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Better and worse

It was when Yozak sat on the edge of the fountain in Blood Pledge Castle, staring into nothing looking all sullen, that his husband approached him again. He heard the footsetps from afar, years of training as a spy showing. But he didn't react to it. He didn't react as the man stood next to him, he didn't react as he sat down and he didn't react for the next 3 minutes, untill Conrad spoke. „You look sad."

„Really now? Never would've guessed that." He said sarcastically and his husband smiled. Sometimes it drew him insane. That man could smile in the worst of situations, but how he managed that was a mystery to Yozak. How could someone hide behid a smile all the time? A neutral face he could understand, and for a scowl he had a prime example with the father of his daughter, but a smile he could and would never understand. Smiling while you are depressed. What the hell?

Yozak allways wore his feelings on his sleeve. He was extroverted, when he was happy, he laughed, when he was sad, it showed on his face, when he was afraid he looked afraid and the same went for when he was worried. He smirked, he scowled, he smiled mischievously, he shouted, he showed his moods and emotions. He didn't smile all the time. That was hsi way to deal with things: take care of them right away and then let go. That was his way. And he knew that his captain had his own.

„You're leaving tomorrow, aren't you?"

But there was this thing he liked on Conrads dealing with things: He didn't pester him when he saw that he didn't want to talk. He waited until he approached him to speak about what was troubling him.

„I am."

„Do you know when you'll be back?"

„No idea. It could be a month, it could be 2 months...Depends on how difficult it will be to sneak in and how long it will take to gather informations."

Conrad nodded. „I see." He looked around. „Where did you leave your charming daughter." His husband said this in a nice tone, but Yozak simply knew that there was a rather big amount of sarcasm hidden behind the niceness. He almost chuckled. Almost.

„She's in our room."

„So why aren't you with her?" Conrad smiled as he remembered how much Yozak loves his daughter and wants to spend every minute with her. Yozak looked less happy.

„She locked me out." The smile froze. Yozak sighed. „She's pissed because I'm not taking her with me. But since Fran's with her, I don't have to worry about a wrecked castle."

„She has your temper."

„No. She has Gwendals temper and my openess."

Conrad chuckled slightly at the comment. But he supposed that Yozak was right. Gwendal had a really bad temper but he could control it. Marianna prefered to let it out, like her mother did. „True...But you worry too much. If that's going to continue you'll have soon wrinkles like Gwendal."

Yozak snorted. „No kidding. But you look like you are good with eachother. What happened?"

Conrad smiled. „With you gone we started to realize some things we didn't as we were arguing over you and started to miss eachother as brothers. We started to remember things we've been through and realized what we've lost. SO we went to retrieve it."

„At least something in this castle my leave changed to the better."

Conrad put a hand on Yozaks shoulder and looked him straight into the eyes. „You did what you had to do. There's nothing wrong with that."

Their eyes loked and several moments passed between them, in a silent understanding, nothing said and yet everything heard. Finally, Yozak smirked. „You never change Weller."

Again their eyes met, but this time in a different kind of understanding and soon enough, their lips met. It was a chaste kiss. Lips on lips, only a touch, not hard enough to call it desperate, but not too light to call it a ghost of touch. It was simply real. Neither of the lips moved. They remained like this for around 3 minutes until they parted. And it took them only 5 seconds to kiss again, only this time, it was filled with passion. Both of them drew nearer, arms sneaking around their bodies, the kiss heating up. And just when Yozak was about to move into Conrads lap a shout tore them apart. Yozaks face whipped around, a horrified look on his face as he instantly recognized the voice. It belonged his daughter, the very same daughter who was just running towards them, looking like the goddess of rage, her sword held up high ready to attack. But before Yozak could react, his husbands sword was already blocking his daughters. He shook his shock up quickly and stood up. „Marianna! What the hell do you think you are doing?!"

„I just thought we could sparr a little, but I lost my mood."

Yozak flinched as if hit. ‚To sparr a little' equaled for them to ‚spend quality time together and enjoying theirselves'. Currently, in this specific situation it meant ‚Let's forgett our argument and have some fun'. And that she lost her mood consequently meant, that she was pretty damn much pissed and that he didn't have a chance to talk with her for at least a week. If not a month, judging the situation. But still he tried to reason with her. „Well, I'm not stoping you. You just have to point your sword at me."

„I told you I lost the mood. I'd rather like a real match." Her blue eyes sparked with anger as she eyed Conrad and Yozak almost groaned. But as he opened his mouth to say something, she was faster. „And don't try to stop me!"

Yozak let out an angry huff. He hated this side of her. The arrogant side, when she thought she could go and do everything because she felt that she was right. Or when she sulked because of nothing and refusing to listen to anybody. Only Fran could access her then. And maybe now Gwendal too. And he hated when she shut him out and refused to listen to him, no matter what. And he didn't understand why he still bothered. Maybe it was because she was his daughter and felt the obligation to talk to her. Maybe because it was his responsibility to calm her down. Or maybe it was simply because he loved her. However it was, he found himself speaking. „Shed your sword. Or point it at me. I don't care. But I absolutely forbid you to fight with captain."

Fierce blue eyes turned to him and he almost took a step back. Never had he seen her this angry. „You have absolutely nothing to forbid me!" she shouted and with those final words, she attacked Conrad and left Yozak wondering when did things go so wrong. They always had a good relationship. They talked and laughed together, they had fun together, they wreacked havoc and drew everybody insane together, everything they did, they did together. Has he been neglecting her? Was she still angry at him because he didn't tell her everything? What, oh, what went wrong?!

He heard her shout again: „Don't go easy on me!"

They stood there, facing eachother, husband and daughter, the latter havig furry in her eyes, burning like a raging inferno. His husband, for a change, wasn't smiling and Yozak couldn't tell if it was good or bad. „You noticed." Then he said to Yozak, without turning to face him, years of expierience preventing him from it: „You taught her well."

Yozak didn't find his voice to say something, anything, to stop this foolish fight, but then Marianna charged and in a blink of an eye, her sword laid meters away, while Conrads was pointed at her neck, effectively stoping her, diming her speechless. Yozak could count the long seconds of the heavy silence, when nobody moved. Billions of things he could say flashed through Yozaks mind, but neither one did he find appropriate. Then Conrad spoke: „You told me not to go easy on you." Obviously he was pointing her stunned face out. Then he stepped back and shed his sword, while Mariannas face was burning with embarassment. Yozak felt himself take a step towards her. „Marianna..." but as soon as he spoke to her, she turned to him, skyblue eyes still burning with furry, with rage, with every bit of her anger pointed at him, and shouted: „FUCK OFF!" With that she turned on her heals and run away, while Yozak felt as if his heart shattered. Never ever was she this angry with him. Sure, they bickered, they argued, but it was nothing they couldn't get over with in 5 minutes, tops. But this...this wasn't right. He felt hands on his shoulders, but to tell the truth, it didn't comfort him a bit. The only thing which could make it right, was that his beloved daughter would come back and jump into his arms, like she used to. He took a shaky breath as he willed his feet to move, not turning around to look at his husband, not saying anything, simply walking away.

Conrad watched his husband leave, shoulders slumped, feet draging behind himself. A worried „Yozak..." escaped his lips as his head sunk, wondering how much he managed to worsen it.


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