Family Ties

Epilouge: Where We Ended Up

By Terra DeeEarth


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A white dove flies freely over Crystal Tokyo. In one of its many gardens Setsuna sits in a lawn chair writing in a large, hardcover journal.

She smiles and says the words as she writes them.

"Our long sleep is over now, we've been awake in Crystal Tokyo for nearly a month now, without mishap and everyone seems to be getting along in the new place just fine. All of the Senshi reborn from the Silver Millenium reside in the Crystal Palace now, except for Earth."

Setsuna opened a viewing portal with her staff that had been standing freely beside her.

As the fog in the window cleared Setsuna began to write down things about what she saw.

Serena and Mina were having lemonade in the middle of a large rose garden. They sat talking, not looking at each other, but at the two people in the grass nearby.

Darien was sitting on the ground, lavender tuxedo and all, playing peek-a-boo with an adorable, blonde, 1-year-old girl.

Serena laughed, one hand on her slighty swollen stomach, "he just can't wait until ours arrive."

"Sapphire was the same when we found out I was pregnant," Mina giggled.

Setsuna closed the portal and continued to write, "Darien's much happier now, he convinced Zan to do the security systems in the new palace and Lucie and Boris to represent he and Serena when dealing with local wildlife. Des and Rose are currently on route from their last disaster for a visit, of course they're dragging Melenda and Karma with them. He's currently (with my help) tracking down the Meiou-Rhea side of the family."

"Luna and Artimis got together, funny that only Mina saw it coming. They have their own room at Mina's place, but Luna still spends most of her days advising Serena. Artimis swears blind that even though Mina is married to Sapphire and has a baby of her own, she's still not grown up enough to not need him."

She opened another portal and looked in on Raye.

Raye was about eight months along, with another young child on her hip, she waddled her way into a room where Jedite was sitting on the floor facing three other school aged children.

He was in the middle of a sentence, "back to me and all I saw was this great pair of legs. So of course Daddy went to get the pretty girl's name-"

"Jedite, you are in sooooo much trouble!" Raye yelled. "The things you tell our children!"

The youngest on the floor began to cry," Daddy I didn't mean to make you bad, I just wanted to know how you met Mommy."

Jedite ruffled the boy's hair, "that's alright, Daddy's always in trouble anyway."

Raye realizing what had happened passed the toddle to Jedite and hugged her little boy, then she finished the story.

"When Daddy told the girl how pretty she was and asked for her name, all the while looking at things other than in her eyes, Mommy gave Daddy a black eye."

Setsuna laughed, even for her that story never got old.

"I forgot to mention that Hotaru had another one of her age spurts when we awoke. She's now just a few years younger than Serena and the Inners. She went out on her first serious date the other day and Michiru nearly had to hold Haruka back. Greg has gown into a very brave man."

"Amiee's put her pediatrics career on hold because of all the new insights she's gained through a now political career as a Senshi. She's formed a close team with Logan and they have a firm partnership with Zoicite and Malachite. Together those four have been working on solving all the problems that the world presents to the court. She and Zoicite are the brains of the operation with Malachite and Logan doing the security and public relations."

"Nephlyte is still the only one who can keep Lita from blowing her top most of the time. Together they opened their own business ~Millenium Catering~ they do all of the palace's events and when they're not busy with that they work at the Crown Café. Andrew loves having his baby sister around all day. Between taking the baby with him every other day and everyone stopping by for coffee at least once a day, I don't know how he gets any work done."

Setsuna sighed, " the man isn't even tired in the least when he gets home either. That man's my complete opposite, I guess love has a sense of humour, and that's something I'll never understand. I married someone I have almost nothing in common with while my little sister marries her near duplicate." Setsuna smiled, "but even Katherine has had a few surprises in her life." She opened another viewing portal.

Katherine lay asleep on the couch of the Rhea house, in her old uniform looking exhausted. Very little has changed in the room, a few newer gadgets and the furniture a little more worn and several more photo albums on the shelves.

Ariono walked into the room, in uniform of course, and smiled at her. 'She hasn't changed a bit,' he thought covering her with a light blanket.

Feeling the soft touch of the blanket and the presence in the room she knew it could only be one person. "Ari?" she whispered, blinking her eyes and then propping herself up with one arm.

"Yeah, go back to sleep, you look like you need the rest," he told her.

"Thanks a lot," she retorted lobbing a small teddy bear at him halfheartedly.

He chuckled, picked up the bear and sat down with her on the couch. She laid back down in complete comfort, head resting on the chair's arm, Ariono's legs beneath her back.

"What's wrong? Still tired from the last mission?"

"No, I'm tired out from this one."

He laughed, "having second thoughts about having all these kids here for the few weeks?"

"I don't know why I let my brother talk me into having all of these orphans here to experience ranch life."

"Because you never could turn away anyone who needed you."

"Everyone decent?" a man asked from behind the closed door.

"This time, Papa!" Katherine returned and Ariono had the grace to blush.

"Good because there are small eyes out here," another slightly gruffer male voice stated.

"'Clipse, I swear, that door was not only locked, but jammed as well. Why am I the only one you two blame for that? I was not the only one in the room."

"But everyone knows how innocent your husband is and that every stupid thing he's done in his entire life was your idea," Ariono teased her.

She back-handed his arm, "you of all people should be on my side with this. Instead you act all innocent."

"You two, not in front of the children," Jake said as he entered the room carrying a little boy who was half asleep. He held the door open for an identical little boy wearing a harness, followed by Eclipse carrying the leash end.

The little boy walked over the couch stamped his foot and demanded, "leash off."

Ariono sighed, "Jakob, if you didn't run off so often we wouldn't have to resort to the harness."

"How's retirement 'Clipse?" Katherine laughed.

Eclipse dropped his end of the cord, "I wish they had these when you and Endymion were children."

Jakob changed his tactics, letting his eyes tear up and making the most innocent looking face, "please, Daddy."

Katherine watched as Ariono crumbled and bent over top of her, picking up the boy and standing him beside her on the couch and took the harness off of him. "Sucker," she muttered, as Jakob went and sat on her feet.

Jake passed the other boy to Katherine, "looks like Joseph's not the only one who needs a nap."

"I don't wanna nap!" Jakob declared to be immediately shushed by his twin and Joseph dragged him over to the other couch and made him lie down.

"Mommy's tired, shhhh."

"We'll just let y'all be then," Old Jake whispered as he and Eclipse left quietly.

Katherine nestled into Ariono's arms. "They're so adorable."

"They look like you," Ariono whispered.

She giggled, "the got your eyes."

"That turn blue like yours when they panic." {*smiles*}

She sighed knowing that her miracle babies were asleep and that their father was in for a big surprise.

Katherine took his hand and pressed it to her abdomen, smiling she asked, "do you think we can handle one more."

"You don't mean-" Ariono gasped.

She nodded, "I'm pregnant."

"How? When?"

She rolled her eyes, "Remember on the couch, the day we got back from that mission. Well a few days later Amiee caught it on that physical she insisted on giving us everytime we get back from a mission."

"But I thought that the boys were a miracle."

"Well, I guess whatever was wrong with me before got fixed somehow."

"Wow," Ariono was in awe of the tiny woman lying over him, "we're gonna have a baby.'

She nodded with a giggle.

Setsuna closed the portal and then the journal she'd been writing in. She dropped the journal and pen into her subspace pocket.

Sighing she said, "so much left to write down."

The Beginning...


{Well that's the end of this story. I will do a sequel if I get any good ideas and the time to write them down. I start college soon (it's aug 19,2001 today) and may not be able to write as often.

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