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It was the same afternoon that mother and daughter talked together throughoutly. And even though Marianna still refused to even acknowledge Conrad and Günther, Yozak couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. It had a very simple reason really: He expected much much worse. His daughter talked again with him, hugged him and right after they made up, they went to sparr ‚a little'. The only thing that managed break their sparr was the darkness which fell after sunset. They went to sleep early for Yozak would have to rise really early to leave for his mission.

Now it was dawn and he was already fully clothed, kissing his daughters forehead for a silent goodbye, carefull enough not to wake her. Fran was already up, waiting silently for her ‚orders'. Finally Yozak tucked her in and turned to take the bag Fran was offering him. He nodded his thanks.

„As I told you, don't let her out of sight. She'll escape and will go after me by the first oportunity which presents itself to her. I informed Gwendal too, so you won't be alone in this."

Fran nodded. „I know. Keep care, alright? Be safe." The spoke in a hushed voice not to wake the girl. And with a whispered „bye" Yozak left the room silently like a mouse.

He walked down the halls heading to the stables as he met his husband. And even if he knew that Conrad was really an early riser, it startled him.



They looked in eachothers eyes as remaints of what happened yesterday passed between them and an awkward atmosphere nestled itself between them. It took place for several minutes and the first brave to speak was Conrad. „I see you're already leaving."

Not knowing what better to do, Yozak continued the subject. „Yes. I need to leave before the brat wakes up and refuses to stay here." But in spite of the words, you could hear the gentle affection in the sentence. It made Conrad smile.

„I see you made up."

„We did. Well as much it is possible to make up with her."

„Still stubborn?"

Yozak snorted for the answer, then suddenly remebered something. „Listen, I already told this Fran and Gwendal but I'll feel more secure if I tell you too."

„What is it?"

„Can you keep an eye out on her? You know the majority of the ‚secret sneak-out places' in the castle. She'll be able to find some of them very quickly and you're the only one I really can rely on. She'll try to sneak out, I'm positive about that."

„Consider it done."

Yozak breathed a sigh of relief and Conrad smiled. „Thanks. It calmed me alot."

„She's just like you."

Yozak chuckled. „Is she? Well, she has been with me for the past 15 years, so it is fairly possible that I rubbed off on her." He smiled smugly, but his eyes held a sad glint. „Though, I'm still wondering what would've been if I stayed. I know it has no sense to think about it, but sometimes, at times like yesterday, I can't but wonder."

He didn't even notice that he started watching the floor instead of his captains face, but as he falt a hand placed gently on his arm, his head nsapped up and he found himself staring directly into two honey-brown eyes full of love. His breath hitched as he realized that that love was directed at him. His captain only smiled.

„I know. I do sometimes too wonder. But if you stayed, I don't think that I and Gwendal would've made up. If you stayed, well, maybe and maybe not, things would've stayed the same for you. So, even if it was selfish to leave, I don't think anybody would've been truly happy if they saw how sad it made you. And besides, even if she seems conflicted at times, she grew well. I don't think she would've been this lively and selfconscious if you stayed. But then again, that's what I think. And it's true that we really missed you and that Gwendalss hair went really gray, and that Yuuri and Wolfram refused to marry without you being the bridesmaid-" a almost too loud „eeeeh?!" interrupted him and he came to stare into the face of a stunned Yozak.

„They didn't marry because of me?!"

Conrads smile was almost amused. „They really wanted you there."

For a few moments Yozak remained stunned untill he slowly began to shake his head with a halfsmile, which could be interpreted as amused on his face. „Really now...They can be so stubborn..."

„Does that surprise you with such people as us around?"

Yozak chuckled. „Not really. So, I better come back quickly, then! Don't wanna make them wait longe, no?"

They smiled at eachother and Conrad leaned forward, but blinked in surprise as a finger placed on his lips stoped him. „No." But despite the negative response, Yozak stared at his lips really wantingly. It took them much willpower to avert his gaze to Conrads eyes. „We'll talk about this when I return."

Understanding settled itself on Conrads face and he nodded. „Alright."

But the soft, almost ghost-like peck on his cheeks filled him with warmth which remained even as Yozak disappeared around the corner.


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