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Chapter 4: Resolution

Leroy Jethro Gibbs took his time on the walk to the parking garage. There was no rush.

He had sent his team home earlier, aware that Tony was almost asleep and the other two had lost their zeal. Warning them not to be late in the morning, he had watched them run to the elevator before continuing with his own work. Perhaps they would all be more focused tomorrow.

He smiled to himself. They would never be completely focused. He couldn't blame them either; he had been like that a long time ago.

The parking garage was quiet. His mind turned to Jenny. Her car had finally been removed from MTAC a few hours previously, and she had already left to go home. No doubt she was already trying to come up with something to get him back. He would be ready for her when she came up with something.

He already knew she was scheming again. Ziva had disappeared into Jenny's office for a good portion of the afternoon, and he doubted they were taking about shoes. Although considering Jenny's slight obsession with them, it was a possibility.

His car was one of the few left in the garage. He wasn't surprised; he knew he kept unsociable hours. Climbing inside, he took the time to look around. After all, he could still remember Jenny leaving roadkill on the backseat after a fight a few months ago. Apparently, getting in a brawl with a senator was a bad thing.

After making sure that there were no dead things in his car, he decided he might as well go home. He could work on his boat for a few hours, drink a little bourbon and catch up on the sleep he was lacking. He put the key in the ignition and turned it…


He almost jumped out of his skin. What the…

Peering out of the back window of his car, he could see what had happened. Someone had stuck a firework into his exhaust pipe. He didn't have to come up with a list of suspects.

This was Jenny's doing.

His hands still shaking slightly, he changed his plans. He was going to see her and put an end to this.

Jennifer Shepard wasn't surprised to hear the doorbell. It wasn't that she normally had visitors after midnight, but she had doubted that Jethro could avoid her after her recent actions.

She was ashamed to admit that she hadn't even been staying up late to see him. The pile of paperwork with her name on it had taunted her for most of the day, and she knew she needed to deal with it quickly before it got any larger. She had spent most of her evening sitting at her desk with a glass of bourbon in one hand and a pen in another.

Entertaining Jethro would be a nice change of pace. She doubted there would be much entertainment though, more arguing. Right now, she wasn't sure she wanted to argue. Going to bed sounded a lot more interesting.

The doorbell rang again and she rolled her eyes. She had heard it the first time. If he thought she had been asleep, he wouldn't have bothered driving over. Or he could just as easily use the spare key. Instead he was annoying her.

She flung open the door and glared at him. "Not in the mood," she warned.

He stepped past her as though he hadn't heard her statement. "I'm not in the mood to find fireworks in my exhaust," he replied. "But I guess you were."

"You put my car in MTAC!" she protested, moving towards her study. They were both going to need bourbon for this.

"The argument was between Ziva and Tony," he pointed out. "There was no reason for you to get involved."

"Ziva is my friend," she countered, pouring him a glass and handing it over. "She asked for my help."

"You interfered with my team," he argued.

"Then put Tony on a leash," she advised. "Or is your aim to wait until Ziva snaps and kills him?"

He didn't say anything, merely staring at her.

"What?" she demanded.

He grinned. "You look cute when you're all riled up," he admitted.

It was her turn to stare at him. "Who are you and what have you done with Jethro Gibbs?" she finally asked.

"It's a compliment, Jen," he observed.

She blew out her breath. "I thought we were arguing," she commented.

He nodded. "We were."

She shook her head softly before grinning at him. "So you came here to shout at me in order to make me look 'cute'?"

"No," he denied. It was only part of the reason. She did look adorable when she was mad.

"Right," she noted. "Can we go back to the argument now?"

He continued to stare at her.

"Some time today, Jethro?" she inquired.

He moved closer to her; she held her ground. He pressed a soft kiss to her lips.

She pulled back and stared into his eyes for a moment, before returning the kiss.

Ziva David stormed into the squad room, aware that she was very late. She was going to kill Tony for this…

"What did you do to my car?" he demanded the moment he laid eyes on her.

She was immediately confused. "I have not touched your car. Why did you move my car? I could not find it this morning."

"I haven't been anywhere near your car," he denied. "And my car's disappeared as well."

They stared at each other. "So someone has stolen both your car and my car," Ziva concluded.

"It appears that way," he answered. "I've only just arrived. Gibbs is going to kill me."

"He will kill both of us," Ziva corrected. "We are both late, yes?"

Tony nodded. "And I was late the other day as well."

"Where is Gibbs?" she inquired. His desk was empty. McGee was also nowhere to be seen.

"I'm not sure," Tony admitted.

Together, they glanced up at the catwalk. Jenny and Gibbs stood side by side.

"Are they grinning?" Tony wondered. "I thought it was impossible for the boss to do that."

Ziva hit him. "They are grinning," she noted. "I think we should declare peace for now."

"Why?" As usual, Tony was an idiot.

"Because the parents have joined forces," she informed him. "We will not win this fight."

Tony grumbled, but sat down and began to work. Ziva smiled as she took her own seat. She was happy for her friend.

And when Gibbs upset the redhead, she would be happy to come up with a suitable plan for revenge.