This basically sparked from a conversation with a friend I had at school. We thought it would have been great to see Human Nature with Rose. But then she tossed in the idea of Rose having to play the role of his wife. That plagued me for a few days, so I decided that I had to write it down basically. I also have a vague idea of where I'm going with this..... xx

Rose rolled over to face the sleeping man beside her. She smiled as he placed an arm around her waist, drawing her closer. Bringing her hand up to his chest, she frowned as she felt the one heart beat thrumming away. Closing her eyes, she tried to banish the memories rising within her.

"What is that?" Rose gazed at the silver machine, almost helmet like in appearance.

"It's a chameleon arch. It's going to rewrite my biology, literally changes every cell in my body." The Doctor watched her face carefully as she processed this.

"Changes you into what?" She whispered. The Doctor swallowed and took her hand.

"A human."

Rose sighed and pulled away from him, flinging one arm over her face. As she did, she caught sight of the glittering diamond ring on her left hand.

"The TARDIS is going to provide us both with a background story, time and place. Whatever it is, you're going to have to go along with it. I'm going to recognise you as whatever the TARDIS tells me to."

Groaning, she twisted the ring around her finger. They could've been anything to each other, absolutely anything. And then the TARDIS makes her his wife.

"How am I going to know what that story is?" Rose followed him around the console, frowning as he pulled a pocket watch out of his pocket.

"I'm sorry Rose, but you're not. Whatever I recognise you as, that's what you're going to have to go along with." He paused as she buried her face in her hands.

"You alright?" She nodded and exhaled, placing her hands on her hips.

"I'm fine. But…just, how long are you going to go away for?" The Doctor clicked the watch into place and took her by the shoulders.

"Think of them like mayflies. Three months and then they're gone. Then you can open the watch." Rose's eyes sparkled with tears.

"Three months?" He nodded slowly, and she offered him a smile.

"Easy." The Doctor grinned back and chucked her chin.

"That's my Rose." She laughed, and the Doctor ran back to the chameleon arch, pressing buttons as he went.

"One last thing Rose. This process is going to hurt me. A lot. So please, don't try to stop it, we can't afford anything to go wrong."

The Doctor's screams echoed in Rose's mind, and she tensed her body, willing them to go away.

"What's wrong love?" Her eyes shot open as she heard the gruff voice beside her.

"Nothing John. Just a headache." Turning on her side to face him, she smiled reassuringly.

"What time is it?" Rose glanced at the clock beside her.

"It's still early. Just gone six." John nodded as he yawned, and drew her into an embrace. Rose stiffened as she felt his hands wander lower than generally acceptable. He kissed the side of her neck, making his way across her collar bone.

"John, I can't. Please." Rose shoved him away gently, trying to ignore the hurt in his eyes.

"Rose, what's the problem? Over the past couple of weeks, whenever I even try to suggest sex to you, or when I kiss you, it's just…do you not love me anymore? Is that it?" His voice broke as he finished. Rose sat up and brought her knees to her chest.

"Of course I love you John." She murmured. The complications of being married to her best friend were daunting. If she gave into what he wanted, and almost always what her body wanted…then surely that would be some kind of abuse on her behalf. It's not like it was the Doctor, it was a different person altogether.

"We need to talk about this Rose." He sat up beside her and took her hand, playing with the ring on her finger.

"I know John. Just not now. Later, please?" Rose turned her eyes upon him, and he caved at the sight of the glittering chocolate orbs. Sighing, he kissed the back of their entwined hands.

"I love you Rose." John avoided her gaze, and she felt the guilt pulse through her veins. Leaning over, she kissed him gently, allowing him to wrap his arms around her. Rose settled into the kiss, leisurely moving her lips against his. She frowned however, when she felt the evidence of his arousal pressing against her.

"We both need to get up now. We're going to be late." John pouted as she drew away, but nodded nevertheless. Rose giggled and slapped his arm lightly.

"Stop being such a child." He crossed his eyes at her and made his way to the mahogany chest of drawers in their bedroom. Rose had had a tough time trying to find an apartment for the two of them on such short notice. The Doctor had warned her that he's be asleep for at least three days after the transformation. So she had to prepare whatever she could in that time. So, with him tucked away in her bed, she had scoured the city. It was a pleasant surprise however, to find them not so far from her time. 2013 to be exact. The three months that they were to stay there, would take them into January of the next year. As if everything wasn't enough, she'd have to stress about Christmas as well.

"Rose. Can I tell you something?" John turned slowly from the chest of drawers, having found his jeans.

"Course you can." He fiddled with a piece of fluff on the denim, avoiding her eyes.

"Lately, I've been having….these dreams. They're so strange, but…so real." Rose crossed the room quickly, her mind clouding with worry.

"What kind of dreams? Are they nightmares?" She remembered the time after canary wharf, when she found him in his room. Nightmares had been plaguing him for the past few weeks, but he had not wanted to say anything to worry her. Rose remembered how…intense those nightmares could be. John smiled sheepishly at her.

"No. They're a bit….adventure like, being honest. In them, I'm a hero. A daredevil…sometimes I think possibly a madman." Rose stepped back slightly, becoming suspicious.

"Tell me more." John smiled and set his jeans down, hesitating before pulling a drawer open.

"Well, now you ask…." He fished around a bit, before pulling out a small notebook, with a glossy deep blue cover. He gave it to Rose, handling it with almost intense care. Taking it from him, Rose frowned as she opened the cover.

"I've written them all down. I didn't know if you wanted to see them, but…I kinda feel that now's the time." She glanced up and couldn't help but smile at the blush gracing his face. Rose murmured a quick comfort, and brushed her hand down his arm as she read the front page.

'A Journal Of Impossible Things'

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