By: Gammatron

Crossover: Megaman: NT Warrior() anime, video game, and manga, and Naruto.

Summary: What do two ninjas and a kid have in common? They're cousins and now foster brothers due to a massacre and a Reaper Death Seal and losing mother at birth. Nine years have passed since their adoption, and now Naruto, Lan, and Sasuske and their NetNavis, Kyubbi, Megaman, and Shinobi, are all that stands between life and death in their lives.

Megaman: Gammatron doesn't own anyone here…

Kyuubi: Except me, Shinobi, and other NetNavis that Gamma makes up!

Shinobi: And our Double Souls that we do with Megaman.

Naruto: This goes with the whole story! Believe it!

Lan: On…

Naruto: With the…

Sasuske: …

Everyone: Come on Sasuske! (Naruto: Believe it!)

Sasuske: …Fine… story…

Two 5-year-olds were sitting across from each other on a plane headed to who-knows-where with a 24-year-old sitting in between them. The first boy was blond with wild, bed head hair, and a black shirt under his orange jacket and orange, baggy pants. He was reading a scroll 3x his size. The other boy with raven black hair, a blue shirt with a fan on the back, and white shorts with kunai and shuriken holster on his right leg was listening to his MP3 Player his late father gave him.

"Okay!" the first boy said, closing his scroll.

He began to make hand signs.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" he yelled.

There was a poof of smoke and a second boy appeared. He looked exactly the same as the first boy.

"It seems you've mastered the Shadow Clone, Naruto," the man said.

"Thank you, Uncle Kakashi," the first boy said as the third one vanished in a poof of smoke.

Kakashi had gray hair, a headband with a leaf on it covering his right eye, a green vest, a black jumpsuit, and shuriken and kunai holsters on both legs. He took out a leaf headband.

"That was your test, Naruto Uzumaki. You are now a Genin of Den Tech City and The Village Hidden in the Leaves," Kakashi said as he tied it to Naruto's forehead.

"Isn't this Iruka Sensei's headband?" Naruto asked.

"He wanted me to give it to you," Kakashi replied.

"Thank you Kakashi Sensei! Please tell Iruka Sensei 'Thank You' for me!" Naruto said, "I beat you to becoming a ninja, Sasuske!!!"

"Wrong, dunce," Sasuske said, showing his headband.

"NO FAIR!!!" Naruto yelled.

An attendant walked by.

"Would any of you like something?" the attendant asked.

"One of all your ramen flavors please," Naruto sighed.

"Rice, Egg rolls, and three bars of chocolate," Sasuske spoke.

"Just a Miso Ramen," Kakashi replied.

"Very well, I'll be back with your order in a few minuets," the attendant spoke before walking away.

"Hey, daddy?" a boy asked.

He was around 5 with brown, spiky hair, a blue headband, an orange vest covering a white, long-sleeved shirt, blue shorts, and orange shoes that you could attach wheels to.

"Yes, Lan?" the boy's father asked.

The boy's father had the same hair color as his son's. He wore a white and orange, long-sleeved shirt, glasses, and blue jeans.

"Why are we here at the airport?" Lan asked.

"Well, Lan, Kakashi Hatake, a friend of our family, is bringing Naruto and Sasuke, your cousins," Lan's father replied.

"Who?" Lan asked.

"Don't you remember Sasuke, Lan?" Lan's father asked as he took out a photo, "If not, then here's a photo of him."

Lan looked at the picture. On it was a boy around his age with raven hair, a blue shirt with a fan-shaped image of the back, and white jean shorts. He was smiling a little.

"And who's Naruto?" Lan pondered.

"Naruto's your cousin on my side," Lan's father replied, "He has blond, spiky hair, big sky blue eyes, and has a problem with the color orange."

"How so?"

"That's the only thing he wants to wear," Lan's father replied.

Lan snickered at that.

"Just like me and you," Lan added.

"That's right, Lan," Lan's father spoke, "There's also a surprise for all three of you when they get here and we have dinner at home."

Sasuke and Naruto sneezed at the same time.

"Excuse me," Kakashi spoke to a baggage lady, "We're looking for Dr. Yuchiro Hikari. Do you know where he is?"

"Dr. Hikari?" the lady repeated, "He's over there with his son. They're waiting for some people on one of the 'special' flights."

"That would be us," Kakashi spoke as he motioned to the arguing Sasuke and Naruto, "Thank you, madam."

He picked up the two boys and walked over to the two.

Dr. Hikari and Lan…

"Yuchiro!" Kakashi called as he walked up to the two.

"Kakashi," Yuchiro spoke as he shook the perverted man's hand, "It's been so long since I last seen you."

"It has," Kakashi spoke as he released the two boys, "The blond boy is Naruto and Sasuke is 'Mr. Moody' on my right."

Sasuke glared at Kakashi.

"He's already learned Haruka's stare at that age?" Yuchiro pondered, "Not good."

"Shall we go?" Kakashi spoke.

"First, I'd like to introduce you to my son, Lan," Yuchiro spoke.

Lan peaked out from behind Yuchiro's leg.

"Hello…" Lan squeaked before hiding behind his father's leg again.

"Welcome home," Mrs. Hikari bowed, "Diner is on the table. I didn't know what our guests might enjoy, so I made a little bit of everything."

The three adults blinked when they saw dust clouds where Lan and Naruto were. They looked at Sasuke.

"They're over there…" Sasuke replied, pointing at the table full of different foods.

Naruto was munching on ramen as Lan was eating the curry.

"Well they seem to be having their fill…" Kakashi stared.

"More please!" the two begged.

"They went through the curry and ramen that fast?!" Kakashi stared.

"It's not surprising," Sasuke spoke, "I heard Naruto can eat 100 bowls in less than forty-five minutes."

"And Lan can eat 100 bowls of curry in less than forty-four minutes," Mrs. Hikari added.

Something clicked in Lan's mind.

"Hey dad," Lan began, "What was that surprise you told me about anyway?"

"Well…" Dr. Hikari began.

"If they say that I'm related to…" Sasuke began to whisper as he began to eat a strawberry.

"…Lan, I've already told you about this, but Naruto and Sasuke are related to you," Dr. Hikari spoke, "Naruto from my side of the family and Sasuke from your mother's."

Sasuke and Naruto nearly choked on the food they were eating.

"We're related?!" the two managed to cough out after a moment.

"That and the second part of your surprise is," Yuchiro continued, "We've heard what happened that night, Sasuke, and we just found out that you were alive recently, Naruto, so that would explain why you were alone for five years."

"You were alone for that long?" Lan asked.

Naruto just looked down and nodded.

'If they say that…' Sasuke began to think.

"So we decided to adopt the two of you," Haruka spoke.

Sasuke face faulted.

"That's great!" Lan exclaimed happily.

Naruto was on the verge of crying for pure happiness. Sasuke mumbled about something that a child his age shouldn't have known before following.

"The third part is up in your room, Lan," Haruka continued, "Can you also take Naruto and Sasuke as well."

Lan nodded as he hopped out of his chair. Naruto followed and Sasuke went after a moment. The three walked up the stair until they came to a door. It had the Uchiha fan, Uzumaki Swirl, and the symbol on Lan's headband and Yuchiro's vest.

"This is my room," Lan spoke, "But the door's different."

"Did it originally have just that mark?" Sasuke asked, referring to the red symbol.

Lan nodded before trying to reach for the doorknob.

"Need some help?" Naruto asked.

Lan nodded. Lan hopped on Naruto's shoulders and was able to grasp the doorknob. He opened it and the two fell onto the carpet. They got up and looked around. On their left was a triple bunk bed. On their right were three computers and three weird holders connected to the computers on three desks.

"This is neat!" Lan and Naruto stated at the same time.

"Hmph!" Sasuke spoke.

"But what are those things on the desks?" Naruto pondered.

"They're computers," Lan explained.

"I mean the blue, black, and orange thingies," Naruto retorted.

"I'm not sure," Lan replied as he walked up to the blue one with his symbol.

He picked it up and turned it on. Inside was a boy. He wore a blue jumpsuit, sporting white-green stripes down his sides, ending at his blue boots which are tipped with black soles. He had two yellow shoulder guards and his blue helmet had two ridges running along the top These ridges come to a stop at the helmet's base and allows his dark hair to stick out in 4 spikes. He had green eyes and an overall human appearance. On his chest and both sides of his helmet was the symbol on Lan's headband; a red circle with a black line running diagonally through the center which ends in two triangles, all of which was surrounded by a gold ring.

"Hello, My name is Megaman!" the boy greeted, "Pleased to meet you, Lan Hikari, Naruto Uzumaki Hikari, and Sasuke Uchiha Hikari."

"Uncle Kakashi has one of these," Naruto stared at the screen with Sasuke.

Megaman was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable.

"Uh… can you please stop staring at me like that?" Megaman asked, "It's feeling a bit weird when you stare at me like that."

"Sorry," Naruto apologized as he back away.

He picked up the orange one since it had his swirl on it and turned it on. Inside was another boy. He looked to be older than Megaman by a good ten years. He wore an orange jumpsuit, sporting crimson stripes down his sides, ending at his orange boots and his orange gloves with two spikes on each of them to make it look as if he had claws. He had an orange visor so that his blond hair and fox ears could be seen. Nine blond tails swayed behind him. He had bright blue eyes and a fox-like smile. The check on his face had six whisker-like scars on them. His torso and sides of his visor had Naruto's mark; an orange circle with a swirl in it covered by a kunai.


"That's my line!" Naruto barked.

"No, it's MINE!" Kyubbi argued.

Sasuke ignored them and turned on his device. On it was a boy similar to Megaman. But he was in the Uchiha colors. His helmet was spiked and had no back, revealing his raven-colored chicken butt-shaped hair. His eyes were onyx and he had a scowl on his face. He was slightly shorter than Megaman and Kyubbi. His gloves had blade-like spikes on the rings of his gloves while the main parts were bandaged up. His boots had shuriken instead of the rings. His symbol was on the sides of his helmet and his torso; the Uchiha Clan Fan covered by a miniature Demon Wind Shuriken. He also had a chip on his left shoulder.

"I am Shinobi," the boy growled.

"The name is Sasuke Uchiha," Sasuke replied with the Uchiha Death Glare.

"I see you've found the fourth surprise as well," Yuchiro spoke as he came in.

Behind him were Kakashi and Haruka. All three looked in silence for a few moments as they saw that Lan, Megaman, Naruto, and Kyuubi were watching Sasuke and Shinobi have an Uchiha Death Glare Staring Contest. Both kept on repeating 'blink' until both of them blinked at the same time.

"Actual NetNavis…" Lan gasped, "That means these are PETs."

"Well now," Shinobi spoke, "Lan's actually smart."

"Hey!" Lan barked.

"I like him," Sasuke stated.

Suddenly, Lan and Naruto yawned. Kakashi took out his PET.

"Silence, what time is it?" Kakashi pondered.

"About 8:27 P.M., Kakashi," the NetNavi on Kakashi PET spoke.

No one saw who or what his NetNavi was except they all noticed one thing; it was a female's voice.

'Kakashi no Hentai…' Yuchiro thought, 'He's in trouble now.'

"Oh Kakashi," Haruka spoke, "Your NetNavi wouldn't be in a skimpy outfit, would it?"

Kakashi slowly turned to Haruka to end up staring right into a pair of Sharingan giving an advanced Uchiha Death Glare.

"Eep…" Kakashi squeaked before she pulled him out of the room with closing the door.

"I think this is a perfect time to explain to you three about your NetNavis," Yuchiro spoke.

"KAKASHI NO HENTAI!" Haruka screamed.

"HAVE MERCY!" Kakashi pleaded.

Everyone then heard the sound on someone being beaten up with a frying pan, chili pot, and various cooking utensils and Kakashi crying and begging with each hit.

"What's going on out there?" Naruto asked.

"I'm not sure," Kyuubi replied, "Why don't you jack me into the house's network so I can get you live footage of what's going on down there?"

"NO!" Yuchiro shouted rather quickly.

Everyone looked at him with wide eyes. He cleared his throat with a blush.

"I mean, Kyuubi, none of them know how to operate you yet," Yuchiro spoke.

"You're a top researcher at SciLab, but you didn't teach them how to operate us before giving us to them?" Kyuubi pondered.

Yuchiro laughed nervously, still trying to ignore the sounds of Kakashi's pleas and his wife beating the man up. He was still considered 'new' at SciLab. He was lucky that he was even allowed to create these three NetNavis. He was lucky that Bass was there to help him by collecting the needed data… although he did end up breaking some programs on his way back… about 5000 programs were 'tested' by Bass just that day.

"Now, listen," Yuchiro spoke, "Megaman, Kyuubi, and Shinobi are all special since each of them has something no other NetNavi has."

"You mean our own personalities?" Kyuubi asked.

"All NetNavis have that, Dobe," Shinobi spat.

"TEME!" Kyuubi and Naruto retorted.

'Where did those Naruto learn that word?' Yuchiro pondered, 'Oh yeah… Naruto must have learned it on the streets.'

"What do those words mean?" Lan pondered.

"No idea," Naruto replied.

"Lan, do not use those words at all," Megaman advised, "I ran them through my translator program and they're very bad words."

"Oooh, you're in trouble," Lan snickered.

"He didn't know what the word means, so it's excuse, Lan," Yuchiro spoke, "But Shinobi is right, Kyuubi, all NetNavis have Artificial Intelligence that gives NetNavis their emotions and personalities."

"Our default weapons?" Megaman guessed.

"You guys have weapons?" the three kids asked at the same time.

There was an awkward silence.

"That was weird," all three said once more, "So was that."

"Yes," Megaman spoke as his left arm became a blaster, "All NetNavis have at least one default weapon. Mine is call the 'MegaBuster.'"

"Mine's the 'Yoko-Yo,' believe it!" Kyuubi shouted as his right arm became a strange container before opening up to reveal a crimson giant yo-yo with blades coming out of it.

"…I don't call it anything," Shinobi spoke as his left arm became a weird launcher.

"What does it fire?" Sasuke asked.

"You name the weapon, it's got it," Shinobi replied.

"Perfect," Sasuke smirked.

'Why do I get the feeling that as soon as we get into the internet, Shinobi will shoot me?' Kyuubi and Megaman thought.

'First chance I get, I'm shooting Dobe and Megaman in the Internet,' Shinobi thought.

The noise outside the room stopped. Mrs. Hikari came back into the room.

"Ah," Haruka sighed, "Now that is a good way to release stress or anger."

"You scare me sometimes, Honey," Yuchiro stated.

Haruka just glared at Yuchiro with just one eye. Yuchiro immediately shuddered since it was the Sharingan that his wife was using to improve her glare.

"Mommy, Daddy, one question," Lan spoke.

"What is it, Lan?" Mrs. Hikari spoke as her Sharingan vanished.

"Who gets which bed?" Lan, Sasuke, and Naruto said at the same time, "We did it again!"

All three were silent for a few moments.

"Areasteal, Battle Chip In and Download," all three said at the same time.

"…Uh yes, well," Yuchiro spoke, "The order of the bedding arrangements are in the same order as the PETs chargers with the far left one being the bottom bunk and the far right being the top."

"So that means I get the middle bunk since Kyuubi's-what was it called again? Oh yeah-charger is the middle one," Naruto smirked before he easily hopped onto the middle bunk.

"HEY! Put me back onto my Charger, Kit!" Kyuubi yelped.

The next thing Kyubi knew, a second Naruto had placed him back into his charger before vanishing into a poof of smoke.

"Shinobi is the far left so top bunk," Sasuke spoke before placing Shinobi back into his charger and easily hopping onto the top bunk.

Lan's eyes were wide and his jaw was slacked.

"How did they… when did they… HOW?!" Lan finally managed to get out.

"They're Shinobi in Training, Lan," Megaman spoke, "Didn't you notice their headbands? They bear Kohonagakure's Leaf on the metal plate."

"Shinobi?" Lan asked.

"Actually, they're Genin," Yuchiro examined, "Only those who passed the Graduation Exam can have these."

"But they're so young," Haruka spoke, "Like Itachi…"

She immediately saw Sasuke glared the U.D.G. (Uchiha Death Glare) at her.

"Apparently you hit a sore spot," Yuchiro spoke after seeing Sasuke was actually asleep with the snot bubble blowing out of his nose, "And we've learned that he sleeps with his eyes open."

Sasuke immediately fell onto his back, asleep.

"Good night, Megaman," Lan smiled as he placed Megaman back into his charger, "Night Mommy! Night Daddy!"

"Good night you six," Haruka and Yuchiro spoke.

"Now that's sweet," Megaman smiled as soon as the two left, "They said 'you six.'"

"What's that suppose to mean, Hu-I mean!-Megaman?" Kyuubi pondered.

"He means that Haruka and Yuchiro told said good night to not only Lan, Naruto, and Sasuke," Shinobi spoke, "But to the three of us as well."

"Good night, Lan," Megaman smiled.

"Night, Kit!" Kyuubi shouted, waking Naruto up.

His 'Good Night, Kyuubi' from Naruto was a tiny, Kunai-shaped pillow to the screen.

"YIKES!" Kyuubi yelped.

The pillow landed back in Naruto's hand before it became an actual Kunai.

"Next time, I'll use it without the henge," Naruto grumbled before falling asleep.

"That…is so… cool!" Lan exclaimed.

"Good night, Sasuke," Shinobi spoke, "Have a good rest."

"Night Naruto, Sasuke," Lan smiled as he hopped into bed.

"…Night, Kojuuto… (Brother-in-Law)" Naruto mumbled, "More Miso Ramen, Akane-ne…"

Lan just raised an eye.

"It means 'Brother-in-Law,' Lan," Megaman spoke, "It also means that he calls you his brother."

"Yeah," Lan smiled before yawning.

He fell asleep after a minute. The NetNavis were quiet until they heard all three sawing a saw mill.

"So can we stop calling each other by our Navi names?" Kyuubi asked.

"I hope so," Shinobi spoke, "I'm tired of acting so moody."

"I guess, you guys," Megaman spoke.

"Good," Kyuubi sighed in relief.

"It's good to see you again, Sensei," Shinobi spoke with a smile.

"Likewise, Obito," Kyuubi smirked, "I still can't believe my brother Yuchiro brought me, you, and his other son back to life."

"I guess, Uncle Arashi," Megaman sighed.

"Something wrong, Hub?" Obito pondered.

"Yeah… it's just…" Hub began.

"You can't do anything you and Lan were going to do when you were alive, right?" Arashi finished.

"Yeah," Hub replied, "Stupid HBD…"

"So how was Rin when you were still alive, Sensei?" Obito asked.

"She went MIA a day before the Kyuubi attacked," Arashi sighed sadly.

"And Kakashi?"

"You just saw him, didn't you?" Arashi pondered.

"He was here?" Obito asked.

"Yes," Arashi began to laugh.

"What's so funny, Uncle Arashi?" Hub pondered.

"Oh nothing, Hub," Arashi chuckled, "I just remembered one of the pranks you pulled, Obito. Hey remember the 'Naked Female?'"

Obito began to chuckle.

"Oh yeah!" Obito laughed, "Lord Hokage's wife wouldn't let him in the house for a month after that!"

"What happened? Tell me, please?" Hub asked.

"Well, it started when Sarutobi's wife said something that offended Obito…" Arashi began.


"What's going on?" Yuchiro yawned as he came in.

He ducked a kunai courtesy of a grumpy woke Naruto.

"Sasuke screamed," Lan yawned, "Megaman, what time is it?"

"4:29:05 A.M., Lan," Megaman replied. (A/N: I'll use the NetNavi names when Lan, Naruto, Sasuke, or anyone else is around them and their old names at night when everyone is asleep.)

Sasuke was shuddering as he cried. Haruka walked in and saw Sasuke in his condition.

"Oh dear," Haruka sighed.

She picked Sasuke up and gently hugged him.

"There-there, Sasuke," Haruka spoke, "It's alright."

After a few moments, Sasuke finally calmed down.

"Are you okay, Sasuke?" Shinobi asked.

"Another Nightmare about that night, right?" Haruka asked.

Sasuke nodded.

"That night?" Shinobi repeated.

Yuchiro whispered it to Shinobi, who paled.

"Itachi must die," Shinobi spoke.

"I like him more now," Sasuke smirked.

'He only likes him since he wants Itachi dead as well…' Yuchiro and Haruka thought.


Lan and Naruto both fell asleep with relative ease. Kyuubi just smirked.

'Yep… he's my son alright…' Kyuubi thought, 'Only a person with Kazama Blood can sleep through all this!'

"Are you alright now, Sasuke?" Haruka smiled.
Sasuke just nodded even though his face said 'I think so…'

"How about you sleep with us tonight?" Yuchiro invited.

Me: What do you think? It's not that good, is it? Or is it good? I'm just getting a bad case of writer's block today.