Sonny With a Chance of Snow and Maybe Some Mistletoe

Summary: It's almost Christmas – a season of joy, giving, and merriment. But what happens when Sonny and Chad are both stuck together for the holidays?

A/N: My first Sonny fanfiction. I saw my first episode yesterday and fell in love. Hope you enjoy! Oh, and Sonny With a Chance does not belong to me…if it did, Channy would be happening! Oh, some of this is A/U because I don't know too much about the characters yet. No flames please!

Chapter One

Chad Dylan Cooper walked – no – sauntered into the So Random! Lounge. Sonny was lying on the couch, feet up on the arm, looking miserable. She was all decked out in her usual festive attire. Today, she chose to wear a green and red plaid skirt, a red long-sleeved shirt, and a green camisole over the shirt. She had snowman earrings dangling annoyingly from her ears. She looked like one of those freaks who work at the Santa display at the department stores during Christmas time. Chad decided that she looked miserable enough and chose against taking an all-too-easy stab at her outfit.

"Hey!" He called as he walked over to the couch. The outfit grew more and more nauseating with each step.

"Hi," Sonny sighed, not bothering to look up from the television.

"Why so glum, chum?" Chad asked as he pushed her feet off the arm and sat down upon it.

"Hey!" Sonny called, giving him a kick in the back, "Who said you could come in here anyways?"

"I'm Chad Dylan Cooper!" Chad said, as if that was answer enough. Upon seeing Sonny's annoyed expression, he sighed and went on to say, "I don't need permission for anything."

"Whatever," Sonny rolled her eyes, "Look, I don't feel much in the mood for dealing with annoying, egotistical, stuck-up, narcissistic people like yourself so…" Sonny trailed off, making a "shooing" motion with her hand.

"Whoa, where is that?" Chad asked, his attention turning to the live-footage of the violent snowstorms going on up North.

"Wisconsin," Sonny answered, muting the TV, unable to watch any more.

"Will you still be able to go home in that mess?" Chad asked, already knowing the obvious answer.

"Really?" Sonny asked, raising an irked eyebrow, "Are you really asking me that now?"

"Alright, so maybe that wasn't the smartest thing I could say…"

"Really," Sonny inquired in mock interest, "What about you? Shouldn't your private jet be picking you up at any moment now?"

Chad's eyes were unable to meet her gaze and fell to the floor. He suddenly took great interest in the fine craftsmanship of the rug. Sonny, on the other hand, was not convinced. Something was definitely up. Chad had been so pumped about going back home all week that he had hardly shut up about it.

"What's going on?" Sonny ventured on the dangerous waters of his emotions, "Talk to me."

"It's nothing," Chad shrugged, nonchalantly.

"It's very much so not nothing!" Sonny urged, "Spill."

"If you must know," Chad sighed, taking his eyes from the rug, "I don't want to go home. Mom and Dad decided to pack up and take some cruise to Italy and my sister is off with some friends. I don't want to be stuck in that huge house by myself. It's so boring! The only person I'd have to talk with is Geoffrey, our butler and he's about as interesting as trying to converse with a brick wall!"

"I'm sorry," Sonny said truthfully, "Really."

"Thanks, I guess," Chad replied before regaining his demeanor, "It's no big deal though. I mean, we have a pool and a tennis court and I can always call up some friends if…if I wanted to."

"Yeah, I am sure you and Portlyn will have fun together."

Sonny mentally slapped herself. Why would she just go and say something like that? She knew Chad and Portlyn weren't officially a "thing" but they were close – closer than she was with him – and for some reason, that bugged her.

"Portlyn is off to London to stay with an aunt or cousin or something like that," Chad answered, not quite sure why Sonny had to go and bring her into all of this, "So it looks like you and I are the only ones not doing anything for the holidays."

"How pathetic is that?" Sonny asked, a smile breaking its way through her anger-etched face.

"Hey!" Chad scolded, "Chad Dylan Cooper is not pathetic! Chad Dylan Cooper simply does not have anyone suitable to spend his holidays with and that is why Chad Dylan Cooper is about to stoop as low as to…"

"Stop talking about himself in third person?" Sonny guessed, a smile finally upon her face.

"And to think I was about to ask you to spend Christmas with me," Chad shook his head.


"No," Chad laughed, "I take it back. I'd much rather spend my time off alone than with someone who makes fun of me. Hope you have a good holiday, Sonny."

"Chad," Sonny groaned, "I'm sorry, alright?"

"Alright, I'll make you a deal," Chad smirked, "I will stay here on the set with you if you get me the best Christmas present your little imagination can construct."

"Hmmm…." Sonny thought it over before announcing her answer, "Deal!"

"Very well then."

"So…" Sonny looked around the lounge trying to come up with something to do, "What do you suggest we do?"

"I think I saw a box marked 'Christmas' in props. We could…"

"Decorate!" Sonny finished, excitedly.

Chad was almost about to regret his decision to stay with her until he saw the way her face lit up ten times brighter than usual (if that was even possible). He sighed, wondering why she had that power over him – why he let her have that power over him. Suddenly, she sprung up from the couch, grabbed a hold on his hand, and practically dragged him out the door.

"Wait, Sonny!" Chad laughed at her reaction.

"Now isn't the time for waiting, Chad," Sonny grinned, using one of his infamous lines, "When there's decorating that's got to be done!"

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