Hi! Sparky16 here,
This is sorta important so you should read this first! I would like to say that Friend, Foe or Family: a Christmas story was writting 3 years back and never finished but now that christmas is approaching I am finishing it. I've noticed that a bit of it is a little confusing so if it's not to you then that means you're smart! also the begining is quiet sappy as all christmas fics are (and I've tried to fix it with little sucess but as you keep reading it just gets better and better believe me. Lastly, this has nothing to do with the F.F.O.F books and is not it's offical squeal! (I'm writting that.

So without further ado my I present to you Friend, Foe or Family: A christmas tale.

Disclaimer. Jamie, Midnight (her horse) and Eric are mine... that's all!