Chapter 6

Saria stepped out of the carriage carefully, with the help of her escort. She looked at the market. The workmen had done a lot sense the two hours that Zelda and Saria had been to Market. Children dressed in there small gowns and suits were running around. Woman stood about with their fans flirting with men or gossiping with other woman. Them men flirted with the other girls, deciding on which girl they would like to dance with. The older men were at the drink table guzzling down drinks and talking with other men. The whole Market had bright colors all around. Whether it was the people in their brightly colored gowns or it was the decorations. And such decorations had been for this occasion. There were tables set up around the premises of the market for the people to sit at. And a long table was at the corner for the Royal family, Sages, and other high-class men.

"Come Saria, you go first. I'm supposed to make a grand entrance." Said Zelda.

Saria walked into the Market and immediately people started staring. She could here the talk die down but a little. She could feel the glances of men as she walked over to the table. One little girl ran up to her and said, "There was a boy looking for you. He looked very handsome and he couldn't find you." Saria smiled down at the child and replied,

"Thanks you for the information. I will keep my eyes open for him." The little girl smiled and ran off. Saria walked the rest of the way to the table and sat down. All the sages were there but Saria was not supposed to sit with the sages, so as not to have Link already suspect who she was.

A trumpet sounded and the people quieted. Zelda walked in with her head held high. Acknowledging people, as the people bowed. She walked over to the table. Everybody was so get up and bow to there Princess. Once everybody bowed or curtseyed. The King and Queen, who had remained seated, stood up and in return Zelda curtseyed to her mother and father. Zelda turned around, to give her speech.

"My people! Tonight Link the Hero of Time is returning tonight. We want so celebrate his return and his loyal friendship to the Royal family. But it is also another reason why we celebrate. Today is the Hero of Times birthday!" Everybody cheered. Saria felt her stomach contracting. How could she have forgotten? When she revealed herself she wanted to give him a present. Zelda continued, "So in honor of him were going to drink! Were going to laugh! Were going to dance! And were going to have fun! Forget whatever quarrel you are having with your neighbor and have fun! He is to arrive in 30 seconds! When he come in everybody wish him a happy birthday!" Cheers were made throughout the whole speech. Zelda sat down beside her father and Saria. In moments there was the crunching of wheels on gravel. Everybody was silent. Everybody was still. Then a voice was heard.

"Alright Impa, what's this all about? Will you not take this blindfold off my eyes?"

"In due time boy, in due time." Everybody stifled a giggle. Link walked on the cobblestones and Impa untied the blindfold. Everybody cheered. Link went a little red in the face. But soon laughed it off.

"THREE CHEERS FOR THE HERO OF TIME!" Shouted one man. The whole crowd chorused back,


"Thank you my dear people! I am glad for such a homecoming party and birthday party all at once. Everyone must continue what they were doing, as it is in my honor." Link said jokingly. "Please lets start this dance!" Link walked over to the great table. Saria stared at him every step of the way. He was very handsome in his royal blue tunic. The hat was off but his hair still came into his face. Saria could see his rippling muscles though the blue tights he was wearing and scolded herself for looking and thinking about that.

Link came closer until he was in front of the King. He bowed and started talking to him. But his eyes were ever present on Saria. Under his sidelong gaze she could feel color rise into her cheeks. Saria couldn't take it anymore. She got up and told Zelda she was going to dance. As soon as she was five feet away from the table at least two men came to ask her to dance, and it seemed as though four were on their way. Saria chose the one that had asked her first. He was handsome but not like Link. They waltzed for a couple of minutes until one man cut in. Saria danced for 15 minutes straight. When she got the chance she stole away to the drinking table and grabbed some punch. Saria had her back turned to the dance when suddenly someone grabbed her shoulder and turned her around.

It was a man who looked rough and a little scary and obviously drunk.

"Listen you're going to dance with me and you going to like it. Nobody is cutting in and were dancing for as long as I feel like it."

"My Sir, you are obviously drunk, and I do not wish to dance with you." He didn't seem to listen, the man swept her right off her feet. He placed his hand just under her breast instead of her waste.

"Sir if you do not let me go I will scream for the king." He didn't listen he kept right on dancing. "Let me go!"

"What if I don't feel like it? I like what I feel." That sentence made hardly any sense but he was starting to scare Saria.

"Let me go you stupid bastard!" His reaction was pulling her closer to him. They were very close and Saria was ver uncomfortable. His hand had no moved to her breast and every now and then she could feel his thumb poke into it. "Get the hell away from! Let me go!" Saria could do nothing. He was stronger that her. "Help! Somebody help!" With that he took the hand that was on her breast and put it over her mouth then dragged her off. She was kicking and it didn't seem anybody new what to do or paid much attention.

"Excuse me my good Sir. But would you mind if I cut in?" Saria looked at the man who had intervened. It was Link.

"No this is my wife and I intend to teach her a lesson for disrespecting me." Said the man.

"I don't think she's the one doing the disrespecting. If I may say so. And you're going to regret not handing her over."

"Or what? Is pretty boy here going to kick my ass?" The man obviously didn't know whom he was talking to. Link sigh then punch the man in the mouth, he let go of Saria a stumbled back.

"Guards! Arrest this man for assault on this fair maiden." Two guards came over and took him by the arms.

"You little wench! I'll get you for this." Saria chose to ignore him.

"Milady, I believe I have searched everywhere for you. Your beauty surpasses anything I have ever seen in my travels. Might I have this dance?"

"Milord you need not shower me with compliments."

"Being modest are we? It is true at first when I saw you I thought you were one of the three goddesses." Asked Link. His arms around her waster felt so right. She could feel herself moving slowly closer into him and he to her.

"You make me blush Milord. Surely I do not deserve such a title as Goddess"

"You deserve all the fair words in the world and much more. Goddess is only one thing that comes to mind as I look at you." Saria felt herself melt under his gaze and his words.

"I feel lucky to have the hero of time in my arms."

"I feel lucky having you in my arms..." He didn't finish the sentence, meaning Saria was supposed to tell him her name.

"Umm Faelyn." It was the only name she could think of at the moment.

"My lady Faelyn, I am lucky to have such a beauty in my arms. You the closest to heaven that I'll ever be." Saria stared up into Links eyes. The secrecy was killing her. Just then a little yellow light sat on her shoulder and whispered in her ear. Saria gasped.

"What's wrong Milady?"

"I'm sorry I have to go." Saria parted with Link and ran towards the castle. The wind started blowing. Saria ran as fast as she could to the nearest tree right outside the castle gate. There she put her hand on it, a green light started to glow around her hand. Saria inhaled the air. A sent of ash she could smell in the air. The cries of people far off were heard and the lost in the wind.

"Saria? Is it you?" Saria turned around with tears in her eyes. Link stood there his eyes looking her over again. Saria nodded. Link ran towards her and picked her up swinging her around. They started kissing each other passionately. Link could feel Saria's hot tears on his cheeks. "Saria how can it be?" Link asked. They had stopped kissing but Link still held her close to his body. Links hand caressed her cheek and then moved to the side of her head where he made her look up into those piercing blue eyes. Saria melted in those eyes. His blue overpowering her green.

"It's one hell of a story Link. I would tell it to you but I have to leave. I must go back to the Kokiri Forest. They are in trouble."

"Then I'm going with you, Milady. We will ride off on Epona. She is the swiftest horse in Hyrule. On her we will be in the Kokiri Forest by tomorrow at noon."

"We must hurry. Something dreadful has happened, and I cannot tell what." Link took her hand a jerked her off her feet. She finally started running, but she guessed not fast enough for Link. He picked her up and started running to the castle. The guards looked at each other both thinking the same thing.

Link put Saria down inside the castle, they went they're separate ways. Saria ran up the three flights of stairs that lead to her room. She started the five-minute process of undressing. Saria soon had nothing but a corset on, she had ripped off the stockings and then through on a white nightgown and robe. Saria was used to going barefoot so that's how she went. Saria took off the earrings and necklace then put on the shell necklace that Link had given her. Saria took down her hair. It came out in long green waves going down her back. She just left it like that, then ran to the door and downstairs to the front doors. Link was already there with two sacks of food. Saria came running to him.

No words were spoken. Link grabbed Saria's hand and they raced to the stables to get Epona. Link helped Saria climb on first, then he climbed on the back. Saria felt a sense of comfort with Link behind her. Epona ran with one kick in the side she whinnied and ran.

When the drawbridge was open there was a man there. Saria recognized him as Erin. She dismounted.

"Erin! What happened?"

"The Kokiri they have been under attack. Many dead, some very wounded. A great army." His breathing was hard and he looked like had been in great battle. Saria saw Zelda run up to Erin.

"Oh goddesses Erin, what happened?" Zelda kneeled beside Erin.

"Princess..." He lifted a hand up a stroked her hair. "I...Love...You... A ...Great.... Army... Were in...trouble." Erin breathed his last breath and then his eyes closed.

"Goddesses spare him." the tears that were in Zelda's eyes leaked onto Erin's. A hand went to her mouth. "No, Erin. Don't give in Erin. Come back. Erin, don't do this to me. I love you." Zelda was overcome with grief. Zelda stroked Erin's face lovingly as tears burning tears came out of her eyes.

"Saria, you go on, Now go!" Said Zelda without looking up. Saria got on Epona with Links help and they rode off. Saria could still catch the sent of ash, and the wind still carried cries of anguish and pain with it.

Saria ended up falling asleep on Link. But her dreams were still troubled with her people dying.

Saria woke when Link whispered in her ear. The sun was high now and they were about one mile from the Kokiri village. There was smoke billowing from the forest.

"Oh god Link. We might be to late."

"We have to try to save them Saria."

"I know. These are my people, I must do everything in my power to help them."

Saria and Link rode off into the forest, but they would not be prepared for what they saw.