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Chapter 1: Painfully Intoxicating

For the last two years I had sat in the classrooms of Forks High. The thoughts of my fellow students constantly invaded my brain. Such petty, absurd, filthy things ran through most of their minds. I blocked them out the best I could, but sometimes random idiocy filtered through.

I wished more than ever that I was registered as a senior and not a junior. These children bored me to no end. I couldn't wait until I could once more pass as a college student. On second thought, that was really such stupid thinking. Most of the college students I had encountered over the years weren't much better.

It was that random day in January that tilted my world on its axis and turned it upside down. Nothing had prepared me for what was about to happen. It would take me months to deal with the aftermath of that day.

I was sitting at the lab table by myself, staring out the window waiting for class to start. Suddenly, a scent so overpowering and intoxicating invaded my senses. What ever it was, I wanted it and I wanted it right then and there. I had not felt that level of bloodlust for decades. My left hand dug so deeply into the lab table that I was sure I would leave an indent. Turning my head, my body shook slightly as the delicious aroma once again filled my nostrils.

I immediately forced myself to stop breathing so I wouldn't jump from my seat and attack whatever it was that was affecting me. Closing my eyes, I lectured to myself silently.

Stay calm, Edward.

If you attack someone you will reveal not only yourself, but your family as well.

For a split second I didn't care about my so-called family. None of us were related to one another. We were a coven who had bonded together due to our similar lifestyle.

Pull yourself together.

Don't breathe.

You idiot, they are your family. If you reveal yourself, you reveal them also.

What was causing me so much distress? What was making my throat burn with venom so badly? Why was I suddenly in so much physical pain? Needing to know, I forced myself to look in the direction of where the scent was coming from. Eric, Mike, and Angela were in the doorway, taking off their coats and chatting mindlessly to each other. No, it couldn't be any of them who were causing me to be in so much pain. I was used to each of their scents, and my body had never reacted this way before. From behind them I saw a movement, and another person came into view. This person was talking to Eric, Mike, and Angela like he had known them for years, but I had never seen him before in Forks. He headed to Banner's desk and handed him a slip of paper.

The rotating fan that Banner kept in the room was turned on and passed by Banner's desk. The intoxicating scent invaded my senses once again. It wasn't Banner's scent that was driving me mad. It was the new student.

I covered my nose with my hand, forcing myself not to breathe. Banner pointed in my direction and to the empty seat next to me.

No, no, I can't do this for the next sixty minutes!

The new student slowly made his way over to the seat next to me. Twice the fan forced the aroma toward me with more force. Twice I gripped the edge of the table, unsure of how I was going to explain the visible damage.

The new student placed his back pack on top of the lab table and sat down. He glanced in my direction. "Are you okay?" he asked. "You look kind of sick."

If I spoke, I would need to breathe. Breathing wasn't a very good idea right now. I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head wordlessly. He looked at me curiously before turning away, but I could not keep my eyes off of him. There was not anything out of the ordinary about the human who was sitting next to me. I had a few inches on him height-wise. His dark brown hair was tamer than my own reddish brown mane and was cut short but fell forward and covered his forehead.

This boy—he was the cause of my distress.

He must have sensed my hostility because he moved his chair further away from me and refrained from looking in my direction. The urge to sink my teeth into his soft flesh was more overpowering than anything I had ever experienced before. If my eyes could form tears, I'd have been weeping from the pain I was in.

Banner had given a warning that class was going to start in a minute. Angela quickly made her way over to our lab table and spoke to the source of my painful predicament. "I'll save you a seat at lunch, okay, Isadore?"


"Sure, thanks, Ang," he said.

After Angela had walked away, Isadore shook his head sadly and whispered words so low that only I could hear them. "Bunch of shallow, self-serving morons," he said. "Not Ang though, she's okay. She's a sweetie. God, I hate this stupid town."

Isadore turned his head and was facing me. "Do I have two heads or something?"

In order not to raise suspicion, I dared to speak. "No," I said simply and then looked away to the window.

"Jesus Christ," he muttered. "Great, I've got hot hostile sick boy for a lab partner."

I was grateful when Banner signaled the start of class. Sixty minutes of torture lay ahead of me. Every minute passed more slowly than the last. Three thousand and six hundred seconds of pure physical torture.

I didn't hear a single thing Banner lectured about. My focus was solely on not attacking Isadore.

The nanosecond that the bell rang, I grabbed my books and ran out of the classroom before anyone could even get up. It would have been so easy to reach out and grab Isadore on my way out. I could have run so fast into the woods with him that no one would have ever known. To the human eye, we would have been a mere blur.

I ran out into the woods near the school by myself and quickly breathed in the fresh winter air. What was it about him that had overcome me? Why did my body react so violently to his scent?

I wanted to sink my razor sharp teeth into his flesh and drink his blood to quench the undeniable thirst that burned my throat. The fact that scared me the most was that it wasn't just his blood that I craved. I knew that I wanted his body too.