbs was their to catch me.

"Abz. It'll be O.K. You'll be O.K." I wanted to believe him. I wanted him to tell me that it was all a dream and all I needed to do was wake up. But we both knew that I wasn't dreaming and that Ziva was actually dead. I sobbed into Gibbs shoulder, unable to stop myself. When I looked up a saw Kate stood next to Ziva's body, motioning us over. I walked over, holding Gibbs hand not wanting to let go.

"Abby. Tell Sasuke. I love him." Said Kate before she did some of those weird hand signs and she fell to the floor. I felt the tears welling up again. Not only was Ziva dead but Kate was to. I looked down at their body's, willing for them to get up and tell me that they were only joking. As I watched I saw Ziva's finger twitch slightly and her chest rise.

"Z-Ziva?" I asked hesitantly. Her fingers twitched and her chest now had a steady rhythm.

"Kate must have done the same Power that brought her back." Said Tony, coming and standing next to me. I just nodded, before kneeling down next Ziva and taking her hand

"Zi Sweetie. It'll be O.K. Your O.K. now. You'll be fine." I said, stroking her hair with my free hand.

"Let me see her. I'm a medic." Said Sakura, stepping her way over the dead Akatsuki members. I moved slightly but still kept hold of her hand, not wanting to let go. Sakura placed her forefinger and middle finger of each hand against Ziva's temple and closed her eyes. After about five minutes Ziva's breathing was steady, but she still hadn't opened her eyes. Sakura drew back.

"She's fine. She's just in a coma. Oh and one more thing. She's pregnant."

Emziiee-xxx: Well that's it for this story. There will be a sequel eventually. And I know I'm evil for ending it like this but I thought I would give you one more cliff hanger in this story. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it

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