All right I'm new, and I don't want any flames. Anyway, here's my story it's a Saria/Link kinda thing so don't read this if you like Zelda/Link or Malon/Link. Umm I think my rating might be strong but I don't want to take any chances, there's going to be some language probably and maybe indications of sexual content but that's about it. Ok enough jibber jabber, here's my Story!

Impossible Love

Saria woke up in her hut at the edge of Kokiri forest early in the early morning. She lay in bed a while listening to the early birds chirp there song. She listened to the waterfall near by. Just by laying there, Saria could already tell the day was going to be hot, for the air was already thick with humidity and she could feel bubbles of sweat starting to rise from her skin. It was the hottest part of the year. The middle of summer was sweltering hot, and winter was freezing cold.

Saria got out of bed and pulled on her green short shorts and tank top. She fastened a belt around her shorts walked outside. Saria's little fairy Lalena, swarmed around her head.

"Saria, where are you going and without any shoes on too!" Said the little voice.

"I'm going to the Sacred Forest Meadow for a little while to play my ocarina. I don't want to wake everybody up. And I needn't have shoes on my feet when it's all ready hot outside." Saria said walking out of her hut and around the corner. She climbed up some vines and in to the lost woods.

Saria felt at ease here. She came regularly just to be alone or to contemplate things. But usually she played her ocarina. She loved mystical sound of her instrument. Saria ran to her favorite spot underneath a big tree, on a stump. The dewdrops drenched her bare feet making her shiver up and down, despite the hot weather. Fairy and girl ran along the forest floor chasing eachother laughing and playing. Once Saria was at her spot, she sat down breathing heavily from running around. She took out her Ocarina and started to play that mystical tune she always played. Lalena sat on Saria's shoulder panting from flying so fast. The tune soon put the glowing fairy to sleep.

Saria came back to Kokiri forest after she felt like she had enough of playing. Now the forest was alive with children running all around along with their glowing fairies. But there was one person Saria did not see. Link. She looked around a little and decided to go and check if he had even gotten out of bed yet. There was something oddly strange about him, besides the fact that he didn't have a fairy. But it was something else that she couldn't quite comprehend about him. But Link was her playmate and best friend. He always would be too, though it still bothered her that she couldn't figure out what it was.

Just as Saria reached the ladder to Link's hut, he came walking out with a little glowing thing behind him. A fairy, Link had gotten a fairy!

"Link! You got a fairy!" Saria exclaimed excitedly.

"Yeah I know, and she just informed me that I have to go see the great Deku tree!"

"What an honor Link! When you get back tell me what it was like! And uh watch out for Mido, he's being a real jerk today!" She then ran off. Emerald hair blazing in the sunlight. But Saria new something was up. Why did Link now have a fairy? And why was the Great Deku tree asking him to come to come to his presence? This confused Saria and she went in her house to think about it.

"Lalena, what is it about Link? He's my best friend, how come I feel so different from him." Lalena stayed silent. And Saria knew that Kara knew something she wasn't letting on. "Alright Lalena what is it? You know something about him don't you? Something that I don't know."


"What is it?"

"Your right, he's not like you, or any of the other Kokiri. In fact he's not Kokiri at all."

"What are you talking about? Of course he's Kokiri."

"Saria Link has been able to leave the forest since he was a babe. He's not Kokiri, he's . Hylian." Saria was mad. How could her own Fairy tell her that her best friend wasn't a Kokiri but in fact he's a Hylian?

"What proof, do you have of this!" Calmly the fairy answered.

"The boy has had no Fairy, until today, when he was summoned to the Great Deku tree. Don't you find that a little odd, and 11 years ago babe, a little baby boy, was brought to the Great Deku tree. His mother was going to die. She and the Great Deku Tree knew that there was something special about him, that's why he took him in."

"Then why didn't he give him a fairy then?"

"I myself am not sure, but the Great Deku knows all, so I trust his judgment on the matter." Saria sighed.

"Will I loose him forever?"

"No matter what trials come up, Link will always be your friend." Saria was not comforted by this. She got up and opened a chest. Inside was an Ocarina. She had two, but she never used this one. After picking it up she walked out of her hut.

"Saria, where are you going?" Asked Lalena.

"Link is going to leave soon. I'm sure of it. I'm going to the bridge to see him off and give this to him." Lalena didn't argue.

"You cannot pass." It was one of the Kokiri guards.

"Perrin, I'm only going to the bridge I promise I'm not leaving the forest." Perrin looked at her, then stepped aside.

Saria waited for about hour until Link showed up. He ran not seeing her, until she spoke to him.

"Your leaving for good aren't you Link?"

"The Deku tree has given me a quest."

"I know you're different from us. 'Tis why you are able leave the forest. Don't forget me Link. Through all the travels you might go on, all the wondering you might do, don't forget me." Saria pulled out the Ocarina. "This is for you to remember me by. If you can promise you'll come visit me."

"Saria, I could never forget you." The way he said it, made her heart beat faster and her legs shake. He walked backwards for a couple of steps, as though taking all of her small body in and then ran, not looking back. Saria stood there, her green eyes looking off to the outside world. The world that she would never know.

"Lalena, I feel so weird, a little sick too."

"Where does it hurt?"

"Right here." She pointed to her heart.