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Chapter 1-Transformation


It's been 50 years since they left me. I hate them soo much. First they make me love them and then they just up and leave. When they left I shut down completely. All the feelings in my body went. I was numb, and weak and pathetically human. But now I'm cold and hard. Now I'm a vampire. As I lay here with the Volturi, I think back to when I was changed.


"Okay, let's talk," I said. I sounded braver than I felt. I had practically wet myself when Edward had suggested in a hard voice that we should go for a walk in the forest. He took a deep breathe. His perfect face looked pained. Even in pain he still looked like a reincarnation of Adonis, my personal Greek God. His odd bronze hair all over the place falling in contrast with his pale white skin. His full lips which was usually turned up in his gorgeous lop-sided grin was a straight line. His body was well built and muscular. And finally his normal laughing topaz eyes were deep black. He took a deep breathe.

"Bella, we're leaving."

"Ok then, I'll come with you," I said pathetically.

"No, I don't love you anymore. I never did. You're not good enough for me." He replied in a monotone. (A/N -Yeah, Yeah. I know this wasn't really how it went but I'm not Stephanie Meyer remember.)Before I could answer he had already gone.

"Edward, wait!" I called out. My voice sounding stuffy from swallowing back the tears. I stupidly ran after him calling out his name.

"Edward, Edward!" I carried on like that until I finally tripped over a tree stump. Instead of getting up I rolled over on my side with my feet tucked into my chest. I don't know how long I was sitting like that but I soon snapped out of it when I heard a familiar spine shivering voice.

"Hello Isabella, we meet again," The voice sounded like bells ringing.(A/N-To be honest, I cant really imagine how that sounds like but I'm only going with what the book says). It was Victoria.

"V-Victoria, w-what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to kill you, young one, but I've changed my mind,". I was so relieved that I actually jumped to my feet. And then I got a proper look at her face. Her expression was a mocking sneer. She was just as I remembered. She had red hair that crowned her perfect heart-shaped face. Her shocking red hair looked like fire. She was very curvy but in all the right places and very sleek and slender. And last but not least, her eyes. Her eyes were a shocking crimson colour which was the mark of a human-drinker. Her eyes were as red as her hair if not redder. The clothes she was wearing looked just like rags. But even in rags her beautiful face could pull of that look.

"I'm not gonna kill you cause I've seen how miserable you look. I heard your little conversation with Eddy-kins today." My face turned red with embarrassment.

"I'm gonna turn you because I want you to live forever without your soul-mate, just like I am!" she shouted with an evil grin on her face.

"Please just kill me," I sobbed," I have nothing left to live for!" my voice was barely above a whisper but I knew she could hear me. Before she answered I saw a flash of something in her eyes: Pity, regret, sorrow, grief. But before I could confirm what it was, it disappeared.

"Like I said, I want you to suffer with me," she answered coolly. And before I could react she was tackling me to the ground. I hit my head on something hard. I was so numb and broken after Edward that I didn't even cry out in pain. Before she bit me she had some fun. First she snapped both of legs. Then she broke both my arms and finally my neck before she bit me. As her razor sharp teeth came into contact with my skin I screamed for the first time.

" I HATE YOU EDWARD CULLEN! I HATE YOU" The pain surpassed the wounds Edward left, by far. It was like fire! It started in my neck and then spread throughout my entire body. The pain was mighty. As I tried to call for Victoria to kill me all I could manage was a blood-curdling scream. In the background I could hear her snickering at my pain as she watched. So for the rest of the transformation I bit down on my lip to muffle the whimpers and screams that were dying to come out. And then, as if someone had flipped a switch, the burning stopped. It just left as quickly as it came. I opened my eyes at last. Everything was soo clear and beautiful. I could see EVERYTHING. I could make out the individual particles in the rays coming from the sun. I got up carefully. The movement was so fast that I didn't even register it. I quickly took in my surroundings. I was still in the forest where Edw…He had left me. On the floor lay a note in a scrawny script.

Dearest Bella,

This is Victoria. Sorry I didn't stick around long but I had better places to be.Edward ruined my whole life by taking my true love out of it. I'd say I'm sorry for messing up your whole life, but I'm not. Have a horrible and miserable life filled with hate,



After reading this, I scrunched up letter in anger and threw it on the grass. To my horror it burst into flames. Amazing. I guess I found my power then. I tried it again. This time with something bigger. I looked at the tree closest to me. Suddenly, it burst into flames. I yelled in triumph at my newfound power. Then to my horror I realised that the tree next to it had caught fire and it was spreading. Frightened I put my palms outstretched towards the fire, wishing for something to happen. To my BIG surprise, water came shooting out of my palms. Gradually the fire lessened until it was gone. Finally relieved, an evil giggle escaped my lips. It sounded like wind chimes.Soft and gentle ringing out with absolute joy. A sudden thought occurred to me. If I could control fire and water, what else could I control?

After 15 minutes, I discovered that I could control the elements. Fire, water, earth and air. What wonderful powers. Only then did I realise a burning sensation at the back of my throat. From the stories I had heard from the Cull…Them I quickly put together that this meant I was thirsty. I ran further into the forest till I smelt a delicious scent. Deer. I let my instincts take over and tackled the deer to the ground. I snapped its neck before drinking from it. Simply mouth-watering. After 2 more deers and 3 bears I decided that my thirst was quenched. As I ran past a stream, I took this opportunity to look at myself. I sucked in a breath as I saw my reflection. My body was long and curvy in good places. My skin was a least 5 shades lighter than my normal skin. My lips were fuller and rounder. And I hadn't really lacked in the breast department before but I could tell the obvious difference in bra size. My face was beautiful. As beautiful as Rosalie's any day. My hair (originally brown) was now jet black in wonderful contrast to my pale white skin. It went all the way down my back in cascading wavy curls. But my eyes…. They were a deep red. I remember wishing they were brown again. In an instant, they changed colour. They changed to my original chocolate brown. I gasped in shock. Another power. I can change the colour of my eyes! How many powers could I get? If I had been this beautiful when I was human then maybe He wouldn't have left me. STOP IT IZZY! YOU HATE HIM. YOU HATE THEM! The voice in my head was screaming. The voice had called me Izzy. . I like it. Not weak little Bella but strong and bold Izzy. Bella's dead and Izzy has risen out of the ashes. Quickly, I fled from my reflection in the river, feeling better than I had ever felt. And then I ran into a wall. At least, it felt like a wall. As I got up I saw 7 gigantic looking wolves staring at me with a mirrored expression to my own


It makes me laugh that I think about it. I had no idea that my so-called best friend was a werewolf. How naive I was back then. I've grown up since then. I stayed with the Quileute pack for a while but with my rapid growth in power I had to leave. The Volturi heard about me and my powers and asked me to join them. I said yes. Apart from my power over the elements I could now control the weather. I am also a shield. But my final power is that I am a sponge. This means if I come across anyone with powers, I absorb it like a sponge. So far I have absorbed mind reading, invisibility and pretty much all the powers of the Volturi.(A/N- I wanted to make Bella very powerful, so I gave her these really cool powers. Power means strength)

Anyway, back to today. Aro has invited a unique vampire family over to stay with us for a couple of months. He won't tell me who they are and I can't read his mind because Renata (another shield) is shielding him. He invites families over sometimes because he likes to show me off. Aro is like my father and Marcus and Caius my uncles. They truly care about me as if i'm their own flesh and blood. Heidi, my close friend, has dressed me in a red, off-the-shoulder dress which will be covered by my black Volturi coat until Aro wants me to reveal myself. I'm also wearing black high-heeled stilletos. I have gotten over my balance issues since I realized that Ed..He was not there to catch me anymore. Now I'm as graceful as Alice.I quickly walk into the hall where Aro is charming his guest in the middle of his sentence. My black hood is up so that no-one can see my face.

"……She is a very powerful addition to the Volturi. Our very own Volturi princess." And then I stop mid-stride as I see who Aro's guests are. My body burns up in hate and venom flows in my mouth as I look at the family who broke my heart 50 years ago. The 1 and only Cullen family.

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