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Three LONG days the Cullen's had been staying here. These three days were almost as painful as the three days of my transformation. How many pitying looks and stares can a person receive before they snap? I was literally on the edge these days and the unwanted attention of the Cullens was the cause of this. Ever since that night, the Cullen children had made it their sole task to involve themselves in my life as much as possible. They even joined in on the conversations in the hall. What made it worse, is that my family seemed to want them to participate in our activities.

"Bella?" Heidi said from the door," Aro has an announcement in the hall and you apparently need to be there," she continued. I raised my eyebrows at her but she only gave a shrug before running towards the hall.

"Well in that case, i'll just have to take my time," I smiled as I started towards the direction of the hall. Why teleport and be there on time when I can walk there and keep them waiting? Serves them right for bringing the enemy into the castles.

After a few long minutes, I finally arrived at the halls. I almost laughed as the guard shot me multiple looks of annoyance at my tardiness. Mission accomplished, it seemed. I walked towards the long table where everyone was seated and took my place at the right hand of my father. But not before shooting my rehearsed dark looks towards the Cullen's, who during their short stay, had conveniently moved closer to where I usually sat. Edward looked antsy and worried about something and I instantly started to dread whatever was about to be said.

" Nice of you to finally join us, Isabella," Aro said whilst shooting me a nasty look.

"My pleasure," I replied in an annoyingly cheery tone to which my father moodily ignored. I loved that even after 50 years, I could still annoy my father and get away with it.

" I have brought you all here to tell you two things that I believe you should be aware of," my father started.

"Firstly, I'm sure that you're aware that Cullen's are here to stay a month with us?" he paused and waited as we all nodded. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. I did not like where this was going.

" Well it seems after much discussion, our dear old friend, Carlisle' and his family have decided to extend they're stay to three months instead!" he continued joyfully whilst shooting a smile in their directions.

I sucked in a harsh breath as I contemplated spending three whole months with them. It was almost to much to take in.

" NO! No I-I wont allow it!" I screamed, standing up from my seat," How could you do this to me? Do you know how hard these past three days have been for me? How could you even contemplate putting me through more of this?". By the end of my tirade, I was breathing heavily whilst trying to stop more growls from erupting.

Everyone seemed to hold their breath as they waited for what the Volturi King had to say. They didn't have to wait long as he formed his own rebuttal.

" ENOUGH! I did not make this decision for you, Isabella! I have not seen Carlisle for over two centuries! It does not matter whether not you want them to stay because I on the other hand am looking forward to catching up with my old friend and it is not in your place to question my decisions," he paused to calm his breathing and sighed angrily," Sit down and be silent," he finished.

We stared at each other for what seemed like hours before I sat down angrily, sighing as I did so. No matter what, I couldn't question my father's choices because doing so would suggest that I am ungrateful for all that he has done for me. And I was anything if not grateful.

Aro cleared his throat dismissively before going on, " The second matter ,however, is not as joyful,"

"It seems that a nomad vampire, Laurent, has created an army of newborn vampires, along with the help of Victoria, who we all know died a few days ago," he said, shooting me a wry smile which I grudgingly returned.

" The large number is growing in size and drawing more attention from the humans," his eyes flashed angrily," Our laws have been disregarded and for that a heavy punishment is deserved,"

"They must die!" shouted a very pumped up Jane, who would jump at any chance for a fight. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Emmet crackling his oversized knuckles whilst smiling in the same manner as Demetri, who also loved a good fight. I rolled my eyes at their antics but couldn't help but smile.

Aro smiled fondly at Jane before continuing," Yes, Jane our enemies will surely suffer but this fight will take a little more planning than our usual conquests," he paused, darting a fleeting look at me," But luckily, young Jasper here has many experience dealing with newborns and has volunteered to offer training sessions in battle strategies," he finished, smiling at the Cullens.

Once again, everyone turned to look at me for my reaction. I rolled my eyes but remained silent. Aro let out a huge breath as if he was relieved that I didn't say something.

" You may go back to what you were doing but preparation for battle starts tomorrow in the training room at 2 pm," he concluded.

Pleased that I was finally being released, I sped back up to my chamber in the hopes that I would finally get some sleep. But five disappointing minutes later, someone knocked at my door. I sighed and made my way over. As I opened the door, the sight alone made my jaw drop and my eyes widen.

The whole Cullen family stood waiting patiently at the door. I quickly covered my surprise with a scowl and recovered quickly from the shock.

"What do you all want?" I said rudely. But Rosalie, obviously unaffected, simply just pushed past me into my room. I bit back my growl as the rest of them followed suit and made themselves comfortable.

"Well," I said impatiently slamming the door behind me. I did my best to show my obvious annoyance at their presence in my room.

"We wanted to talk with you, dear," Said Esme. I mentally scoffed at her 'motherly' tone and use of the name 'dear'.

"So talk then," I said impatiently, rolling my eyes at her smile. She looked at Carlisle as if for support.

"Well, Bella," he began," We just thought that we'd try and work out any problems we have between us and move on,"

"Move on?" I whispered," MOVE ON!"

"Are you deliberately trying to make me angry! How dare you? It was you ,not me, that decided to move on and let me fend for myself. And now you just swan back in here and expect me to welcome you with open arms," At this point, I was positively fuming. It was taking every single thing I had to just to control my powers but even then I was slipping.

" We only left you because we thought it was for the best," Alice decided to say. I gaped at her openly.

"When will you get it through your minds that i was 17 years old, not five! I'm sure that i could have made that decision all by myself, thanks," I replied.

"Ok we understand that but why won't you forgive us? We love you!" she practically screamed, tears pooling in her eyes. The sight alone almost weakened my resolve but it didn't.

"Do you want me to spell it out for you!" I shouted, still confused as to why I was explaining this," Fine, let me start with you Jasper because those sad looks you've been goving me are starting to annoy me,"

" Jasper, I forgave you for what happened that night as soon as it happened because i knew that it was out of your control. But then you went to go and run away with the rest of the family because you were too spineless to face what you did. I mean, did you even care whether I was alright or not? All you had to do was come back and realise that there were no ill feelings between us. But you didn't so now there are ill feelings between us."

I finally looked at Jasper and he had the decency to look ashamed. He should be! I thought testily to myself. I turned to face Emmet and Rosalie.

" Emmet, you were like my big brother. Weren't you meant to protect my by staying by me? I actually thought you cared about me but I guess you didn't care enough, seeing as you left as well. What sort of big brother are you? And Rosalie, I'm actually the least mad at you because you never pretended to care about me anyway. You never liked me, so why should be angry at someone who's been truthful to me since the beginning."

By the end of this speech Emmet looked remorseful and shamed. Rosalie's face displayed an emotion that I didn't understand so I didn't think too much of it.

"I'm sorry, Bells, I really am," said Emmet, sounding close to tears. I nodded my acknowledgement but otherwise said nothing. I then turned to Carlisle and Esme. Carlisle had his arm around Esme, who looked as if she didn't want to hear what I wanted to say. I scoffed in my head at the sight.

"I thought of you guys as my parents. Esme, you were so motherly and loving and I would've thought you of all people would stand by me. But you didn't. You abandoned me just like they did. What kind of mother abondones her child? And Carlisle. The father of the family, the one who always listens to reason, the head of this family. How could you have agreed to leaving me? I thought you had more sense than that, I really did. I honestly don't know how I could've thought of you guys as my parents,"

Esme was dry sobbing onto Carlisle shoulder and clutching his chest. I would be lying if I said that the sight of Esme crying didn't hurt me; because it did. Carlisle looked sorrowful and deep in thought. As if he was contemplating what I said.

" And last but not least Alice and Edward. The main offenders," my tone turning cynical and mocking," I'll start with you Alice, seeing as this little rendezvous was probably all your idea. I thought of you as my sister AND my best friend. My equal in every way. But you, being the controlling pixy you are, decided to make decision about how MY life should turn out. As if I was some sort of baby that didn't know how to make decisions for myself. You left me without even saying goodbye. My sister, Alice! How could you do that Alice! You knew how much this family meant to me but you still went along with it," I turned to Edward, "And YOU! Do you know how long it took for me to be able to say your name! I was absolutely heart broken. It was your idea to leave me!"

" I thought that it was for the best!" he interrupted, shouting back at me.

"I wasn't your decision to make! It was MINE. Quit acting like my father, Edward! You should have treated me like your girlfriend, not your daughter! You had NO right to make such a huge decision for me!"

I finally looked at all of them," I was planning my whole life with you guys! I was willing to give up anything to be part of your family! " I stopped ranting, my voice threatening to break.

"Please just go," I turned my back to them, hiding the tears that were threatening to fall," I'm tired and I need to sleep,"

I didn't turn back around because if I did I knew then the mask that I had put it on would fall. And I couldn't let that happen. I heard the door swing shut and I let out an unnecessary breath. I threw myself onto my bed and sobbed myself to sleep.

How am I going to be able to face them now was my last thought before I succumbed to the darkness.