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Chapter 1 : I'm Marianna

It was a very sunny, peacefull day in Shin Makoku. 15 years passed already since the defeat of Big Shimaron and founding the ‚Shin Makoku alliance'. The countries were prospering, progress was stagning. One could say that it was the beginning of a very peacefull era. But nobody knew that among this peacefull era an emergency council was held at the Blood Pledge Castle. And it was during this council that a guard knocked on the door and announced something that should change the lives of everybody in the castle.

As the knock sounded His Majesty the 27th Maou Shibuya Yuuri answered with a slightly surprised „Enter." A guard stepped in.

„Sir." He saluted.

„What is it?"

„There's a lady who wants to speak lord von Voltaire."

Now everybody was surprised and eyes turned to a now red Gwendal. „Did she say a name?"

„No sir."

The king looked at his Chieff of army questioningly. Finally Gwendal nodded. „Let her in." The guard bowed and left the room. Two seconds later a girl entered. She couldn't have more than 15. Her hair was curly and black, barely touchiing her shoulders, falling to the side as she inclined her head to great His Majesty properly. Her facial features looked familiar as she raised it and skyblue eyes scanned the room. And as those eyes rested on him, something struck Gwendal. The girl approached him. For the first time she spoke, her voice spotting a slight accent. „Are you lord Gwendal von Voltaire?"

Gwendal decided to answer her, since he didn't feel any danger coming from her. „I am." Those skyblue eyes lit up and a wide grin spread across the pretty face. Who was this girl?

„And you? Who are you?"

„Well," the girl said. „I believe I'm your daughter."

And it crashed upon Gwendal as he finally realized whose features he saw and why those skyblue eyes struck him. The room was dead silent, only the girl rambled on: „My name's Marianna Gurrier-Weller von Voltaire. I now it sounds ridiculous but my mother refuses to tell me" she didn't get to finish the sentence as strong arms embraced her and her father held her tightly to his chest. „You're back..." she heard the hoarse whispered words barely containing the emotions raging within them. And suddenly warmth spread through her entire body and with a small smile she returned the embrace. Even if it was kinda awkward since her father was one and half head larger than she. But still, as she felt her father embracing her, happiness engulfed her and it was as if she knew him all along. And even if the embrace ended, her father didn't let go as his eyes smiled at her.

„How come you're here, how's your mother?" He asked, conference long forgotten. But he smelled something suspiscious as his daughter looked away and began fidgetting.

„Well, you see...Mommy, ah, how to put this..."

Another one in the room found his voice and as she turned her head to see the source of it, she saw a man with honeybrown eyes and long chestnut hair speaking: „Marianna, does your mother know you are here?"

„Well...I did leave a note..."

„You run away?"

„Well, if we play the semantics game..."


It was then that a horse with two riders rode up the hill to the Blood Pledge Castle.

„Stupid brat!" the man shouted. „I have my reasons for not telling her anything! She wasn't supposed to find out, not like this!"

The gates came into sight and as the guards spotted them, they crossed their spares. „Wait! State your name and subje" but as they recognized the man sitting on the horse, their speech abruptly melted into a „WHAA?"

The man beloved, while passing the gates: „I'll explain later!" and didn't bother to head to the stables or jump from the horse.


„How could you do that?" she turned back to her father, who looked aternly at her. „Do you know how irresponsible that is? Didn't you think about how worried Yozak will be?" it took he one and half seconds to realize who Yozak was. She was used to calling him ‚Mommy'. She looked away. „Well, I didn't but...he refuses to explain things, always saying he'll tell me when I'm old enough. I'm 15! And I want to know..."

„I'm sure he would've told you. He has surely his reasons." Said again the brownhaired man with a voice which held no strictness, but nonetheless Marianna felt it somehow. But being the rebelious nature she was, she bluntly ignored it.

„But I want to know...Besides, it isn't like I didn't tell where I'm going. He probably followed me anyway..."

Sure enough, sudden shouts and the sound of a galloping horse echoed through the halls. They stilled right outside the room and a second later the wooden doors flung open. „WHERE IS SHE?!"

Nobody moved. Nobody spoke. Nobody blinked. Even breathing stilled. Standing there, looking like a raging god, was an orangehaired man with skyblue eyes and with a strong-build, masculine body, but an almost feminine face, which was all-too-familiar to the occupants of the room. And as soon as he laid eyes on Marianna, he marched in, hurrying towards her. He grabbed her wrist and raising one knee he bend her over and gave her one big spank.

„You stupid girl!"

„Maa, I'm not 10!"

„But you certainly behave like it!" he pulled her in front of him and looked her right into the eyes. „Do you even know how worried I was?! After coming home at midnight hour and finding a note that said you ran away?!"

„Well it's your own fault not telling me anything!" she shouted stubbornly.

„I said I'll"

„tell me when I'm old enough, I know! Well, I consider myself old enough!"

„Couldn't you wait a few more months?! I wanted to tell you when you'll reach 16! I didn't want you to find out like this!" Yozaks voice was something between strict, angry and desperate.

„I told you Yozak does things with reasons behind them." A soft voice sounded and Yozak turned his head sharply. „Shut up Weller. This doesn't concern you."

„Weller?" the voice of his daughter sounded suddenly very soft and with a shock he realized what he had just done. Weller, his second name. So he couldn't be blood related. He could be the son of one of his parents, while Yozakw as the illegitimate one. But he once told Marianna that he was the only child. And Marianna was intelligent enough to put 2+2 together. And judging by the looks on her face, she did.

„Busted..." was all he could say.

„Was this what you didn't want to tell me?" her blue eyes were burning fiercely that Yozak asked himself when did things go wrong? „That you were married while you slept with my father?"

Yozak almost sighed. ‚Didn't tell me, didn't tell me'. He hated repeating himself. „Wrong. I wanted to tell you. Just a few months later. Only you couldn't wait."

„That doesn't make a difference! You lied to me!" Oh now she was angry. And in her anger got everything wrong, just like always. Yozak already knew the behavior patterns of his daughter well enough to know what she thought and felt. But that didn't mean it didn't bother him.

„I didn't. Just didn't tell you everything. But I planned to do it later." His voice and eyes were sincere, he meant it. He really wanted to tell her everything later. He believed things had their time when they come in and when they pass or go. ‚Take things as they come.' There was no need to rush them. It only brought a mess. Prime example right here.

„You still didn't tell me." Her anger was gone, only sadness remained. And this time, she was right.


„Marianna...I believe it's not your place to judge it." Suddenly a soft voice sounded and everybody turned to Conrad. „You weren't there, you don't know the details."

The anger returned in one instant as Marianna turned sharpply to Conrad. „Shut up! You have nothing to say to me!"

„Marianna!" Yozak called sternly at his daughter, but was interrupted by a more reasonable voice: „But he is right." The attention turned to Gwendal.. „It happened, so all we can do is deal with it."

Yozak smiled at Gwendal in thanks and a tense silence silence filled the room for a minute. Nobody spoke, nobody moved, their eyes were on the floor. Yozak could feel the burning curiosity, already heard the several tousand questions, but there was also reluctance to ask. Something held them back and he had a guess what: They were unsure. Unsure of what to say and what not, what they could do after such a long time. Behave like nothing happened and he was here all those years? Jumpf from joy over his return? Or shuttung him out, showing him that he wasn't a part of them anymore? They had those 3 options (though he really could put away the last). The silence and tense atmosphere remained for an endless minute until a polite cough sounded and everybody jumped.

„This family reunion is very touching, but I think that Cabalcade has priority." Said the Great Sage, and turned to his Majesty. „Don't you think so too, Shibuya?"

Yuuri let out an embarassed laugh. „Hai..."

„But we still can't continue until the piece of information arrived." Said Günther in an annoyed voice. Everybody missed the short exchange of looks between the King and the spy and the glint that the glasses of the Great Sage made. They only saw the mischievous smile of Yuuri as he spoke. „Well...I believe that the piece of information just arrived..."

Everybody in the room (besides the Great Sage) blinked twice, then averted their gaze to the sheepishly smiling Yozak. „I wanted to send my report two days ago but...I got disturbed." He sent another stern look to his daughter, who looked defiantly away. The gasps he simply ignored.

„Hai...the information..."

„Ah, yes." Yozak sighed. „We assumed the right thing. Cabalcade strenghtening their army isn't for nothing. From what I found a revolution against the Cruyff family is being planned."

„What?!" Yuuri stood up.

Yozak nodded sadly. „From what I picked up, their reason is that the Cruyff family joined the Shin Makoku alliance too quickly and without hesitation and that's bordering dictatory."

„But that's 15 years away!" shouted the King with a disbelieving voice.

Yozak sighed again. „I know. And that's why I think that that's only their pretence. What I think is that they're uzurping the throne."

„Why would they want to do that?" asked Günther.

Yozak shook his head. „I don't know. The worst thing is, that they're terrorizing the whole country, because everybody likes the Cruyff family and nobody wants to revolt against them. They rape, they plunder, they kill, they abduct little children, even babies...It's terrible there." His voice went from sad, through angry to one of deep hatred. He clenched his fists and in his eyes was something that went very deep. Anger, hurt,...and Conrad knew. He knew what his husband had to go through in his childhood. So to tear him out of that rage, he asked: „Do you know something about that group?" Sure enough, Yozaks eyes cleared.

„No. They're hiding very well. I know only their name: They call themselves ‚Royalty'"

„Royalty?" Wolfram asked taken aback.

„Royalty. Though, they behave like soldiers of Big Shimaron, or bandits. Pick one. There isn't much of a difference." Yozak snarled.

„So, what do we do now?" the King asked the question of the day and everybody looked somewhere else. Nobody knew. Yuuri sighed. „Well, we need to stop it. We have to help Cristo Cruyff san. How about we send some of our soldiers"

„Absolutely no." The voices of Günther, Gwendal and Yozak sounded together and Yuuri sweatdropped. Murata sighed. „They're right, Shibuya. That would be the perfect occassion for them. They claim that the whole thing was because of our alliance. Sending our soldiers would be the perfect opportunity to demonstrate their power and righteness of their actions."

„But we have to do something!"

„We can do it secretly." Everybody turned to Günther, who said this in a slightly hushed voice. The atmosphere in the room changed, because everybody felt the hidden implication and what it meant. Yozak sighed. „It is possible. There are a few leaks."

„I suppose they're tiny, judging the face you make." Everybody turned to Marianna with surprised looks on their faces. They completely forgott she was here too. She didn't seem as defiant as before. Looks like she inherited the charcteristic of not dwelling too long on certain things. Yozak sighed again and nodded. „Tiny, but they're there."

„How tiny?"

„Remeber Bandarbia?"

A nod.

„Ten times worse."

„I'll help you." He voice was determined, but Yozak won't have any of it.

„No." He said strictly. „It's too dangerous."

„But I'm good, you said that yourself!" there was the stubborness again. But that stubborness went with the wish to help. Figures, she had to inherit it from whom. Maybe that was why Yozak made a face as if he bit into an exeptionally sour lemon. He knew that she felt the need to help him and he knew how it felt not being able to do so. But still... „Not that good."


„You're not going and that's final." A fierce glaring contest started, neither of the opponents wanting to give up. But every contest has a winner and a loser and as it was clear who lost another look was shared – one of deep hatred and Mrainna marched out and shut the door behind herself with such a strenght that it actually trembled for almost half a minute. Fran, who stayed silent until this moment spoke quietly to Yozak: „I'll go after her."

The man nodded. „Please do." Then he turned to his Majesty, while Fran left the room, and made a deep bow. „I sincerely apologize Heika."

Yuuri only waved his hands frantically. „Please don't! Marianna is in puberty now, right? It's okay for her to act like that."

„Well, I still didn't slam the doors of the Maous office shut."

As if on cue everybody turned to the other parent, who had a light red ting gracing his cheeks. Conrad was only smiling. Muratas glases glinted. Wolfram looked confused, Günther questioningly, Yozak thoughtfull. Yuuri sweatdropped. „What you don't know..."

Gwendal caughed. „Cabalcade." Everybody turned hastily away, embarassment written over their faces. „Cabalcade." Conrad caughed.

„Cabalcade." Wolfram nodded.

„Cabalcade." Günther agreed.

„Cabalc" almost said Yozak his agreement, but then he realized the awkwardness of it. „oh for the love of!"

Yuuri sighed. „I think it's time to finish this..."

„I agree with Shibuya." Said the Great Sage while collecting the papers. „We're all tired and some of us have important things to do, ne, Yozak?"

„You didn't change Geika."

„I can only return that compliment."

Yozak snickered. „Why, thank you..." he scratched the back of his head. „I think I really should look for Marianna. Not even Shinou knows what she is destroying..." he headed for the door, but as he heard his name he turned back. „Yes Geika?"

„It's good that you're back."

Yozak could only smile. „It's good to be back, Geika." And with that he left the room to look for his daughter, afraid of what he would find on his way to her.


So, first of all: Sorry if it sounded too rushed or something. I wanted to put in some of the tension about Yozaks return and Gwendal-Marianna, but with her appearence and the council there, it was a bit of difficult, so sorry if it didn't feel like that. I'll put it in in the next chapter. Hopefully.

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