That isssss correct child, it nice that you sssssstill remember me The dragon spirit hissed.

How could I forget Jamie mumbled to herself.

What do you want? Link demanded.

The Dragon hissed again and lowered its head towards the boy.

Why not assssk your ssssissssster! she wasss sssssmart enough to figure it out The Dragon said. It looked over at Ganon with a devilish smile that only a dragon could give.

Well done Ganondorf, you have brought me the girl as I have requesssted. Receive your reward now

The dragon roared and the surrounding black magic absorbed itself in Ganon's body, giving him his powers back. Jamie looked up at the beast in anger What did you want my brother for? He didn't defeat you she yelled in protest.

That's correct, but he did defeat me and as I had promised I would destroy his descendants Ganon laughed.

And why me? Jamie cried in anger.

The dragon hissed again. You do not know the extent of the sssuffering you cause me every day that you live and that song... it eats away at my very being!

What are you... Jamie was cut off but the dragon.

Feel my suffering! It proclaimed and Jamie gasped suddenly as the dragon spirit flew into her body, through her soul and showed her pain, grief, anger and suffering. She collapsed to her knees, holding her chest with one mittened hand. Cold sweat formed on her brow and she breathing grew labored.

Finally with an evil chuckle, the dragon escaped from the girl. Jamie sat there, her head down. She couldn't believe all she had just felt but within that moment she saw the spirit hang over the skies of Hyrule and creep it's way through the streets of the town of the evil realm. It was the disappear she felt and the cause of all the problems in Hyrlue. The bad crops, little water and moody people. Yes, the spirit was the cause of it all. But she also remembered her song and how it made the despair vanish. the song hurt the dragon and made it go away. She hummed it softly to herself and she could feel the hurt and pain the dragon left with her dissipate.

She smiled evilly to herself, she knew what would rid her of this beast.


An insult all to familiar to her, Jamie looked the other way to see Ganondorf holding her brother up by his neck. Jamie panicked, what should she do. She knew if she tried to move the dragon would do her in... actually, he would either way. It was know or never.

In an instant, Jamie lunged at Ganon with her sword surprising him and dropping Link, then they backed away.

Jamie breathed deeply. She had to sing that song but... the dragon, it had somehow sealed the melody away that was within her. She couldn't open her heart, she was frightened beyond anything. She could feel herself shake and shiver, the dragon had filled her with this fear that was not hers.

Link shouted and he suddenly knocked her to the ground just as the dragon swooped over them.

He looked at her angrily Jaime snap out of it! you know as well as I do that song you sing will stop that dragon. It's the main cause of this, we can deal with Ganon after. You have to sing that song!

I I can't. I'm scared Link

Don't be. Jamie you have to open your heart. Please, I believe in you. he said softly.

She gulped I don't know how she started tearfully.

Just imagine the song flowing through you and out you mouth. That's what Malon does Link explained.

Jamie nodded and shut her eyes tight then tried to imagine the song and the words floating around within her. She hummed softly trying to remember the notes. Just then she felt a light feeling wash over her and as Link watched attentively he saw a dark shadow exit his sister and float up into the surrounding space.

Jaime, you did it! Link shouted excitedly.

But Jamie did not move, she didn't not say a word. She was going to end this and put this creature to rest once and for all. Suddenly a bright colorful aurora surround the girl and a soft soft tune floated out into the air. The tune was so familiar and this time Link was glad to hear it. Finally she began to sing.

What child is this, who, laid to rest
On Mary's lap, is sleeping?
Whom angels greet with anthems sweet,
While shepherds watch are keeping?
This, this is Christ the King,
Whom shepherds guard and angels sing:
Haste, haste to bring him laud,
The Babe, the Son of Mary!

And as she continued, the words she sung were so beautiful that the young boy's spirit felt calmed and uplifted. All his worries gently washed away and his senses were filled with a joy that no one could give through a gift or a treat. This joy was only given through love, and Jamie's words were full of love.

While Jamie sung the Dragon shrieked and roared out in agonizing pain. The song was making a white aurora of light surround the dragon and quickly cause him to dematerialize into the swirling mass or dark energy. The song was killing the dragon again!

No! Thissssss can't be! The dragon shouted. Only one with a pure heart that sssingssss a sssssong ssssso true can dessstroy me! No! why isssss thisssssss happening to me! AHHHhhhhhh and the dragon was gone.

The dark energy field quickly vanished and they all found themselves outside. Jamie stopped singing when she landed in the snow and looked around. The kids saw Ganon getting up to attack and they both jumped to their feet and drew their swords.

Ganon chuckled evilly and raised his hand to gather magic to attack but there was a slight problem. He had no magic, it was all gone!

Jamie and Link looked at each other for a second with wide eyes and smiles then the looked at Ganon, pointed at him and HA HA! they laughed mockingly.

Ganon literally turned from green to red with anger and he started after the kids, but they were quicker and they got to their horses just in time and they took off at the speed of light. Ganon quickly got to his horse and the chase began.

Epona and Midnight flew down the field kicking up the snow as they sped towards the unknown but away from Ganon. Jamie looked behind them to see Ganon quickly racing after them. Then suddenly he pulled out a stick of TNT and threw it at the children. It landed not far in front of them and then exploded taking out a huge tree and blowing it to bits but also uncovering a snow covered cliff!

The explosion send the kids and their horses flying over the cliff and Ganon looked over to see the four land a on a long hard strip of tree bark. With the two kids in front and the ponies sitting behind them, the large piece of bark acted as a sled as they zoomed down the towards the bottom of the cliff. Then as if that wasn't enough, both Jamie and Link's triforces began to glow and then shoot out a beam of light towards the bottom of the cliff opening a portal back to hyrule!

The two kids laughed as they heard Ganon yells curses at them and instantly the two broke out into a joyful parody of Jingle bells!

Dashing through the snow
trying to get away
getting faster as we go,
while laughing all the way.

Now ganon's really mad
but we're just having fun
so for him we say to bad so sad
and we'll be home before were done!

OH! Ganon smells, ganon smells
he tried to kill us both
but we were smart
and quick enough
to escape that stupid oaf.

OH, Ganon smells Ganon smells
We'll make this very clear
If he pulls a stunt like that again
we'll kick his big fat rear!

The last thing they kids heard was Ganon yell furiously before they flew through the portal which instantly closed behind them.

The night stars shone brightly over head as Anju came back from her walk around the field. It was christmas eve night and the children still hadn't been found. A tear slowly streaked down her cheek as she realized that they were gone and nothing could bring them back to her. The towns people had spent days looking for the kids but all they had found were their old food wrappers and a few items that had dropped from their sacks.

Everything was silent as Anju looked at the entrance to the village one last time in hopes that Jamie and Link would come running up the stairs and into her arms. She waited but nothing. She chocked back her sob as she looked one more time when she heard a small sound come from behind her. She turned around and couldn't believe her eyes, standing only mere feet away were Link and Jamie giving her sad innocent looks. Anju was choked at the sight, than happily she felt to her knees in the snow and both children ran into her warm, awaiting loving arms and returned the woman's affection right back showing Anju just how much they missed her whether it be words or by hugs and kisses. To Anju and the kids though, all that mattered is that they were safe and they would be with someone they loved that christmas.

That the tree was trimmed, carols were sung and Anju and Kafie couldn't have been happier. As Link sat up on Kafie's shoulders placing the star atop the tree and Jamie in Anju's lap as she read a story while rocking in the rocking chair the kids realized something. For the first time in a long time they realized that they had and were a family. And when the lights were out and the two were tucked into bed Link smiled at Jamie and softly said. Merry christmas sis

Jamie smiled back and said Merry Christmas to you to bro and Link fell asleep but Jaime did not.

*Jamie looks at the reader, smiles and says*
Merry Christmas to all of
you girls and boys.
As for me
*yawns and stretches*
*zooms out of the picture*

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