A/N: This is a story that I got inspired by with my own life. Only the part from when they are 8 to 12 happened to me and one of my best guy friends. Hope u guys like it.

Summary: This is the story of an 8 year old Bella and an 8 year old Edward. They fall in love when they first see each other. (Don't criticize me because they are too young! May I remind u this happened to me well the part through 8-12 and we are still perfectly happy) They lost their virginity to each other when they were 14 and were married the day Bella turned 18.


I got out of my father's car with my fishing pole in hand and small bait box in the other. This was my first fishing trip with my father and Chief Swan; I was looking forward to it.

My father and I made our way down the pier towards a boat. I saw Chief Swan on the boat and a girl was standing behind him. I stopped in my tracks and stared. She was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen. She had long brown hair that curled at the ends with the deepest chocolate brown eyes.

My father noticed that I was staring at the girl and knelt in front of me. "Son, I know she's a girl and you don't want her to come. But I promise you might change your mind. Hmm…if it bothers you that much, I can ask Charlie to take her home?" My father placed a hand on my shoulder. I tore my gaze from the girl and looked at my father.

"Dad, you can take Alice and even my best friend Jasper, but Daddy please don't take the girl," I whispered and I looked at the girl again, she blushed and looked away quickly. My father laughed and led me to the boat.

"Hey Carlisle! This must be Edward." A man with thick dark hair approached my father.

"Hello Charlie. Yes, this is my son, Edward. Edward this is Police Chief Charlie Swan. So how's the new job?" my father asked, handing Charlie our equipment to put in the boat. I couldn't take my eyes off of her as she stood behind her father.

"Great. I heard about the new position at the hospital. Congratulations." Charlie shook my father's hand. "Oh, this is my daughter, Bella. She just moved back here along with her twin Emmett. He's home sick." Bella hid behind her father and looked at me.

"Well hello sweetie. Is this your first time fishing?" Bella nodded and hid behind her father again. "This is Edward's first time, too." I hid behind my father embarrassed, knowing that she'd never like me.

I timidly said, "Hullo."

Bella smiled, "Hi." Her voice sounded like bells. I smiled back and she blushed and giggled.

"Well, let's get some fishing done," Charlie said.