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Drastic meassures

It has been a full week that the Brischella family arrived at the castle and a full week that Yozaks headaches increased and Gwendals wrinkles got deeper. Neither of them liked the thought of their ‚little girl' growing up. And moreso if ‚growing up' meant ‚young love'. And it seriously didn't help that they were showing their obvious affections. So on one n ioce day Yozak spent in the Maous office, planning to stop a revolution, Yozak came to the conclusion that he desperately needed to get out. „And so we should..." the words died in his throat as he heard the laughter of his daughter from outside, accompanied by a deeper, manly laughter. „We really should..." it was meaningless. And judging Gwendals face, the older mans attention was nowhere near too.

The king, seeing this, had to sigh. „Maybe we should all take a break."

„My deepest apologies Heika." Gwendal said and Yozak silently agreed. They were really loosing their professionality. But only the tought of Marianna out there with a boy...His Majesty seemed to understand that.

„It's ok, it's ok." He smiled.

„Shibuya is right. We all have our duties." Said the Great Sage with a glint of his glasses and Yozak didn't dare to ask what that meant. But the Great Sage had obviously other plans. „Ne, Yozak?" Sadistic bastard.

Yozak smiled sweetly at him, countering with a ironic remark of his own. „Observant as ever Geika."

His Highness smirked. His Majesty sighed exasperatedly. „You guys..."

„I'm going to some tea." Günther announced and stood up. Gwendal simply nodded and sank into his chair, exhausted. And as Yozak watched him closely, he really looked old. Deep wrinkles on that once handsome face, wrinkles which Yozak warned him about. But as soon as that thought crossed his mind, he kicked himself as hard he could. He didn't have the right to think things like that. It was his fault at all that the man looked like he did. But his eyebrows rose as he saw his still-husband approach his brother and he began massaging the tense shoulders. Suddenly Yozak felt left out. He realized that many things happened in the castle he didn't know about and apparently the two brothers were close again. But then again, it only seemed natural. Without him as a distraction there, they found a way back to eachother again. They were brothers at all. He made a mental note to ask about that later. He caught Geikas knowing eyes staring at him with a smile on his face. It was kinda reassuring. It was only then he noticed His Majestys absence.


He was a Maou. An as a Maou he felt obliged to solve problems. Especially when those problems involved people he considered his friends. He wasn't dense not to notice the looks Yozak and Gwendal gave EL as soon as he and Marianna looked at eachother. Hubes face was basically the same, only he looked at Marianna. And as the fiance of such a person his fiance was, he felt he was a pretty good love advisor. Though, Gwendal still did twitch when he said that aloud. Nonetheless he felt like this was one of the times he should ignore his chieff of staff and follow his responsibility. So, upon seeing the two youths laughing together, he put on his ‚father of all' smile and approached them. „Hey there, you two."

„Hello, Heika." Said El and Marianna simply bowed her head. They both looked questioningly at him, waiting for what he had to say, but he found that he kinda couldn't find the words. „So, uh, how are you two doing?"

„Thank you, good." Answered El and Marianna simply said: „Just fine, Your Majesty."

„Good, huh? Well that's, eh, good." This was getting awkward, he could tell not only by the look on Els face and Mariannas raised eyebrow. Luckily, salvation came quickly. „El!" he heard Nicola call ehr son.

„Yes, mom?"

„Could you please come help me?"


He stood up and with a polite bow to the king and a kiss on Mariannas hand and saying: „Heika, Mylady, excuse me please" he went to do whatever his mother wanted him to do, leaving the king and the object of his attention alone together.

Yuuri watched Mariannas face closely as she looked after him and noticed the small, serene smile playing on her lips. He knew that smile – he used to see it on Yozaks face whenever he thought about Conrad. That was before the whole mess started and he sincerely hoped, that these two won't let the history repeat itself.

„He's grown into a nice boy." Yuuri said and Marianna turned to him, slightly surprised. She probably forgott he was there, but it didn't bother him. He perfectly understood that. „I've known him for years now and all I can tell you, that he is a good catch." He winked at the daughter of his best spy and saw how for a tiny moment her eyes went wide, but then that ever present smirk returned to her face. „I guess so, Your Majesty. But it seems that my parent don't think so."

„That's utter crap. They're just being protective. And after what happened it's understandable."

Marianna frowned in thought. „What happened? You mean the mess about them having an affair, or that I run away?"

Yuuri blinked for a few times. She didn't know about how Yozak almost...Uh. He said again something he shouldn't have. He wuickly waved his hands dismissively. „Ah, nothing. I'm just saying nonsense here. Don't worry, it's okay, it's okay. Just fine. Hehe." He scratched the back of his neck in an embarassed manner and he saw that Marianna didn't believe a word he said, but she let it slip, thankfully. Yuuri almost heaved a sigh of relief.

„Protective, huh? I guess it's alright then."

Yuuri smiled. „To tell you the truth, I'm sure that if Yozak or Gwendal had to pick you somebody, they would pick El."

„You really think so, Majesty?"

„Of course." He smiled at her reassuringly and she smirked back.

„So if I announce that we're dating they're going to be just ecstasic?"

Yuuri jumped almost 5 inches. „I don't think there's need to rush it with the confessions..." he said cautios.

Marianna chuckled. „I'm sure..."

And then a highpitched shout sounded. „HEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIKAAAAAAAAA"

Yuuri sweatdropped. „Lookes like I have to go now." He waved his hand. „Just think about what I said, ok?"

Marianna nodded. „Thanks, Heika."

„No prob." With that he left the miss to herself and returned to his office, grinning at the image of Gwendal and Yozak at Mariannas confession. Maybe, just maybe, Murata was right: Sadism was the best way of entertainment.