I Have a Sister?
Series: Family Ties
By Terra DeeEarth
April 25 1999. {Well that's when I started it any way}
Rated PG For Tembo's dirty mouth.

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon was created my a great woman whose name I {Terra, who else writes the disclaimer, well since Tembo didn't write half this story} will not dishonour by spelling wrong, all Moonies should bow before her. Also, Sailor Moon is owned by a bunch of corporate people, I have no idea who they all are. {Tembo gets to be the almighty editor of this fic, may the Kami save us from her power} [*Evil laughter*]{Here she goes with the evil laughter again}

'......' is thinking
"......" is talking {duh}
{......} these are my comments
[......] are Tembo's comments

Katherine Rhea was walking down the street thinking to herself. 'Can I really go back? I left so many years ago. So many. Will they even remember who I am? Will she remember who I am? Any of the many people I am. Where will we stand if she does? Will she even know who she is? What will I do if she doesn't? What will I do if she does? Are the others here also? What will they think of me? Will they even know me? I swore my loyalty to her, not her mother, her. I made a promise to protect her. It was a promise I broke. She died. Will she remember? Will she care? Oh Rhea,' she told herself 'when will you ever learn you can't change the past, even when you have the key to it. She always told me...' [Sounds interesting enough to me!]

As Katherine rounded a corner on the way to her house, the place she had lived after her parents died. She had unknowingly walked right into someone. They both hit the pavement. [Hmmmmm... who do they sound like?] {***Terra sticks out her tongue***} Her backpack emptied its contents onto the sidewalk, which at the time was her family treasures, that she just wouldn't trust to that weird subspace pocket, the "Book of Histories" a small family photo album and a potted rose plant. {Roses are my favorite flower} [DUH]

"Oh my heavens!" she cried as she began to pick up her things, 'good thing those pockets don't spill, that would have really blown things!'

"Sorry," she heard a male voice say, as another pair of hands helped her stuff to her backpack {I reeeeeeeeeeeeealy want a magical backpack 'cause I'm the only one of my friends who carries one when we go out 'adventuring' and they make me carry all the 'treasures' they find. (Tembo likes to collect rocks)}. [Rocks kick ass!]{There she goes with the foul language again}[I can't help it if rocks kick ass!]

"No, it was my fault, I wasn't watching where I was going," she replied. "I should be used to this by now, this is how I met my girlfriend," he laughed.

She giggled, "this is how I met my little sister. I'm Katherine Rhea."

"My name is Darien Chiba."

"Darien, that's my little brother's name," she said.

He smiled, "Well, where are you off to?"

"My little sister's house," she replied.

"Two siblings, wow."

"I have way more than that." She said getting up off the ground and dusting off her white tank top and blue jeans. "One more white shirt down the drain!" With that she pulled a jean jacket out of her backpack, it had a pink rose print on it.

'That wasn't in there before,' Darien thought,'Oh well.' "I take it you like roses," he said, just noticing the pink rose ties holding her short black pigtails.

"Roses are like my family's trademark," she said, while thinking 'So much for arriving unnoticed, maybe he won't have heard of the legend of my family.'
They began walking together, because they were both heading in the same direction. Darien was telling her about the neighborhood, how it was now. 'Things have really changed since I left,' she thought, 'I don't think I can do this. In the name of the Earth he looks familiar! Endymion... nah impossible, Rhea pay attention and stop imagining things.'
Darien talked on, not really caring what he said in front of her 'this girl seems so familiar. She has the weirdest eyes deep blue ringlets with brown on the outer edges, most of her short black hair was sticking strait off her head, bound by two ponytail thinggys. I wonder what they are, I'll have to ask Serena later, they were in the shape of rose blossoms.' He was so wrapped up in this person, whom he immediately trusted and felt loyal to that he didn't even notice the arcade where he was supposed to meet Andrew.

"Hey Darien!" a male voice called from behind them.

"Oh, hey Andrew, oh sorry, completely slipped my mind." Darien stammered. "You're starting to get like Serena." Andrew laughed. [Tembo laughed too!]

"Just that kind of day I guess, by the way this is Katherine I sorta walked into her a few blocks down. Katherine this is my friend Andrew."

"Hello." Katherine replied.

"Hi." Andrew said. "He didn't really walk into you, did he?"

"Well we kind of walked around a corner at the same time and smack." Katherine explained.

"Speaking of running into people," Darien interrupted, "have you seen Serena yet today, Andrew?"

"She just went running out of here five minites ago, saying she thought there was some reason she had to be at home soon."

"Oh my heavens," Katherine cried remembering the time, if she wanted to get to her house before her parents got there she would have to run. "I have got to go! Hope to see you again soon!" 'Oh Guardians of the Earth, I need you now more than ever...Maybe I won't do this after all...' she half turned.

~*~flashback~*~ [Wodidly wodidly!]{Tembo likes sound effects almost as much as me}
"I'm doing this whether you like it or not Clipse! She's my little sister, she will understand," Katherine said.
"You are sure about this, she might have changed?" Eclipse replied.
"Princess Serenity...Serena, she hasn't changed since the Silver Millennium, and you expect her to change now. You remember, light, airheaded, sweet, clutzy, innocent, ditzy Serena. No some things never change and she's one of them Eclipse. You really need to get a grip!"
~*~end of flashback~*~ [Wodidly wodidly!]

'Oh well, gotta go through with it now. Maybe I should go back and tell myself not to do this. No. Ohh I hate losing arguments, especially to my dog.' [Ha ha ha!] Just them she arrived at a nice little two-story house. 'Oh my heavens, it hasn't changed! Oooooh here I go'

***knock knock***
A small boy with tan hair and blue eyes comes to the door, "Who are you and what do you want?" he asked.
'This must be the baby, anti-social little brat, sounds like Zan.' "My name is Katherine Rhea. Are Irene, Ken or Serena home? {I have no idea what Serena's parents North American names are, but I saw these in someone else's fic, so I'm hoping she or he was right.}
"Serena!" he yelled," It's one of your weirdo friends!"
'Hmmmmm ahhh'
"Thanks a lot... Sammy," Katherine replied, 'Well might as well scare the little fungus.'
"What, how," Sammy stuttered.
"You little fungus," Serena yelled from upstairs. Sammy took off, back to his video game. Serena and Katherine stood there for a while in silence, not knowing what to say. Then all the sudden Serena gasped and said, "Rhea?"
"Mmhm, little sister." [Uh oh!]

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