AN: Hi all! This idea has been flowing around in my head for a while now. It's based on the idea, what if a portal between Narnia and England opened in a very public manner? Everything that happened in the books minus the last battle happened, although I have condensed the timeline a bit. LWW happened in the summer. PC happened as they were going to school. VDT happened over Christmas break and now this story is happening at the beginning of Easter. There are also a few other minor changes but those should become obvious as the story progresses.

AN2: I would also like to thank Elecktrum for kindly allowing me to use her characters and events as a back story. I strongly recommend you go and read all her fics. They are excellent.

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"Mr. Pevensie!" the teacher, a strict man with a bushy moustache called snapped.

I jumped up from where I had been dazing out the window, staring at the old oak that was dancing in the breeze. It wasn't a Narnian oak though so it really wasn't that interesting. I ignored the snickers of my classmates and turned to face my teacher, raising one eyebrow as I did.

He bristled at my insolence and spoke sharply, "Mr. Pevensie, since you see no need to pay attention in my class, would you care to answer question six on the blackboard?"

Lazily I strolled over to the blackboard, eyeing the question and calculating the answer in my mind. We had just begun algebra for the first time and so for most of my class the question would be very difficult, but for someone who had studied for years under the greatest centaur minds, it was ridiculously easy.

I scribbled the answer, and Mr. Small glared at me.

"Sit down Mr. Pevensie, and if I catch you daydreaming again it will be the cane. Why can't you be more like your brother? I never had any trouble with him!"

Once that comment would have had me angry, but now it only filled me with a fierce pride for my brother. I didn't need to listen to the class as my answer should have proven but my teachers seemed to hold a grudge against me. They all couldn't look past the beastly boy I had been and see what I was now. Nevertheless I resolved myself to spending the lesson listening to things I had learned years ago.

"Oi Pevensie," a voice shouted.

I turned around in the bustling corridor, to see James Davidson walking towards me. I once considered him a friend, before I realised what sort of person he was, and before he realised what sort of person I'd become. Since then he seemed to make it his mission to make my life a living hell. He was failing miserably, but only because his school boy antics couldn't compare to her

"Yes?" I asked impatiently, crossing my arms.

He sneered at me, "You think your so clever don't you Pevensie? Think you're better then me don't you?"

I gave a wicked little grin and simply said "Yes." And walked off quickly. I had no wish to get into a fight that morning....

It didn't work, and now I was sitting in the principles office with a black eye and a swollen lip. I shouldn't even have gotten that but I held back not wanting to hurt him. He had never been in a battle and I had. He had no idea what I was capable of, he hadn't seen the scars that I hid under my shirt.

It was strange though I thought. Though we had regressed in age when we fell through the wardrobe, we all still had the scars that we had gained in Narnia. It was a constant reminder to us that it had happened, that it was real. In the cold air they ached, and when I stretched I could feel the tug and they itched. When I looked in the mirror, I could see the horrible stab wound that I had gained at Beruna, and even if the nightmares weren't present the scars were.

All of us had gained scars, all of us except Susan who never participated in battles. Maybe that's why she was beginning to withdraw, to say that it wasn't real... No! I wouldn't think about that now. I turned back to pay attention to the principle who was just winding down in his lecture.

"... and if I find the two of you fighting again, you will be expelled. As it is you're lucky I'm not suspending you and rest assured I will be contacting your parents. This country has seen enough fighting and I don't need nor want to see you two fighting again. You will be confined to your dorms for the next week. No extra curriculars, sports or social events. You will attend classes and meals and that's it. You're dismissed".

The two of us got out of our chairs and left the room, Davidson glaring at me all the way, as if it was my fault that he started a fight. I ignored him, he wasn't worth my attention.

I was not surprised to see Peter waiting in my room. He would have heard of the fight. He would have heard of it and being angry. Not at me, he knew me well enough to know that I wouldn't have got into a fight without either just cause or unwillingly, no, he was angry at himself. Angry that he hadn't been there fighting at my side. Back to back and side to side as always.

He sighed, rubbing a hand through his hair, "Oh Ed..."

I ignored him and went to change my clothes, my uniform having a hole in it from where I had been shoved against a wall.

Peter didn't take my silence well and went to hug me. I leant into his hug, my head resting under his chin where it hadn't fit in years. I sighed, "Why is it so hard Peter..." I said, allowing out the emotion that I only showed in front of Peter.

He just hugged me tighter and suddenly I realised that I was crying and angrily I wiped the tears away. Peter chuckled slightly.

"It gets easier in time. Aslan knows what's best and really we are getting too old..."

I stared incredulously at him.

"That's utter rot and you know it Peter." I interrupted.

"No really it's... I mean I still miss it but... well."

Peter really was a terrible liar.

"Peter, how can you pretend that it's all right? Our people are there, are home is there, Aslan is there!"

"Aslan is here too Ed." He said grasping my hands in his.

I couldn't deny that but, "not to the same extent Peter. Not in the same way".

Peter nodded, "Maybe but he did say that we will never see Narnia again, and so we must resign ourselves to this way, and really it's not so bad."

I remembered with clarity how Aslan had told Lucy and I that we would never see Caspians' reign develop, would never see our home change through the ages. I thought at the time that as Aslan willed it I could follow his commands. I had not realised how much the hope of return had sustained me the first time round.

Peter seemed to realise I needed space from my thoughts and so changed the subject, "How long are you in confinement for?"

"One week."

"I shouldn't really be in here then, should I?"

I snorted, "No, but if you get caught just spin a tale of how you're telling me off and how I'm such a disappointment to you".

Peter choked a little bit, "I'm not a very good liar Ed." He argued.

I gave a wicked grin, "Fine then, I'll lie."

Peter laughed and threw a pillow at my head, which I caught with a smirk. We then proceeded to have a pillow fight until we both collapsed onto the bed in tiredness.

"One week, you'll miss me leaving then." Peter said quietly into the pillow.

"Damnation." I swore, cursing myself for forgetting, for getting into a fight when I knew what the consequences would be. Peter and his class were going on a three week long survival training camp in Wales. Essentially they were going to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere and told to find their way back to civilisation. They'd be supervised the entire time but it wouldn't stop me from being worried. Not that I had any reason to be worried. It's not like anything would happen to him in England, and in truth he would be far more able to handle the wilderness then the teachers. They had never been captured by Ettin Giants. But...

"I'll miss you Peter, stay safe." Peter understood. It would be the longest time we would be apart since I came back from Narnia for the last time. I needed my rock.

Peter reached over and kissed me on the head.

"I'll miss you too Ed."