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The Love of the Mother

The news of Yozaks return spread through the castle like wildfire. Everywhere he went, he heard whispers and felt eyes on him. Everybody knew he was there and he couldn't but feel depressed by it. He was used to being unknown, undercover, hidden. But right now he couldn't feel bothered by it, since he was looking for his little ‚Miss Brat', angry and concerned at the same time. Though he didn't know if it was the concern for her, or the sympathy for others that kept him almost frantic. After 15 minutes of search he met Fran, who looked just as frantic as he. „Have you found her?!" he asked, but she only shook her head. „No. I can't! Where could she have gone? Yozak, you know it here – where could she be?"

Yozak shook his head. „I know it here, but she doesn't."

„Alright, let's go through with this: roof."

„The first place I looked at."




„Double check."

„I checked the kitchen and probably every other room that is in the castle. Where is she?"

„Where would a 15 years old miss brat go, after being rejected....If I was in her situation where would I go..." Yozak looked around, looking for nothing in particular, only for an inspiration of sorts. Then it hit him.


„Excuse me?"

„Her father."

„Lord von Voltaire? But he was still in the office when she stormed out. Though he looked like he really wanted to go after her..."

„She could sneak into his office. It's quite easy, I've done it a few times."

„Lead the way."

But just as fate loves it, they came across none other than the aforementioned von Voltaire heir. „Gwendal!"


„Marianna isn't with you?"

„You still didn't find her?" Concern was evident in those deep blue indigo eyes, but the voice stayed neutral as ever. It was only now that Yozak saw, really saw the man again after years and sadly, he noticed that he looked old. The wrinkles were deeper and grey streaks were more than evident in his dark hair. But the thing which really showed the age, was the look his eyes held – the one of a tired, old man. Yozak vaguely wondered if he was the cause at least of the half of it. „You look like shit." He breathed out, without holding back. But judging by Gwendals reaction, he already knew that – he was completely unphased by it. „I know." And as a look passed between them and their eyes met, Yozak was certain that yes, he was the one and only cause – he took his daughter from him. And suddenly he felt very, very sorry. And it looked like his eyes reflected that, because suddenly Gwendal smiled. As much as a mentally wounded Gwendal von Voltaire can smile. „You on the other side look good."

Yozak scratched the back of his head. „I manage..." as long as ‚Miss Brat' doesn't go on rampage, he added mentally. Then he remebered something. „Ah, I haven't introduced you yet. Gwendal, this is Fran. She has been helping me to raise Marianna. I met her coincidentally while I was travelling with Marianna. Fran, this is Gwendal, Mariannas father." Fran bowed her head while lifting her skirt, bending down in her knees a bit, bowing to the lord. „You Excellency."

Gwendal simply took her hand and kissed her palm, making her go deep red in embarassment. „Thank you for taking care of my daughter and helping to raise her." It took only a few moments for the embarassment to leave her face and she grinned like a cat who found her prey. „What a catch! So charmant and intelligent. Why did you ever leave Yozak?" Gwendal went beat red. Good thing it didn't show that much on his tan skin.

Yozak sighed. „Sometimes I wonder about that too..." Fran giggled.

„But we should really look for Marianna now." Yozak said. „Before anything bad happens."

„I'll help you." Yozak looked Gwendal deep into the eyes and apparently found what he was looking for when he nodded.

Meanwhile the seeked person had nothing better to do than to sit in the flower garden, admiring the most beautifull flowers she has ever seen, even if she didn't know a single one of them. A shadow fell over her and she looked up to see Weller standing there, holding a watercan, smiling just as nicely as she saw him smiling in the office. It drew her mad. „What do you want?!" she snapped at him. The smile didn't falter. She almost went crazy. „Nothing in particular. Only to wet the flowers."

„Hn. Do what you want." She looked defiantly away, not intending to speak a single word with that person. But that still didn't stop her from watching him. He had chestnut-brown hair and warm, honeybrown eyes. His smile was soft and his exprpession serene as he wet the flowers, gave them what they needed for their living: Water. And her curiosity won the better of her as she scooted closer and asked: „Hey...Do you know those flowers?" He cast a sideway glance at her, his smile never changing, only something flashing through his eyes, but too quickly for her to distinguish it. Then he looked back at the flowers and his eyes rested on a yellow one. „Beautifull Wolfram."

„That one?"

„Yes. Mother breeds them and she gave them the names of her 3 sons. That was until she began breeding flowers for other people. For example the one resembling the Sunflower is ‚Filled with Yuuris Naivite'."

„Yuuri? The Maou?" Conrad nodded. „The blue one is called ‚Conrad stands upon Earth'."

„Conrad..." something in her eyes moved.

„That one is ‚Secret Gwendal'."

Her eyes widened for the tiniest bit after hearing her fathers name. She looked over the flowers once again, while Conrad talked. „You know, there is no meassure for the love mothers can give their children. I believe that every mother wants the best for them, even if it doesn't show always. Sometimes it looks like she...or he in that matter, abandoned them. Sometimes as if she/he betrayed them. But behind it all, there's only love and the need to protect the kids."

Marianna listened and thought about it (not that she would ever admitt that), while looking over the different kinds of flowers untill her eyes stuck on one. „Hey...and that orange one? The one with the skyblue streaks."

Conrads smile softened a degree. „Ah, that one...I believe it's called ‚the Love of Mariannas Mother'." This time her eyes widened considerably and she stood abruptly up, as if realizing something very important she forgott. „I have to go." But she didn't move. She wanted to say something more, but couldn't. She was scowling and her eyes were travelling over her surroundings. Conrad almost laughed and wondered if it was Gwendal or Yozak he now saw. „It was my pleasure." He answered her unsaid statement with a smile. She turned at him with fierce eyes. „Asshole!" Conrad chuckled silently to himself. She spends too much time around Yozak, he thought. Well, speak about the devil...

„Marianna!" Yozak shouted as he run towards her.

Marianna turned sharply. „Mommy..." she said in a weak voice and run towards him and threw herself onto his neck, while he hugged her tightly to his chest. „Marianna..."

„I'm sorry..." Yozak only shook his head in a ‚it's alright, baby' matter, never letting go of her. But he did notice the person standing a few meters behind her, wetting the flowers as if nothing on the whole earth happened. And since Yozak was the one who taught Marianna put 2+2 together, it was no problem for him to do so. Blasted Weller, he thought. Once you talk with them, you change 180 degree. And Conrad was no exeption. Damn that guy, he was the Weller-prototype!

Conrad noticed Yozak watching him and smiled at him his ‚Weller-trademark- I like you even though everything and you can never kick me away because I'm so damn annoying and never give up' smile, as Yozak once started to call it. Oh and damn, was it annoying! But the most annoying thing on it was, that it always made Yozaks heart flutter. And his damned husband knew that. Who ever said Conrad Weller wasn't a sadist, was a fool. And he was handsome, which was another weapon he used against Yozak shamelessly. Had used, Yozak reminded himself. He had. Yozak belonged now to somebody other.

He let go of Marianna and they looked at eachother and smiled. „Come on. I'll intorduce you to everybody. I'm sure they're burning with curiosity." And that somebody other had priority now in his life. His daughter has his full attention now, his daughter held his whole heart, his daughter lit his day up. Everything else came after her. And he would be damned if he didn't let Weller know that.

Marianna nodded eagerly. „Yes! But Mommy, will you wait here for a minute? I forgott something in the office." She winked and just like that she was gone and Yozak could only stare behind her, wondering if he taught her too much. And Frans proud smile didn't help either. And as she nodded slightly towards Conrad he couldn't bite back the resigning sigh. He looked to Conrad and noticed that he resigned from wetting the flowers to watching them. And deciding that it wouldn't hurt, he approached his husband.



They stood in front of eachother, meassuring the other by his movements, looks and breathing, until Yozak spoke: „You grew your hair out."

„I did. Yuuri kept pestering me, saying this suited me more."

„It does. You look younger." And more like your father, Yozak added in his mind.

„Thank you." Conrad smiled and looked at Yozaks head. „But I see, I'm not the only one."

„It's easier to style my hair this way and I look more feminine."

„Goes with the job I see. Well, you don't get an argument from me. It suits you."

„Does it?" It was a rhetorical question but Conrad answered it anyway. „Yes."

Silence was between them for a moment. This time Conrad broke it. „She looks like you."

„I know." Yozak smiled.

„She has your movements and quirks too."

„At this point I beg to differ. Sometimes she reminds of Gwendal so much that it makes me shudder. You know, the ‚Gwendal-face'." The ‚Gwendal-face' was another term he set in use. It was easier to imagine it this way.

„Ah, that one...She looks like she would have it." Conrad chuckled. Marianna was the type who would make at somebody a scary face to get what she wanted. Yozak sighed.

„She grew well." Conrad stated.

He smiled. „She did. I'm happy about it, you know. Sometimes it's hard. But we manage."

„I'm glad to hear that."

Their eyes met once again, skyblue and honeybrown and something sparked. A remedy of the past flashed between them and suddenly Yozak felt like on their 1st date. „I missed you." Conrad breathed. „Oh, how I missed you..."

Yozak didn't move, didn't speak. His body was frozen to the spot and his lips trembled as if waiting for something. He felt Conrads scent and hiis senses remebered it. The smell of work-out sweat, green tea and Cheri-samas flower garden filled his nose and he vaguely remebered that before she bred those flowers, he smelled of lavendel instead.

„I missed you too." He heard himself whisper. But before anything could happen he heard the sounds of running and just as he turned around, he saw Marianna turn the corner. „I'm back!"

She jumped in front of her mother, a wide grin spread on her face (Yozak learned long ago not to ask) and saluted: „Miss Brat Marianna Gurrier-Weller von Voltaire is ready for her introduction!" Yozak felt tempted to ask, but on the other side, he wasn't sure he wanted to know. His daughters moodswings were nothing new. It was only their causes that made him sometimes worry. But this time he let it slip.

„Fine, baby." He patted her head. „Let's go." She gave him an annoyed look and smacked away his hand.

„Maa, I'm not 5 and I'm not a baby!"

„Hai-hai. Let's go." He repeated and took his daughter by the hand. Needless to say, she struggled like her life depended on it. „Maa, let go..."

Yozak only smiled into himself as they walked together inwards the castle. Miss Brat, indeed.

Marianna sighed as she stopped strugling. It led to nowhere, she couldn't win against her mother. But she still went with him because she knew, he would always stick around.


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