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Sam's POV
"Sam? Hello? Sam?"

Obviously I heard Carly. I sat there doing nothing except stare at her wedges. They were nice shoes after all, and lately I had been doing a lot of daydreaming…



I fell off the couch in shock. I landed in a crumpled heap on the floor, the same way Carly had found me earlier. I kind of liked the way her floor felt; it was nice and soft, almost like cotton…

Suddenly I was being jerked upright, courtesy of Carly Shay. She yanked me by my left arm and flopped me back on her couch. Damn, I wish I could have just stayed there all night long. But instead I was back on her teensy little couch as she played with my hair. I think it was to make me feel better, but I can never be quite sure with Carly.

"Now, Sam…"

I knew there was a catch.

"Tell me what happened."

Remind me to beat up Carly Shay later. I think she needs a swift kick in the a—


"ALRIGHT! Alright!" I snapped. Geez, would she shut her mouth once in a while? I'd like to talk here!

Oh, wait, she had given me a chance to. I really need to start listening to people every once in a while.

"Okay…" I took a deep breath. "What happened was this…"

Love me, hate me, say what you want about me…

Damn I hate cell phones. And why was my mom calling? I told her where I was! But…why was she calling? That wasn't like her at all.

"Can I take this?" I asked. Carly nodded. I flipped open the phone. "Hello?"

"Sam? It's Mom."

Duh, I have caller ID, I thought. "Hey, Mom. What's up?"

"It's…it's your father."

That one sentence (okay, stammer plus a sentence—or would it be sentence plus a stammer? Hell if I know) moved me. What about him? He cared very little about me. He showed up four times a year, once to drop off some birthday present for me, one time to give my mom a birthday present, one more time to give my mom a Mother's Day gift, another to drop off some lame Christmas present. Really. Lame. Last year he gave me a half eaten breakfast burrito with a tooth in it. Year before that he gave me three pairs of socks—and the socks didn't even match. The year before that he gave me a napkin he found and drew a picture of me on it that looked more like a monkey than a person, and so on.

"What about him?"

"He's…he's here, Sam. And so is Kitty."

Kitty is my older sister. She's seventeen. I think. I can never remember. Unlike me, Dad actually cares about Kitty. Kitty actually lives with Dad. I've seen her Christmas gifts. They're not lame. Last year Kitty got a Queen CD—and Queen is her favorite band—and a pack of guitar picks—she's in a band with some of her friends and she plays guitar. So you tell me, who's the favorite here?

"He is? What for?"

"God dammit, Sam, you think I know!"

"Sorry, Mom."

"Just get your ass down here before I whoop it down here!"

I don't think I've mentioned it before, but my mom can be abusive at times. Like if I don't eat all of Carly's food, I'll starve. Seriously. My mom only buys enough food for herself and the cat.

"Okay. Bye." I turned to Carly. "I gotta go," I said sighing.

"NO!" Carly yelled. Huh? I was usually the one begging Carly not to go, not the other way around. So why was she telling me to stay? "Not until you tell me what happened tonight in the bathroom."

"Carly, I—I can't. It was my mom on the phone. She said I have to go home."

Carly scoffed. "Fine. For now. But the next time I see you—I demand an explanation." I was walking out the door when Carly called, "Oh, by the way—why is your mom's ring tone If U Seek Amy?"

I smiled. "Well, at the beginning of the song, it asks if anyone had seen Amy, like if she was off smoking somewhere or something, and my mom's name is Amy, so I…"

"I get it," Carly said. I smiled even wider and left.

"…So he was telling me I had to go and clean out the urinals, and I was like there is no Goddamn way I'm…"

I walked into view, and my dad shut up. "Oh. Hello, Sam."

"Hi, Dad," I said nonchalantly and went to fridge, opening it and grabbing the first soda I saw—Peppy Cola.

"Sam, not now," Mom said.

"Fine, I'll use a coaster," I said, hoping that was what she was getting at. Grabbing a coaster, Kitty scoffed at me. Geez, Kitty, way to show some respect to your sister. I never understood why my parents named her Kitty. I mean, Kitty and Samantha?


I guessed Mom wasn't talking about coasters when she said, "Sam, go offer your father and sister a Goddamn drink!"

I looked over. Dad was drinking Bud Light and Kitty had a glass of Moca Cola with a straw in it. "But they already have…"

Mom's glare told me I needed to shut up. I put on my best "I-really-don't-want-to-smile-right-now-but-I-am-anyway" smile. "I'm sorry," I said in a forced voice. "May I offer you a drink?"

I got a burp from Dad and a snort from Kitty as an answer. "I guess not," I said in that same voice. "I'll just be in my room then…"


"'Puckett'?" Dad asked, looking extremely mad. "I thought her name was Ransom, like mine."

"No, Hector, I've told you a million times before, her name is Puckett, like mine. Amy Puckett? Sam Puckett?"

"Yeah, but Kitty's name is Ransom. Not Puckett, Ransom."

"I'll just be going to Freddie's…" I said, waltzing toward the door. Grabbing Kitty's keys, unnoticed (hopefully), I walked out the door. There was a moment of silence, and the door opened to have Kitty standing in front of me.

"You took my keys, didn't you?" she asked me. I tossed them to her.

"I really don't like it when Dad visits. Mom and Dad always end up fighting. No wonder they never got married."

"Actually, they did."

"Huh?" Mom and Dad were…married? I just never imagined it possible. Dad was passive and aggressive, Mom was arrogant and rude. It didn't seem like a match made in heaven.

"Come on. I have a lot of explaining to do. I'll drive you. Where to?"

Once I told her it was Bushwell Plaza—which was, by the way, about a good fifteen minutes away with traffic—we were headed there. Kitty put on her seatbelt. Mine remained off.

"Put on your belt, Sam."

"No way, Kit."

She sighed. "Sam, if we got in an accident, you'd be killed. Now come on, put on your belt."

Sighing, I reached over and grabbed my seatbelt.

"Now. I'll tell you all about Mom and Dad."

Thank God.

"When Mom was just twelve—twelve years old—I was born. Seriously. Mom was a seventh grader. Dad was in the ninth grade. An older man. They named me Kitty after Hello Kitty, and that's another story. They had a love hate relationship, and eventually, broke up, ending in break-up sex. I was about three and half, and Mom had just turned sixteen, when she found out she was pregnant with you. Mom and Dad decided that they couldn't be in the same house and not married, so they…"

"Wait, in the same house? Why were they in the same house?"

"Oh, yeah, I forgot. At the time, Dad was a senior—again—and just got suspended for doing drugs instead of going to class, so his parents—Opey and Mamaw—kicked him out of the house, so he came running back to Mom, begging for forgiveness. She and him then started the love hate thing. When they broke up, they decided to stay together for my sake. But then Mom got pregnant again, so they decided to get serious about parenting. Mom even got a nursery together, and Dad wanted to be there for you. And when you were born, they named you after Aunt Samantha Jeanette. They even decided to get married. But the marriage fell through right about when you started to walk—or was it talk?—but they ended up filing for divorce, and Aunt Samantha Jeanette said she knew it would happen."

Wow. No one told me that story. "Seriously?"

"Yeah. That's the truth. So Dad moved to Yakima, and Mom settled down in Seattle."

"Really? So do you know…my first word?"

Kitty got quiet. She never got quiet except when we were watching her favorite movie—which was, by the way, Epic Movie. "You kind of had two first words. Dad had come back for some of his stuff—oh, yeah, it was when you learned to walk—and you started to scream. Mom tried to get you to be quiet, but then you yelled at Dad, 'come back! Come back!'."

"My first words were 'come back'?"

"Yeah. They were." Kitty got quiet again, looking at me while we were stopped at a red light. "So, what's your story? You look like a wreck."

"It's a long story."

"Well, I just told you a long story about Mom and Dad. I think you can repay me by telling me a long story about you."

I sighed. "I went on a double date tonight with my boyfriend and our best friend and her boyfriend. I went to the bathroom about halfway through the date and went into the men's room by mistake where a guy…he raped me."

"Oh, my God, Sam." She grew very pale. "Why didn't you say anything?!"

"I…I didn't want anyone to be worried…not that anyone at home would be…"

"I would have been worried! Have you told anyone?"

"I almost told Carly, but…"

"Almost? Why didn't you?!"

"Because Mom called me and told me I had to get home or else she'd make me come home." I sighed, realizing we were already at Bushwell. Dammit, where was traffic when you needed it? "I gotta go."

Kitty shook her head before unlocking my door. I left the car feeling empty.

Freddie's apartment is one place besides Carly's that I really feel at home at, other than his physco mother. I knocked quietly before Freddie answered the door. He smiled a nervous smile.

"Hey, Sam. Carly wanted to talk to you, and I—"

"Don't tell her I'm here. I really need to tell you something, is your mom home?"

"No, she went out of town for this weird convention thing," he said, standing back to let me come in the door. "But come in, she won't be back until tomorrow morning anyway. Do you want me to take your jacket?"

I couldn't notice how much he was acting like a gentleman—and how much the smell had gone away since I first came over here earlier tonight. I shrugged my jacket off and threw it on the floor, inches from the coat rack. Freddie raised his eyebrows.

"Freddie," I said, sitting down on the couch. "I…I was raped tonight."

He was quiet, not saying anything. He was just looking at me in disbelief. "Oh, Sam…"

"Just…don't say anything, m'kay? It's…better that way."

"Sam, have you…have you called the cops?"

"Rapes happen every day, Freddork, and they can't exactly handle every one of them."

"But you have to do something, Sam, like sue or something."

I got quiet. "Can I sue him for all the ham he owns?"


"Well, I like ham!"

"Sam. Just…just don't sue him for ham. You don't have to tell anyone about it but me, okay? It'll be our little secret. But there's…there's something I've always wanted to tell you."

"What's that?" Freddie was staring right into my eyes, and I could see my blue eyes reflected in his brown ones.

"I…I love you, Sam. Always have."


"From the day I met you."

"Uh…me…too, I guess."

"You don't have to say it if you don't mean it. I understand completely if you don't."

"No, I…I just was really nervous saying it."

"So, uh…"



He tensed. "Was 'it' anything like they say it is?"

I laughed. "No. Definitely not."

"Round two?" he offered, and I knew just what he meant.

"Okay," I said a little nervously.

The same night I lost my virginity to a complete and total stranger, I also put out for my boyfriend, Freddie, the one I truly loved. It felt way better than the rape, I'll say that much. I didn't know Freddork had it in him.

Eventually, we seperated, and I called Kitty, asking if she could pick me up. I was sweating and panting, but she didn't seem to notice.

"Good work," Freddie said at last, a little awkwardly.

"Thanks, you too," I said, equally as awkward.

Finally, Kitty picked me up, and I went home.

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