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Author's note Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me – they belong to Stephenie Meyer – except Anastasia.


We were at the airport. The sky a perfect cloudless blue. My passport was out, my back bag was packed and my patience was thinning.

"Will you hurry up?" I called

They completely ignored me holding each other as if they were never going to see each other again. As much as I loved this city I did not want to be standing in an airport forever watching my half sister and her boyfriend snogging.

My mother took this opportunity to ask, for the thousandth time "You don't have to do this"

I turned to her and put a smile on my face for her benefit "I want to go" I lied. I was a bad liar which was annoying because my sister was a great one.

"Well" she said uncertainly "Tell Charlie I said hi"

"I will" I promised

"I'll see you soon – I'll come right back if you need me" she said and I got the increasing feeling that she was trying to buy time. She hugged me and looked at my sister but it seemed unlikely she was going to get a hug from her.

"Don't worry about us we'll look after each other" I urged and she turned to go walking away.

I turned to my sister who still had her hands around her boyfriend's neck.

"Anastasia will you get a move on!" I shouted

They didn't look at me and then I heard a click of heels hurrying towards me again "Oh Bella really you don't have to go you can come with us-"

I shut my eyes and looked at her "Please mom I'll be fine honest" I growled through gritted teeth then turned and screamed "ANASTASIA COME ON!!!"

It was a four hour flight to Seattle, flying doesn't bother me too much but Anastasia was worrying all the way, not about herself though.

"Do you think Zarbien's alright?" she said clearly forgetting she'd already asked me four times already

"He'll be fine, cats fly in the luggage compartment all the time" I assured

"Yeah but he's not an ordinary cat" she said running her fingers through her long raven black hair

You can say that again I thought

"Look we're only going to be flying for another hour, he can handle being in a cat cage for that long" I said

"Yes but he's hates being a tiny cat and he really hates cages" she said miserably

I sighed "Anastasia you cannot take lions on an aeroplane"

"I know I know" she nodded then started unbuckling her seatbelt

"What are you doing?" I asked grabbing her shoulder

"I'm going to see if he's alright" she said standing

I dragged her down "They will not let you in the luggage compartment" I growled

"They'll have to" she said determinedly "I can take care of anyone who gets in my way"

I stood up to "Anastasia if you go in there I will...I will kill you" I ended lamely

She just stared at me but sat down and tapped her fingers for almost an hour. It was annoying but it was better than her trekking to the luggage compartment

Eventually an airhostess came over "Are you alright miss?" she asked

Anastasia looked at her "I'm perfectly fine" she said and then tilted her head and moved her hand in a spiral gazing into the airhostesses eyes

The airhostess looked dazed and stumbled away.

"Why d'you do that?" I asked

"I heard them down there they think I might be on drugs" she said wearily

I looked down to the other end of the plane at the group of nervous looking airhostesses raised my eyebrows and fought the urge to laugh.