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So they meet

The first place where they went was Gwendals office and luckily enough they found Günther there too.

„I'm telling you Gwen, it'll be" he didn't get to finish his sentence as a mess of black hair appered in the doorway. „May I come in?"

Gwendal sat up straight, looking startled, scared and happy at the same time and Günther smiled, nodding. „Of course Miss Marianna." So she did, Yozak and Fran right behind her. Yozak spoke: „I know that you already met, but I want to do it properly, so...Gwendal, Günther, I'm introducing you my daughter, Marianna. Marianna, this is your father Gwendal von Voltaire and his husband Günther von Kleist." He decided it had no meaning to pretend. She knew already the half of the truth, so he might as well tell her the rest.

Marianna jumped. „What?!"

„Well, at least I assume it..."

Gwendal nodded. „Yes, we're still married. And it will stay that way." Günther smiled at Gwendal and Yozak noticed that his hands rested on Gwendals. Marianna looked less happy.

„Don't tell me that you too..."

Gwendal sighed. „Please sit. I think it's time to explain a few things to you." If it was somebody else (even her mother) Marianna would have turned on her heels and slammed the door. But this was her father. Her father whom she craved to meet for 15 years. Whom she was finally able to meet. So she summoned all her self-restraint and sat down. But she didn't restrain herself from putting on that scowl (Yozak still called it pout) and defiant rebellious face of hers. Gwendal massaged the brink of his nose. He was a good strategist but he sucked at explaining. He let always Günther take care of it. But this was his job, he knew. Then why was it that Günther started speaking?!

„Look miss Marianna," (enter a snort from Yozak) „Things were difficult and complicated back then. And I know it was my fault that started it."

„Günther." Gwendal said, but all he got as response was one light squeeze of his hand.

„Shush. Anyway, it wasn't long that his Majesty appeared and almost everybody was head-over-heals with him. And at the head of them was I and Conrad. And in all of the admiring I completely forgott whom I promised myself to." At this point Gwendal couldn't hear it further. Since everything happened, Günther was constantly blaming himself and as soon as he got one of his Heika-fits, he fell to his knees as begged Gwendal for forgiveness. He hated it. Günther has changed and he hated it. So he cut him off. „Either way, neither of us, and I mean your mother and me, talked. Neither of us said a word and neither of us went to our respective husbands. And as Anissina gave me one of her drinks – remind me to warn you about her, Yozak got pregnant. That's the whole story."

„You forgott that part where I have been neglecting you and Conrad was neglecting Yozak." Günther added pointedly and Yozak could only agree. „Yeah. And the part about me behaving like a stubborn ass and not letting Conrad near me after he practically begged me to spend time with him."

Gwendal sighed. „Long story short: We made mistakes. One which we should regrett and to a certain degree we do. But how could I regrett something, which brought something as beautifull to the world as you?"

Yozak gaped as those words left the lips of his past lover. Gwendal von Voltaire said that? Yeah, sure, Yozak knew that he was a mushy, sensible type, only hiding behind that gruff mask, but he never heard him say those things aloud. ‚For his littl egirl everything' Yozak remebered the words he thought back then very clearly and it was only now that he expierienced what meant for Gwendal ‚everything'. Günther only clasped his hands together and with tears of joy in his eyes (one of the Günther-expressions, Yozak noted) he exclaimed: „Anata! That was such a wonderfull thing to say!" Gwendal went red and Yozak startled. ‚Anata'...he remembered calling that Conrad a long time ago. After they got married and ‚captain' didn't feel appropriate anymore. He shook the thought of. He could deal with it later. Instead he watched his daughter closely. Her face was hidden by her hair. One of the expressions he dreaded. He never knew what would come. „So I'm..." Shinou no...that voice was...Yozak had a tenth of a second to panic. „Just a fling!"

The shocked expressions mirrored Yozaks panicked one. „ABSOLUTELY NO!" he screamed and everybody turned to him. „Say that again and you'll get the beating of the century!" It didn't help that he saw tears in those skyblue eyes, as she turned to him with a shocked expression on her face which resembled so much his. „Don't ever dare to speak so low about yourself! If you speak like that, you defy everything I went through to have you. All the troubles, the misunderstandings,...Did you ever realize that I abandoned everything for you? Because I loved you over everything? Because I couldn't bear the thought of you being hurt and unhappy? Have you ever considered how much I want to protect you and have you unharmed at my side? That I would sacrifice everything in a blink of an eye, without hesitation?" he took a deep breath and kneeled down in front of her, so they could be on eye level (AN: Marianna is sitting, remember?) „So listen closely: Such a wonderfull girl could never be a product of a fling, or an abomination. And I'm sure that nobody in this world sees you as one. Got that? So please stop that weeping, I hate it. It makes your eyes all puffy and red and that's completely unbeautifull on you. Smile again?" And just like that, he had a pair of arms thrown around his neck and held a shaking form. He smiled. He loved holding his daughter in his arms, knowing her safe and alive. Certain wounds went deep after all. The shaking stoped and with a deep breath, Marianna let go of her mother, rubbing her eyes. „Sorry, something got into my eye..." he chuckled. „I'm sure..." she grinned at him, but it faded to an unsure expression. „So...?" and Yozak knew in an instant what she wanted to ask.

„I and your dad liked eachother. We were close friends, or something like that. We understood eachother. We helped eachother. We consoled eachother." Mariannas grin returned and she bounced over to her father, throwing herself onto him. Surprised at first, Gwendal caught her only on instinct, but as soon as he realized that it was his daughter clinging to him, breathing against his sking, warm and alive, he hugged her tightly to himself.

„Welcome home..." Günther silently whispered and Yozak silently agreed. He already forgott that he left his heart here back then and everybody knew, that home is, where your heart lies. Then Marriana turned to Günther and made one of her ‚pseudo-Gwendal-faces'. It kinda reminded Yozak of Gisellla. „I still don't like you." Günther made the ‚Rinji-face' and Yozak laughed. Oh yes, she inherited his stubborness, no doubt. Behind him Fran chuckled. Apparently, she completely agreed with him. And as Yozak watched them, he decided that the introduction to the others could still wait a bit.


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Anyways, ‚Anata' means litteraly ‚darling' in japanese, but is used rather by wedded people or those who are seriously going out, or engaged people. So you basically say it to ‚your chosen one'.