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Sorry if the whole hospital stuff isn't entirely realistic, lol.

Sam opened his mouth to let out a shout when the demon instantly covered it with his hand.

"Sh," he whispered. "We wouldn't want to be making any noise, now would we, Sam Winchester?" The demon smiled as he watched Sam's eyes widen.

"Yes," he breathed. "I know all about you, and your family. How your father killed my own son. I've been looking a long time to get my revenge on him. And I think this is only fair, don't you?" As he spoke Sam watched him take a knife from the uniform. "After all, he took my son. It's only fair I take his. An eye for an eye so to speak." He gave a soft chuckle as he heard Sam whimper while he pressed the knife to the skin.

"Hey!" They heard a voice at the door. It was Dean. Sam's eyes travelled towards that direction and he saw Dean struggling against the handle. Suddenly he kicked it open and without hesitation lunged at the demon. He jerked the knife out of the demon's hands. "Don't touch my brother, you sick sonofabitch!" he growled in that low and dangerous voice of his as he pressed the knife onto the the skin of the demon's host. The demon gave a dark laugh as his eyes changed black.

"You should know by now, Dean Winchester," he sneered. "That that weapon won't do anything to me." Dean stared at him, his own hands trembling with shock and anger.

"No, but this will," Bobby's voice came from behind as he took his flask of holy water and tossed it into the demon's face. The demon gave a yell and a hiss as he pushed Dean out of the way. Before they were able to do anything he climbed out the window.

Dean stood up, still shaking, and stared at Sam who laid there in obvious shock.

"Did he hurt you, Sammy?" He asked, trying to control the tremor in his voice. Sam quickly shook his head.

"N...no," he managed to reply. Dean nodded. By that time a doctor had rushed into the room.

"What the hell is going on?!" He demanded.

"A nurse tried to attack my brother, that's what," Dean snapped. "And escaped too."

The doctor stared at him in utter shock.

"I don't believe it." His voice was flat. "No one on my staff..."

"Yeah, think again," Dean growled. "You better believe it. In fact, tomorrow I want to talk to the secuirty about doing their jobs better!" His voice rose again, to that dangerous level that Sam wasn't used to hearing.

Sam was in shock. He was unsure of what just happened. He knew a demon had attacked him, for revenge, but it he still felt unclear about the entire situation. Maybe because it had happened so quickly. He had barely had time to breathe, let alone think about what was happening. One thing was clear, he still wasn't safe. Not even in the hospital. He watched Dean, who seemed to be studying the room.

"I'll be staying the night here," he added. "Same with Bobby." The doctor opened his mouth but than closed it. The look on Dean's face told him not to argue.

"Fine," he said quietly. "I'll contact the police."

"Don't bother," Dean snapped. "It's already too late, what are they going to do?"

The doctor opened his mouth and than closed it.

"Fine," he answered and glanced at Sam. "Did he hurt you?" He asked sincerly and Sam quickly shook his head. The doctor nodded.

"Good," he sighed. "I'll be back later tonight to check up on you." Sam nodded and so did Dean. Bobby placed his hand on Dean's shoulder.

"You should sit down, boy," he said quietly. "Before you burst."

Dean numbly obeyed. He continued to scan the room.

"What are you doing?" Sam managed to ask, as he cleared his throat. Dean looked at him.

"Thinking of a way how to get you the hell out of here."

Bobby glanced at him sharply.


"I know he still needs healing, Bobby, but we can take care of him better than these assholes can. Don't you see? He's still in danger here! Demons know where we are now. We have to leave before he gets attacked again. What if I didn't come back in time? What if..."Dean swallowed. "We have to get him out of here," he added.

Sam pressed his lips tightly. He always hated it when Dean and John would used to talk about him while he was in the same room. But he knew Dean meant well. Still, he hated feeling so invisible during times like these. Even though it was him they were talking about.

Bobby stared at Dean.

"We'd be wanted for kidnapping by the police if we did that," he argued. Dean stared at him.

"So? Who gives a shit? Right now all I give a damn about is Sam. If he stays here he's going to be attacked again, it's only a matter of time!" Bobby sighed.

"Well we can't go out the regular way," he muttered and Dean smiled, knowing that was Bobby's way of saying that he was in. He stared at Sam.

"Are you up for this?"

"Yeah," Sam said quietly. "Looks like you're gonna do it, even if I'm not," he added, surprised at the sarcasim in his voice. Dean sighed.

"Sammy, I'm only doing this because-"

"I know why you're doing this," Sam said quietly. "The less time I have to spend in the hospital, the better." He swallowed. "I'm fine with...this...as long as...as long..."

"As long as what, Sammy?" Dean touched Sam's shoulder and Sam stiffened, but relaxed-telling himself it was Dean touching him. Nobody else.

"As long as you're not leaving me...I don't think I could handle that....right now."

Dean hugged Sam's hand than.

"I'm never leaving you," he promised. "No matter what. That's part of the reason I'm doing this. So they won't seperate us."

"If we're gonna do this, we better do this fast," Bobby reminded them.

Dean coughed.

"Right, Bobby, can you get your car and pull it in front of the window?"

Bobby stared at him.

"You're gonna escape through the window?"

Dean shrugged.

"The demon did it, why not us?"

Finally Bobby nodded.

"All right," he said quietly. He glanced at Sam. "You sure you're up for this, kiddo?"

"I'm sure," Sam said quietly. As Bobby left Dean quickly began to unplug Sam from the machines.

"You might have to help me-"Sam started to say sheepishly and Dean nodded calmly.

"Don't worry, I'll help you walk," he promised. "And climb out the window."

Sam nodded.

"Good." He pressed his rather shaky legs onto floor. In fact his whole body was shaking at what they were about to do. They were about to become fugitives. And it was because of him. Because Dean was trying to protect him. Danger seemed to follow him wherever he went. John's monsterous face flashed before him and he shut his eyes tightly. He couldn't afford to think about that now.

"Good thing we're on the first floor," Dean said, cracking a grin. Sam gave a fake attempt at a smile as the Dean pressed the window open. Thankfully it was low enough and there was no dresser there that he was litterally able to step over it, like the demon did. Quickly he helped Sam through the same process as Bobby opened the front and back door.

"Will ya hurry?" He growled from the dirvers seat. "We don't have all the time in the world!"

As fast as he could Dean helped Sam into the backseat and climbed into the front. "You okay?" He asked, as he turned around and Sam nodded, sitll shaking.

"Can we just get this over with?" He asked, his whole body trembling from what was happening and from what had happened.

"Took the words right out of my mouth," Bobby said and pressed on the gas pedal as Dean closed the door. As they sped along the highway Dean closed his eyes, his own heart pounding. He just made him and Bobby fugitives by escaping the hospital and stealing a patient. He just hoped that he was right about doing this, and that at the end it was worth it. That it would help Sam.

That's all that mattered, protecting Sam. The rest could all just go to hell....

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