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Of Troubles and Love

It has been only a few days since the arrival of mother and daughter to Blood Pledge Castle and everything was upside down. The whole castle (read: the woman population) was chasing the two newly appeared persons. Cheri-sama wanted to hug her granddaughter, Greta (wo was already a grown woman) wanted to be the big sister, Anissina wanted to ‚analyze the miracle' (upon hearing that Yozak snatched her up and rode off for a whole day), Gisella wanted to take a look at her (after all she saved her, Yozak still had to thank her for that) and only Shinou knew what the squealing maids would do with her. Truth be told, the first time Marianna saw the maids (who were back then running to her, making squealing noises), she turned sharply around and ran. Yozak thanked to everything that could be thanked to, that she had his survival instincts, not Gwendals. The thought of what was going on behind closed doors when he was with Anissina made him shudder. And judging what happened before the pregnancy (it involved Anissina, Gwendal and a drink), he had every right to. So he thought it for very understandable when she ran into the room and locked the door behind her quickly. Yozak saw now why Gwendal had that grey hair. Having to be constantly on alert because of a few crazy woman... And it was true that Yozak was never in his whole life so on alert as now. Everywhere in this castle were dangers waiting for his little girl (scratch the Miss Brat for now) and he would be damned if he let any of it come near her. And for once in her life, she listened to him. Apparently, Anissina had the same effect on her as she had on her father: The first time Marianna spotted that woman a big shudder ran through her body and she took a step back, her face tense. Another Gwendal-face to add to her collection. Though, she still behave like a little bitch (no offense) to Conrad and Günther, much to Yozaks dismay. Sometimes he wished that she would put at least the half of the things she put into their drawers into Anissinas lab. Some of them were really wicked... Such a terrorist... But to everybody else she was like an angel. She always helped, she smiled, she joked, like a little sunshine. Her constant mood-swings gave her mother a headache, really. And the time she called Shinou a queer only because he made her a compliment (admittedly, in his quirky Shinou-ish way)...Yozak would never forgett that. Though he still asked himself if it was the Great Sages laughter, his speechlessness, or Shinous dumbfounded look he would never forgett. And her meeting with Wolfram resulted in an inferno. The only one whom she had respect for was, surprisingly enough, His Majesty. When Yozak wanted to have a break, he simply went to him. Given that Wolfram wasn't there. Yozak only asked himself how she would act towards Nicola, Hube and El after they arived.

Hube has been called over on Yozaks wish, because of the recent happenings in Cabalcade. He was strong and he had expieriences in sneaking into underground organisations. In other words: He was perfect to be supporting Yozak on this mission. Heika also invited his wife and son (AN: I have also thought that El is a girl, but then I found out that she is a he. But I also found a version where he's a girl, but I decided I'll go with the boy-version. You'll see why. But if you have some objections, I'll make it so that he had another kid and that was a son) who should be around the same age as Marianna. That could be troubling since Marianna despised every male who couldn't fight and every male who wouldn't fight a girl. And while he was sure that El not only knew how to hold a sword, but also how to use it, he had a bit of doubt that he would fight a girl. He just prayed that the castle (and maybe some of the occupants too) would survive it. He couldn't help it, he was pacing around Conrads office (he decided to come to him since his husband was the only one whom he could snap at), bitting his lower lip.

„This won't end well. What should I do? She'll kill him!"

„You worry too much." Conrad smiled. „Drink some tea, it'll calm you down." He offered him said tea in a teacup and Yozak snapped at him (what he basically did for the last half an hour.) „You don't understand the gravity of the situation!"

Conrad sighed and drew deep breath to repeat himself once again (a thing he has been doing now for half an hour), when somebody knocked. „Enter." A guard stepped in. „The Majesty wants lord Weller and sir Gurrier-Weller in his office."

They exchanged looks and shrugging, headed to the Maous office. Everybody was already there and the Majesty greeted them „There you are. I thought that we could do something productive while waiting for Hube and his family and sumarize what we know for now."

Yozak nodded. „Sounds reasonable."

„Wanna start?"

Yozak sighed at that sweet smile. Even though His Majesty face matured a bit (AN: imagine 20 humans age), his smile stayed one of a blasted adorable brat. „Yes, Heika. So, we know tha there is a group which calls itself Royalty, planning a revolution against the reigning family in Cabalcade, probably uzurping the throne. And while at it, they make the people there suffer."

Heika nodded. „Anything else?"

Yozak started to shake his head no, but then he suddenly remembered something. „Oh. I probably didn't mention it, but I met Adalbert."

„Adalbert?!" His Majesty exclaimed.

„Yeah. He said he sensed a good fight so he came to check it out. But for that, he really found liking in repairing roofs..." Yozak smirked.

„Adalbert? That handsome guy with that cool sword?" Mariannas voice sounded and Yozak almost sighed again. „No. The blond guy who told you he doesn't fight with girls."

„You mean the arrogant macho whom I kicked into the ass?" Gwendals eyebrow twitched.

„Excatly that one. The handsome guy with the cool sword was Alford."

„Ah yes!" The twitch was more visible this time.

„You met Al too?!" Yozak looked at His Majesty and nodded. „On Bandarbia, but that's another story. He's a handsome man now. He still wants to fight you captain." Yozak smirked at Conrad (Marianna snorted here, which Yozak plainly ignored) who smiled back. „I told him he can come whenever he will."

Conrad nodded. „It'll be a pleasure to fight him. If he's at least like his father it'll be a very good fight."

„I'm sure..."

Then a knock sounded and a guard stepped in and announced: „Your Majesty, Geigen Huber Brischella and his family is here to see you."

Yuuri stood up a smile on his face. „Let them in."

The guard did as told and suddenly there stood Hube, with his wife, who spotted now a few wrinkles (Yozak remembered with a pang in his chest that she was human just like his mother was too) and a young handsom man with short brown hair and brown eyes. He was dressed in simple elegance, a sword, which Yozak could tell was good and sharp, dangling on his side. The family bowed in unison. „Heika."

„Hube, Nicola, El, it's good to see you. Please come near. As you already know, Yozak and his daughter are back too. Please let me introduce you. This is his daughter Marianna."

They all expressed their polite greetings, while Marianna bowed too and then Yozak died seven deaths. El stepped forward and bowing deeply he took Mariannas hand and kissed it gently. „It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Marianna."

For a tenth of a second Yozak was torn between restraining his daughter, admiring the guys braveness, waiting for what would happen next and strangling the guy himself. He prepared himself for the inevitable, but nothing happened. His daughter just stood there for several moments, frozen to place (it seriously didn't help Yozak stop panicking) and then something unexpected happened, which Yozak would mark as the miracle of the century: Instead of strangling the young man, Marianna blushed and uttered a small „The pleasure is on my side, mylord."

Yozak almost fainted. But as he noticed the expressions on both Gwendals and Hubes faces, he decided that this wasn't the best time to do that. His rescue came in the form of a reserved and always ready Conrad Weller.

„Now," (everybody jumped, for the atmosphere in the room started to become tense) „that everybody's here, why don't we start to plan how to help the Cruyff family and the people of Cabalcade."

Muratas glassed glinted. „I completely agree with sir Weller. Lord von Voltaire would you be so kind and explain to Hube-san the situation?" Double twitch.

„Sure." And with a few words he explained to his cousin what was happening and what he was needed for, while Hube listened, nodding on the end. „I see." Then he turned to the Maou. „Your Majesty I'm always ready to be at your service."

Yuuri smiled and nodded. „Good, now that it's settled, why don't we start to discuss the details and uh, leave the uh, young people to, eh know eachother?"

Three pairs of blue eyes (skyblue, teal and indigo) focused on him, the looks dark. Yuuri laughed nervously. „Or rather not?"

„Why, I think that's a wonderfull idea!" the Great Sage exclaimed and the dark looks turned to him. He bluntly ignored them. Yuuri admired him for that braveness. „You can go too, lady Nicola, if you wish. I'm sure there are more exciting things to do than listen to military talk." He winked at her and she returned it conspirationingly. „Sure Geika." She turned to leave, while Marianna and El were already hallfway out, their fathers (and one mother), stared darkly at them, respectively with twitching eyebrows, gritted teeth and a dark frown.

Conrad chuckled while the Great Sage muttered something about „Young love", at which Gwendal let out a low growl.

„Anyways, the details..."

The three remaining parents turned to him, albeit reluctantly, forcing themselves to think about Cabalcade, the revolution and new troubles making their way to Shin Makoku. Now which kind of trouble was it to worry about more?


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