This is the final chapter and kind of an epilogue at the same time.

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me – they belong to Stephenie Meyer – except Anastasia and Zarbien


Things had only been getting better recently. Sometimes I could still scarely believe I was dating a vampire and my sister was okay with it. Well, okay might be a bit of an exaggeration but not killing him was good enough for me.

We'd returned to school, me and Edward. Both of us pretended to be completely normal, normal lives, normal relationship, no knowledge or magic or anything of the sort. And as it turned out Anastasia wasn't the only the one not best pleased by our relationship, Mike in particular had overnight gained a serious dislike of Edward. Charlie wasn't ecstatic either but I suppose that's what all father's are suppose to be like.

Charlie had been taking some serious hits recently. Anastasia never came to school and now with my full consent to perform magic in the house, when she wasn't vanishing off to see her friends she was wrecking the house. This meant Charlie had to be out of it. Still I didn't regret my actions, if I hadn't accepted to her terms she would have killed Edward.

My life seemed to orientate around him now. Anastasia had given me the 411 about how to make sure he didn't get his way with everything. It rather made me laugh.

She was still holding Edward at fault for 'kidnapping' me as she put it and allowing those vampires trying hunt me down and kill me. He was far from disagreeing with her. This meant I had rules that hadn't existed before, curfews and visiting hours. It was all very strict but I didn't care to much, it wasn't like I often left the house after dark. As I said before the percentage of the forest's magical population came out at night.

His family were still rather cool towards me after all the trouble we caused but Esme was almost back to her usual overly kind self and whilst I was at Edward's house Alice had approached me and tried to dress me up with makeup and expensive clothes. When Anastasia saw me afterwards she looked what could possibly be defined as disgusted and said I looked like a sleazy Barbie doll then made Alice take it all off. Oh well, I hadn't cared, in fact I'd privately agreed.

Edward had tried to take me to the prom calling it a surprise. However naturally Anastasia had forced him to tell her first. Then she'd told me and I automatically refused to go. Didn't he know me at all? He'd attempted to talk me into it but Anastasia had blasted him out the door saying that if I didn't want to go I didn't haven to go. So that was the end of that discussion.

Throughout my life I'd always been freaked about my future but honestly I was concentrating on the present, the future would unfold itself, I'd deal with it when it came. At this point I was living in the now and thoroughly enjoying it. Still that did not mean I'd want to go so far as go dancing with my balancing skills.

Jacob Black had made an appearance. I was startled, he must have grown a foot and a half since I'd last seen him. He had a message or rather a warning from his father to stay away from Edward. But I was past warnings by now.

Neither Anastasia nor Edward seemed best pleased at his appearance. I just smiled away there distasteful looks. I knew there would always be friction between them but found it didn't matter too much. As long as I had them both, as long as I could love them both, then it really didn't matter how they felt towards to each other. I would always be complete with them, always and forever.

By Zara Ross

The End